The First Order – Chapter 656

Chapter 656: There’s someone that I believe in too, and I know that she’ll definitely come

Ever since Ren Xiaosu plundered the Zong Consortium’s military factories, the stockpile of ammunition he had in his storage space was enough to equip an entire company. Back then, he had taken these weapons in case the Razor Sharp Company needed to replace their equipment. But as the fortunes of war changed quickly, he ended up having no use for them in that war.

The amount of grenades in a military factory was simply unimaginable. If he had not already given away a lot of them because of the war, he would have even more grenades in his possession.

But the power of the grenades paled in comparison to TNT.

The consortiums’ troops suddenly felt like Ren Xiaosu was armed with even more ammunition than they were. After Ren Xiaosu threw the TNT, it exploded very quickly in the distance.

The consortiums’ combatants did not even have time to get out of the TNT’s explosive range. Immediately, the shockwave sent all the nearby soldiers flying!

When the commanding officer of the troops saw this scene, he could almost feel his heart bleeding!

Before they came here, their higher-ups had specially instructed them to watch what they did in case of repercussions. Although they wanted to seize the satellites, they should not make it like an all-out war as it would not look good on them.

At that time, everyone was confident of seizing the satellites, so they were more concerned about their public image.

But now that someone like Ren Xiaosu had appeared, who would still care about what the public thought? Winning was the priority!

However, the thought of going all out against these few hundred people never crossed Ren Xiaosu’s mind at all. Otherwise, he would not have summoned the steam locomotive right off the bat!

Taking advantage of the chaos created by the explosion, Ren Xiaosu turned and ran towards Xu Ke. He shouted at Xu Ke, “Quick, get on the train!”

One of the supernatural beings could tell that Ren Xiaosu intended to escape with Xu Ke. He immediately opened a notebook in his hand and wrote quickly in it, “The young man prepared to escape on the train after the explosion went off, but the street lamp beside him suddenly fell down. As he dodged the falling street lamp, he revealed an opening between himself and his shield. Then a bullet shot through him.”

This superhuman wrote extremely fast. He only took about two seconds to finish writing a few dozen words. The handwriting in the notebook was so illegible that nobody else could read what he had written!

The moment he was done writing, he added a period to the sentence, and it actually started coming true!

A moment later, a soldier from the troops sprayed bullets at the road next to Ren Xiaosu. He was aiming at Ren Xiaosu at first, but the bullets directed at him got blocked by the human shield in his hand.

Another few shots that missed Ren Xiaosu ended up hitting the street lamp in front of him.

As the street lamp started falling, a creaking sound came from it.

The superhuman holding the notebook started to show a smile. He had been hiding in the corner just to wait for this moment to arrive. No matter how powerful the other party was, they still couldn’t escape their fate.

But before he could fully break into a smile, blood spluttered from his mouth. Ren Xiaosu did not dodge even when the street lamp was falling towards him. Instead, he kicked it away. In between, the combatants who were trying to shoot at Ren Xiaosu realized they could not find an opening through the human shield even though an accident like this happened!

The superhuman with the notebook looked at his handwriting in a daze. The words he wrote on the empty sheet of paper seemed to be getting rubbed away by an eraser as they started fading slowly!

The superhuman was shocked. He had never come across a strange situation like this before. The other party not only refused to accept his fate, he even caused him to suffer backlash!

Everything happened in a split second. When the superhuman raised his head to look for Ren Xiaosu’s figure, he realized Ren Xiaosu was aiming at him with a large black sniper rifle while running. In the blink of an eye, an intense muzzle flash burst from the rugged black sniper rifle. A huge bullet penetrated the book in his hand, then his heart as well.

The superhuman was thrown backwards by this huge force. He could even feel the spinning bullet tearing through the muscles and organs inside him after entering his body.

He could not understand why the other party would notice him. However, he did not have a chance to ponder that anymore.

Ren Xiaosu put away the sniper rifle and muttered, “Why are you holding a book at a time like this? Stop trying to look smart. You think you’re the only one who’s studious?!”

Ren Xiaosu rejoined Xu Ke. Meanwhile, the steam locomotive had also driven up to Xu Ke.

But just as Xu Ke was getting on the steam locomotive, a supernatural being who was hiding somewhere flashed out of the shadows. The other party jumped up into the air and pointed at the steam locomotive with one finger.

When his finger came into contact with the steam locomotive’s black metallic surface, the entire train body got covered by a layer of purple mist.

This purple mist shrouded the entire steam locomotive and froze it in place. The steam locomotive that was barging its way forward was immediately halted!

The powers of superhumans in the world had reached a stage where they were almost magical. Some superhumans could sense the presence of other superhumans, some could materialize a train out of thin air, and there was even someone who could use a notebook to decide the fate of others.

And now, there was someone who could freeze a steam locomotive in place with their power!

Ren Xiaosu was bewildered. He felt he was fully capable of overcoming the other party’s superpower, and it would only take him a few seconds to do so!

But at present, they were out in the open! He was unwilling to waste even a few seconds here! If he reacted any slower, Xu Ke might get turned into Swiss cheese!

After all, Xu Ke was already completely exhausted after killing several superhumans. If it had not been for Ren Xiaosu’s arrival, he would have been dead by now.

With no time to waste, Ren Xiaosu rushed to Xu Ke’s side and dragged him along as they wildly dodged the bullets on the long boulevard.

He had wanted to escape their pursuers by entering a nearby building, but if they went into the building, they would probably have no way to escape once the combatants and superhumans surrounded it from the outside.

Xu Ke gave a bitter smile. “I’m sorry to have dragged you in.”

Having been forced into a corner, Xu Ke was not the most upset about his impending death but that he had dragged Ren Xiaosu down with him.

But at a time like this, Ren Xiaosu actually laughed again. “Do you believe in me?”

Xu Ke smiled bitterly. “Yes.”

In the face of death, he shouldn’t be refuting Ren Xiaosu anymore, right? However, he did not know where Ren Xiaosu’s confidence came from. It was clear Ren Xiaosu had no other way out either.

Ren Xiaosu said with a smile as they ran, “There’s someone that I believe in too, and I know that she’ll definitely come”

Elsewhere, a girl wearing a cap was traversing through the flames and crowds in the darkness. She was running somewhere with all her might.

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The First Order – Chapter 655

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The First Order – Chapter 654

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The First Order – Chapter 653

Chapter 653: Xu Ke’s choice

At 9 PM, an unexpected visitor suddenly came to the Qinghe Group’s headquarters. The president of Qinghe University’s Student Council, Xu Zhi, stood outside the security gate and said, “I’m the Xu clan’s Xu Zhi. I would like to meet my brother, Xu Ke.”

Xu Ke was Xu Zhi’s elder first cousin on his father’s side. Before Luoyang City was in trouble, the two of them had a very good relationship. Many of Xu Zhi’s friends knew Xu Zhi saw Xu Ke as his role model.

But at this moment, it did not matter who came to look for Xu Ke. The Rider who was guarding the entrance, Luo Yunxian, just looked up and said, “Xu Ke is not receiving any visitors today. Please come back tomorrow.”

As for whether the Qinghe Group would still be around tomorrow, they would have to wait until after tonight. Time would decide the outcome.

Xu Zhi stood at the gate and fell silent for a moment. “Can you let my brother know? He might be willing to see me?”

Luo Yunxian totally ignored him as the Riders were not the Qinghe Group’s subordinates. All they needed to do today was protect the Qinghe Group, and nothing else mattered to them.

In the past, Xu Zhi would be the center of attention wherever he went. But suddenly, he felt a little lonely. As expected, the adult world would not care about his achievements in school.

But then Xu Ke’s secretary came down from the elevator and said to Xu Zhi, “Follow me upstairs.”

Xu Zhi’s eyes lit up again at the secretary’s words. “OK.”

The elevator went all the way up to the top floor. When the elevator door opened, Xu Zhi saw Xu Ke standing by himself next to the floor-to-ceiling window of the 12th floor, overlooking the entirety of Luoyang City.

Today’s Luoyang City was no longer a sleepless city with bright lights. Most of the neon lights had been turned off, and the usual pedestrians were hiding in their homes, too scared to head out. As such, the streets looked utterly deserted.

Before Xu Zhi could walk over to Xu Ke, Xu Ke started laughing. “Look, a city without a strong military force is just so fragile.”

“It will definitely return to its former prosperity,” Xu Zhi said softly.

“Is there a reason you’re looking for me?” Xu Ke asked.

“Someone is looking to oppose you,” Xu Zhi said.

“I know.”

“They’re going to kill you.”

“I know that too.”

Finally, Xu Zhi could not help but say, “They’ve sent a lot more people here this time than you can imagine. The ones who died earlier were just some foreign superhumans who were hired by the three consortiums. Right now, their core strength might not even be shaken yet.”

Xu Ke asked with great interest, “What else do you know?”

“And… be careful of the people around you.” Xu Zhi sighed.

Xu Ke fell silent.

This time, he had no choice but to stay silent. No matter how many external enemies might descend on this city, it would not make him feel this nervous. It was this revelation that caused Xu Ke’s gaze to waver.

But Xu Zhi suddenly felt that Xu Ke already knew about this.

“I know that my uncle is involved, but he doesn’t represent my standpoint. My father went to the black market yesterday as he intends to stay out of this matter. I initially wanted to leave as well, but I somehow felt a little uneasy,” Xu Zhi said.

Xu Ke patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Leave now while there’s still time. Get away from this troublesome place and come back tomorrow.”

Before today, even the work permit holders were stopped from entering Luoyang City as the gates had been closed.

However, Luoyang City suddenly reopened its gates today to allow all its residents to flee from the city. They were told they could come back again tomorrow. No matter who was controlling Luoyang City the next day, they would not make things difficult for the commoners.

Xu Ke did this because he did not want all of Luoyang City to perish together with him.

Li Yingyun, Zhang Qingxi, and the others had been running around all these days simply because they wanted to protect the Qinghe Group. All of them still had feelings for the Qinghe Group and Luoyang City.

But Xu Ke suddenly felt the city and its people were much more important than the Qinghe Group.

Actually, everyone already knew full well the Qinghe Group could not stand against the three consortiums since they had joined forces. Even with Ren Xiaosu on their side, it was still not enough to stop them.

Some people said that ever since the era of the “Rise of Gods” started, the time of the consortiums would eventually come to an end. Xu Ke also agreed with this statement. But at least for now, the consortiums were still standing strong.

At this moment, an explosive glow could be seen out in the distance through the floor-to-ceiling window. It lit up the entire stronghold and did not fade away.

Many other explosions went off elsewhere in the stronghold, and like they were the final salvo of fireworks going off.

Xu Zhi turned around and looked at Xu Ke. He suddenly felt that Xu Ke, who was frowning deeply, had made his decision

Xu Ke smiled at Xu Zhi. “Go back. This isn’t where you should be right now.”

After sending Xu Zhi away, Xu Ke changed into his combat uniform. He had kept this uniform in his wardrobe for some years and had not touched it again until now.

As he stood alone in his office on the top floor, he ironed away all the creases on his uniform in a ritual manner.

After he got changed, he headed downstairs. But instead of taking the elevator, he climbed down from the building’s façade with his bare hands. His movements were so agile he was like a lizard.

Before Qin Sheng became a Rider, even he was not aware that Xu Ke was also a Rider. It was only when he reached the top of that cliff and saw Xu Ke’s name that he realized this.

Xu Ke avoided Luo Yunxian and the other Riders’ line of sight and headed onto the streets alone. He was a little tired of being protected by others. Tonight, he was also a Rider.

Xu Ke turned around and looked at the brightly lit Qinghe Building that had been standing for decades. And Luoyang City had existed for even longer than the Qinghe Building.

Too many people had died in the past few days. The Riders had all been sleeping only a few hours every day as well. Even though Old Li was injured, he kept it from everyone. Luo Yunxian and Huang Xiaoyu had been keeping watch over the Qinghe Building without getting any rest and were so tired they could fall asleep even when standing upright.

Since the consortiums were only after the seven satellites and his life, Xu Ke was willing to give that up to them. There was no need for even more people to perish together with him.

The Riders were supposed to be carefree people. They were all born from their love for freedom and faith.

But because Xu Ke was the head of the Qinghe Group, he had tied down all the Riders to Luoyang City. After all, the Riders were all bound together for better or worse.

The Riders even had to work together with the Xu clan members they despised.

So if Xu Ke weren’t around anymore, everyone should be able to lead a better life, right?

But before that, as a Rider, Xu Ke had to die with dignity.

In other words, he needed the lives of his enemies to become his epitaph.

The outside of the Qinghe Building was filled with the various organizations’ spies keeping an eye on the situation. So the moment Xu Ke left the building by himself, the consortiums found about it before the two Riders, Luo Yunxian and Huang Xiaoyu, could even realize.

After Xu Ke got far away, he suddenly said to the shadowy figures behind him with a smile, “Tell your boss that Xu Ke will be waiting here. Let’s see just how many of you have come to Luoyang City.”

A nearby voice laughed and said, “The head of the Qinghe Group is indeed braver and tougher than we thought. Don’t worry, the people we’ve sent here tonight will definitely be more than enough to bury the entire Qinghe Group.”

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The First Order – Chapter 652

Chapter 652: The final crisis

Be it Hu Shuo or Zhou Yingxue, the two of them dealt with the thugs and superhumans like it was nothing. They went back to what they were doing after the battle, and it was as though there wasn’t any pressure at all.

The only difference was that Wang Yuchi and the others got to have a few more pieces of potatoes with their chicken soup.

These three consortiums thought they had found a way to break the deadlock. But instead, they somehow zeroed in on the two monsters in the stronghold who had wanted to isolate themselves from the world.

Regarding Zhou Yingxue, Ren Xiaosu was the one who had ordered her to stay home and not to go out. She was to ensure that Wang Yuchi and the others were safe.

But the thugs had gone overboard with regards to Hu Shuo. They just had to go looking for trouble when Hu Shuo was teaching the children how to write secret messages. Even if they managed to defeat him, what would they have done if Li Shentan and Si Liren came to avenge him?

Actually, the Xu clan representative was not wrong. It was indeed suspicious for Yang Ruilin to vacate his house and the Riders to suddenly disburse funds to the orphanage right before the big battle happened.

Moreover, they had indeed located Ren Xiaosu’s family too. If Zhou Yingxue had not been around, they might even have succeeded in their mission.

But “ifs” did not matter in this world.

The three consortiums’ representatives were waiting silently for good news from the operatives in their secluded residence. It was different from the tense atmosphere earlier. At this moment, all of them were more relaxed and even touched on the topic of wine tasting.

Second Brother Kong said with a smile, “There’s a bottle of Suntory Whisky hidden at my place. I wonder which rich family from the Pre-Cataclysm times that wine cellar belonged to. The seals on the wine bottles inside are all very well-preserved.”

The young man from the Wang Consortium, Wang Wenyan, glanced at him. “I still prefer Maotai.”[1]

As time ticked by, the three of them got the feeling that something was off. Second Brother Kong looked at his watch. “It’s been more than 40 minutes already. Why isn’t there any news yet? Go and contact the field teams and find out their current progress.”

However, the subordinate ran back immediately after he went out. He said with a sense of unease, “We couldn’t get in contact with them!”

“Which team can you not contact?” Wang Wenyan asked with a sullen face.

“We couldn’t contact either of them.”

The three representatives immediately raised their eyebrows. They had thought something had happened to one of the teams. But now it seemed that both teams might have perished.

“Send someone to check out the vicinity!” Second Brother Kong said.

The three of them sat down again, but the unease inside them only got stronger.

Ten minutes later, the person who went to check came back and said, “The people who went to Junmin Alley to investigate the situation have all disappeared. I also saw from a distance away people from the Qinghe Group clearing the corpses of our people at the orphanage. From the looks of it, they were all killed before they could even get past the entrance!”

Second Brother Kong clenched his teeth and said, “Bring the Xu clan members to me!”

He had been quite polite with the Xu clan members, but not anymore.

When the Xu clan members were brought into the house, they looked utterly confused. “Is there something you all want from us?”

Second Brother Kong was so angry he laughed. “You’re still trying to feign ignorance? Your clan’s Xu Ke and schemes! He actually set up an ambush and got the few of you to lure our people into this trap to weaken our strength.”

The Xu clan members were stunned. “What are you talking about?”

“Hehe.” Second Brother Kong sneered, “You’re all good men. You clearly know you can’t escape after setting the trap for us, yet you still dare to come here and be a double agent. I’ll grant you a swift death then. Take them out and execute them!”

The Xu clan members protested, “Could there be some misunderstanding between us? I don’t even understand what you’re talking about! Didn’t we already agree that once the matter is settled, you will only take the satellites while the assets of Luoyang City will go to us? We don’t want the money anymore. Can’t you spare our lives!”

As they spoke, the Xu clan members started sobbing.

Unfortunately, no outsiders could hear them anymore. The entire neighborhood in the vicinity was occupied by the three consortiums’ people.

Actually, they also could not be sure it was the people from the Xu clan who had deliberately set the trap for them. After all, they were the ones who had allowed the people from the three consortiums to come into the stronghold over the years. They even did it very secretively. If they had betrayed them, it would not make any sense at all.

It was likelier that Xu Ke had predicted the Xu clan members would sell him out. Therefore, he deliberately let slip seemingly flawed information to lure them into the trap.

But it did not matter anymore. The people from the Xu clan had already become disposable, and the three consortiums had not planned on splitting Luoyang City with them anyway.

But what they did not know was that Xu Ke had not plotted this at all. Even if he did, it would not be in these areas. The reason why those two field teams and two superhumans they dispatched had died was purely because they were unfortunate enough to hit a brick wall.

Rather than describing it as a brick wall, they had crashed into two granite blocks.

At this moment, the people from the Qinghe Group were cleaning up the corpses of the consortiums’ people that were left at the doorstep of the orphanage. Several dozen thugs had died here, and there was even one superhuman among the dead.

There was no way that Hu Shuo’s identity as a superhuman could be kept secret anymore with what happened. However, the Qinghe Group had never mistreated superhumans, nor would they do anything bad to them. Therefore, he did not care whether his identity was exposed.

When Qin Sheng arrived at the orphanage, Hu Shuo came forward to explain he did not know why the thugs would come here. Hu Shuo was not lying. He really did not fucking know why!

“It’s probably because we Riders have placed the orphanage under our jurisdiction, making the malicious take notice.” Qin Sheng sighed, “I was worried about this, but I didn’t expect the enemy would be so crazy to not even spare an orphanage. Please rest up. This was all thanks to your help. In the future, the funds for the orphanage will be disbursed on time. In fact, the sum will be increased by a lot. Consider it our Riders’ gratitude to you.”

“Alright, I still have to get ready for my lessons with the children, so please do what you need to do.” Hu Shuo waved his hand and closed the door of the orphanage. It was as though he did not care about what had happened at all.

When Qin Sheng told Xu Ke about this, Xu Ke got the feeling he had secured the victory of a distant battle without even needing to do anything.

However, everyone knew they had not won yet. Before the end of the night, the consortiums definitely still had more trump cards left to play.

In the secluded residence, Wang Wenyan said calmly, “This is still the Qinghe Group’s territory. There are too many things we don’t know about. Our opponent has been running the place for so long, so it should be expected that they also have something up their sleeves. I think everyone here should stop hesitating. It’s no longer possible for us to keep our casualties to a minimum before the end of the battle. It’s time to go all out and make our move. While creating chaos, we can take down Xu Ke at the same time.”

Before this, the three consortiums had attempted to find ways to take advantage of the situation over and over again, such as capturing Jiang Xu or finding a way to break the deadlock. It was not that their strength was inferior to the Qinghe Group, but the three consortiums wanted to reserve their strength to deal with the other two consortiums after destroying the Qinghe Group.

Second Brother Kong got up and sneered, “Then let’s do this! Everyone will have to depend on their own capabilities now.”

[1] Maotai or Moutai is a brand of baijiu, a distilled Chinese liquor (spirit), made in the town of Maotai in China’s Guizhou province. |

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The First Order – Chapter 651

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The First Order – Chapter 649

Chapter 649: A brief moment of calm

The first wave of danger that came after nightfall had passed. Ren Xiaosu stood in the lot of Hope Media, a little tired.

The masterminds’ original plan was probably to create chaos so they could attract the attention of the garrison troops and the Riders. After that, they would descend on this place to take down Hope Media in one fell swoop.

Due to the importance of Hope Media, it would be enough to pin down the Riders for a while.

This way, they could carry out the next step of their plan. That would leave the garrison troops and the Riders with no time to catch a breather.

But the other party probably did not expect their plans would fall into disarray at such a time. Not only did they fail to seize control of Hope Media, but they even activated the other two groups of thugs to try and kill Ren Xiaosu by overwhelming him.

After all, the firepower of over 300 automatic rifles was truly not something a superhuman could handle alone. But in actual fact, it was only enough to destroy Ren Xiaosu’s armor.

As such, their original plan of attacking from all points failed due to this sudden turn of events. The entire plan had gone down the drain, and their covert combatants had all died in vain along with it.

This left the masterminds of this operation a little confused by the situation. All of the plans they had made were thwarted because of the appearance of a superhuman from the Northwest. This actually left them in a dilemma right now.

And why did that person wearing the white mask also appear here? What was his relationship with the Qinghe Group? Why had they not heard anything about this before?

Never mind that the legendary superhuman from the Northwest had come to help the Qinghe Group; what was with the appearance of White Mask as well?

Some people had suspected Ren Xiaosu was the same person as White Mask. But now, Ren Xiaosu had proven they were not the same person. After all, they had both appeared at the same time.

In the past, White Mask would always mysteriously appear before disappearing without a trace.

The opponent’s strong physique and fearlessness against firearms made everyone shudder. The most terrifying thing was that everyone suddenly realized the person had not even displayed what kind of superpower he had. Was it because his opponents were too weak that he did not need to use his power?

But of course, what they did not know was that “Old Xu” did not have a superpower at all. It was just that he was very strong physically and could run really fast. This was double the happiness. If Ren Xiaosu were to have City Crusher activate too, that would be four times the happiness.

It was not that “he” did not want to use his power, but that “he” really did not have any, and neither did “he” need it.

After the battle, there was a brief moment of calm. The enemy needed some time to reconsider the situation and tweak their subsequent plans.

When the battle ended, all of Hope Media’s staff quietly went to the windows again. They saw the sight of the young man’s back and the countless bodies of enemies lying on the ground.

Their blood had stained the entire front yard red. The sight in front of them was strangely magnificent, exuding a heroic and violent beauty.

This time, Jiang Xu did not harry everyone back to work. Instead, he walked over to a window and looked at Ren Xiaosu together with the rest of his colleagues. He saw Ren Xiaosu turn his head up to look at them from the middle of the carnage before breaking into a smile.

That smile amid the bloodshed was extremely bright and made them feel secure.

The female editor who sat at the window looked at the sketch in her hand that depicted Ren Xiaosu’s back when he was sitting down in the yard earlier. Now that she was looking at it again, she somehow felt the old wooden chair he was sitting in did not look not as crappy as it used to.

Jiang Xu previously asked the deputy chief editor, Ji Yi, to tell everyone to focus on their work. As long as the young man downstairs was still around, no one could enter the building to harm them.

At that time, almost everyone felt the chief editor was just comforting them. How could one person possibly protect the entire building?

But as such a miracle happened right before their eyes, they had no choice but to believe it.

The female editor turned around and looked at Jiang Xu. “Chief Editor, can we report about this young man’s battle?”

Jiang Xu thought for a moment and replied, “You can write about it, but you can’t describe the details of the battle. Furthermore, you can’t reveal any details of his identity.”

“Then is this OK?” The female editor picked up her sketch. “Using this as the accompanying picture for the article? You always say we should be truthful in our reporting. The accompanying picture is kinda blurry, but I feel that since he’s been fighting for us until now, even though his name can’t appear in the newspaper, it shouldn’t be a problem to include this as an accompanying picture, right?”

Jiang Xu looked at the sketch and smiled. “You may do so.” Jiang Xu thought about how Ren Xiaosu even had fans at Hope Media now.

Li Yingyun and Qin Sheng rushed over from elsewhere with the garrison troops behind them.

When the two of them stepped into the lot and saw the corpses all over the ground, they were shocked. Ren Xiaosu was the only one left guarding the building in the lot, as White Mask had already disappeared.

“Brother Xiaosu, did you kill all of them?” Qin Sheng asked.

“Mhm, they wanted to break into the Hope Media headquarters, so I just killed them. I was under a lot of pressure this time, so I didn’t manage to leave any survivors for y’all,” Ren Xiaosu replied.

“That’s alright, we captured someone alive at another location.” Old Li looked at the bodies strewn all over the ground and did not know what to say. “It was smart that you came here to stand guard. Otherwise, it would’ve been really troublesome today. Come on, the garrison troops will take over from here. Let’s go inside and get some rest first.”

Ren Xiaosu examined Old Li and realized he looked a little tired as well. There were bloodstains on his body, and it looked like he had also been involved in a battle earlier.

After the garrison troops took over the defensive duties to protect Hope Media, Ren Xiaosu let out a sigh of relief. “Was there any outcome from the interrogation?”

“They’re very tight-lipped, so we didn’t get much information,” Qin Sheng said, shaking his head. “However, we realized the Wang, Kong, and Zhou Consortiums must’ve agreed to a temporary pact. It seems like they want to get rid of the Qinghe Group first before battling it out among themselves. The thugs from this afternoon might look like they’re the same ones as those who took action tonight, but they’re actually not from the same consortium. Even the four groups of people that took action tonight are not all from the same consortium. The three groups of thugs that attacked Hope Media belong to the same group, while the other group we took care of was acting independently.”

This made the situation even more dangerous in the stronghold. Although this was the Qinghe Group’s home field, and they also had their own professional troops stationed here, the other three organizations had temporarily joined forces.

“Have there been no updates from Xu Ke’s side?” Ren Xiaosu was referring to the fact that these people were obviously here for the satellites. But up until now, there was still no threat directed at Xu Ke.

In other words, no matter how intense the battles were so far, it was still just a prelude to the main event.

“We have three Riders guarding the Qinghe Group’s headquarters, so it won’t be that easy to break into the place.” Li Yingyun said, “As for what those consortiums are really up to, we can only wait for them to make their move. By the way, there’s definitely spies within the Qinghe Group, but we can only wait until they reveal themselves before we can get rid of them. Since you’ve already put yourself out in the open, they’ll likely target you through whatever minor things that can be linked to you. Didn’t you bring some people into Luoyang City with you? Will they be fine? Why don’t you go back and keep an eye on them?”

Ren Xiaosu was stunned. Did he mean someone would try to harm Zhou Yingxue and the others?

Then, he thought about his maid’s current power level and shook his head. “Well, I’m really not worried about that at all.”

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The First Order – Chapter 650

Chapter 650: A new plan

In Luoyang City, several people were conspiring inside a dark room.

In the dim lighting, a person said calmly, “I suspect your Kong Consortium did not even bring out your trump card this time. If three of your teams can’t even handle taking Hope Media, what’s the point of our cooperation?”

“Didn’t your Zhou Consortium’s people also fail to take Qinghe University?” A middle-aged man sneered and said, “We all encountered the same superhuman, so we should know full well that person is not that easy to deal with. Instead of blaming each other, why don’t we focus on planning what comes next?”

Next to them, a young man burst into laughter and said, “Second Brother Kong is absolutely right. That superhuman from the Northwest is far stronger than we expected, so it can be considered an unforeseen hiccup in the plan. However, his strength alone is still limited. Actually, the three of our consortiums still have more aces up our sleeves, so why don’t we think about how we should play our cards next?”

“I think that person from the Northwest isn’t here for the satellites.” The middle-aged man said, “It feels more like he’s here to help. Or, it could also be that he’s hoping to add to the chaos in Luoyang City like we are.”

“No matter what, he stands against us. Who knows, the Northwest might end up losing one of their high-ranking officers tonight.” The person from the Kong Consortium said calmly, “Summon the Xu clan members and ask them if there have been any strange happenings with the Qinghe Group and the Riders recently. Since we didn’t manage to capture Jiang Xu, we’ll have to find out any other clues we can. We need to get ahold of some of their important figures so we can continue restricting the movements of the garrison troops and the Riders. After all, this is the Qinghe Group’s home field, so we had better not be careless. We should take them out one by one.”

After saying that, he ordered his subordinates to bring in the Xu clan members. The Kong Consortium’s representative looked up and asked sternly, “We only came to Luoyang City this time to help you all seize authority because you needed our help. Don’t just make us do all the hard work while you watch and not contribute to the cause at all. Let me ask you, did the Qinghe Group and the Riders do anything unusual recently?”

The representative of the Xu clan members thought for a moment and said, “There really was something like that. You should also know that the Qinghe Group has a telecommunications business arm that sells satellite phones to the rest of the world. The person in charge of this business is named Yang Ruilin. As I have business dealings with him, I had a meal with him several days ago. After the meal, I had my private chauffeur send him home. However, he did not return to his own home but went to stay at a hotel instead.”

The Kong Consortium’s representative was speechless. “What’s so unusual about a secret rendezvous with a lover at a hotel? If you don’t have anything important, don’t use such gossip to make up something for us to hear.”

But the young man from the Wang Consortium interrupted, “Second Brother Kong, let’s continue listening to him first.”

“As he did not go back home that night, I also thought he had kept a lover at the hotel.” The Xu clan representative explained, “In our line of work, we always prefer having leverage over others. So after the chauffeur returned and told me about this, I sent someone to the hotel to get a few clandestine photos of him and his lover’s secret rendezvous. But I discovered their entire family of three were all staying in the hotel. It wasn’t some secret rendezvous with his lover at all. That Yang Ruilin is Xu Ke’s trusted aide, so I suspect the hotel is used as a secret base for protecting the core members of the Qinghe Group.”

“The problem is not with the hotel.” Second Brother Kong frowned. He was not an idiot and immediately figured out what was illogical. As stronghold residents, they did not live in their own home but stayed at a hotel instead? “Look, isn’t this how a temporary safe house is usually arranged? When a stranger enters a new stronghold, in order not to be discovered, the informants use their own residences as temporary safe houses for the other party. Or perhaps there’s a more important person that needs to be secretly protected. As there’s the worry of the existing safe houses getting exposed, they temporarily vacate a location where people have been living.”

No one present at this meeting was average, and no average person would get sent here to handle something this important either. Second Brother Kong had only relied on a simple clue to deduce what was really going on.

Of course, this was also a common tactic used by the intelligence agencies for many years, so it was not considered odd at all.

The young man from the Wang Consortium looked at the Xu clan representative. “Indeed, it does look like that’s the case. Where is Yang Ruilin’s family home? We’ll send someone over right away. Regardless of who might be living there now, we need to quickly figure it out first.”

The Xu clan representative smiled and said, “I’ve already checked that out for you guys. A young woman and a group of teenagers are living at Yang Ruilin’s house now.”

Second Brother Kong laughed and said, “Haha! We’ve been searching high and low all this while only to find it this easily. They’re probably the family and children of a core member of the Qinghe Group. They must be very important for the group to have kept them tucked away so well. As long as we can get our hands on them, so what if we can’t capture Jiang Xu?”

The Wang Consortium’s representative heaved a sigh of relief. It had to be said that the failure to capture Jiang Xu had put everyone under a lot of pressure, so much so that their subsequent plans were temporarily halted. He said to the others, “Send a few more people over. We must ensure that nothing goes wrong in this operation.”

As he spoke, a subordinate was already delivering the orders. The covert operatives hidden in Luoyang City started moving, and even the superhumans rushed off towards Junmin Alley.

Second Brother Kong looked at the Xu clan spokesman and said amiably, “You wanted to settle down at the Wang Consortium’s stronghold in the future, right? Let me welcome you on behalf of the Wang Consortium. After this operation is complete, the Wang Consortium will be sure to reward you handsomely.”

Then a different member of the Xu clan said, “I also noticed something strange. I’m in charge of the Civil Affairs Department of Luoyang City. Yesterday, someone from the Riders suddenly came to inform me that one of the orphanages will no longer fall under the jurisdiction of the Civil Affairs Department. After that, the Riders even transferred a sum of money directly into that orphanage’s account. Does that count as abnormal?”

“Of course, of course it counts!” Second Brother Kong started laughing heartily. “At a critical moment like this, anything the Riders do is surely not a small matter.”

With a major war imminent, the Riders were actually giving their attention to this small orphanage? How could this be normal? Shouldn’t they be putting aside all matters that were not related to the war for now?

Therefore, there had to be something about this orphanage as well!

“Go, tell Xin Yi to lead his men to the orphanage and round up everyone there. Failure is not an option!” Second Brother Kong said fiercely.

Although everyone did not show it on their faces when Ren Xiaosu exerted pressure on them, they were actually very nervous and worried their operation would fail.

But now everyone felt like they had finally found a way out of this predicament!

Instantly, countless sleeper agents started rushing towards Junmin Alley and the orphanage, and this included quite a few supernatural beings too.

It was unknown how many superhumans the other forces had sent, but the Kong Consortium’s superhumans made up 60% of them.

Of course, they still had their aces up their sleeves. Those were for when they started fighting the other two consortiums after they had taken care of the Qinghe Group.

The Zhou Consortium’s, the Kong Consortium’s, and the Wang Consortium’s representatives sat in the room and looked at each other with smiles. All of them had their own agenda in this war.

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