The First Order – Chapter 124

Chapter 124: 10,000 years from now!
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Even though they had powerful firearms and explosives on their side, the Qing Consortium’s combat troops stood no chance of survival if their defensive line was breached.

Some of the soldiers fired at the Experimentals, but their opponents swiftly dodged the bullets. It was simply too difficult to hit their targets.

Suddenly, a wounded soldier pounced up and grabbed both legs of an Experimental with a grenade in his other hand.

With a loud boom, the wounded soldier and Experimental were blown away by the explosion. Ren Xiaosu realized that not even the Experimentals could handle the destructive power of a grenade!

The four Experimentals that pounced onto the defensive line turned into just three. This gave Tang Zhou and his men some respite.

But Ren Xiaosu was most touched by how the wounded soldier still remained calm before his death. There was absolutely no sense of tragedy or any noble last words. It was as though he was just trying to accomplish a trivial task.

Ren Xiaosu didn’t want to watch any further. The Qing Consortium was challenging his opinion of them.

He looked at the remaining Experimentals and saw one of them running fast as lightning in the direction of the departing off-road vehicle. It rammed itself straight into the vehicle during its pursuit.

When it collided with the off-road vehicle, Ren Xiaosu could even see the entire process of the vehicle’s structure crumpling. A moment later, the off-road vehicle lost balance and flipped over. It seemed like the Experimental was completely unscathed!

That Experimental got off the ground and gave a few slight shakes of its head. Then it jumped onto the vehicle and started tearing through the vehicle’s metal body. It seemed like it wanted to dismantle the vehicle.

However, Ren Xiaosu didn’t care about what was going on over there, because the four Experimentals that had surrounded them were bounding over! Ren Xiaosu shouted, “Chen Wudi, cover the right!”

By the time Ren Xiaosu finished speaking, he was holding a black saber in his hands. It looked like he had pulled it out of thin air.

Instantly, the black saber came into contact with the Experimental that pounced at him from the left side. Its body was slashed in half at the waist by the black saber like a knife cutting through hot butter!

In the flurry, Wang Fugui was stunned by what he saw. So Ren Xiaosu really was a supernatural being!

Be it Ren Xiaosu’s speed or strength, they had surpassed the realm of normal people!

In fact, Ren Xiaosu was not all that nervous while battling the Experimentals, because he had previously fought these things. With the four Experimentals standing on one side, it was exactly the same situation as before. The only difference was that this time, Chen Wudi was around to help share the burden of fighting them. There was not even a need for Ren Xiaosu to use his shadow clone in the fight.

His only concern was that Yan Liuyuan and the others might accidentally get injured during the fight. After all, they had no chance of striking back when facing the Experimentals.

Ren Xiaosu had raised his saber and slashed it down in one swift motion, dicing that Experimental in half at the waist. Then he shouted to Wang Fugui and the others, “All of you, run!”

Be it Wang Fugui, Jiang Wu and her students, or even Yan Liuyuan, they were all frightened by the terrifying Experimentals.

The Experimentals were clearly humanoid, as they had the same nose, mouth, arms, and body as humans. But be it their behavior or ferocity, it was obvious they were no different from beasts.

When Ren Xiaosu saw Wang Fugui and the others not budging, he shouted, “Go on, run!”

Yan Liuyuan was the first to react. “Let’s go! Don’t stay here and be a burden to my brother!”

As Wang Fugui ran with Yan Liuyuan, those words kept ringing in his mind. It seemed like Yan Liuyuan did not think they would be of any help to Ren Xiaosu. This was even as Wang Fugui and Yan Liuyuan possessed guns.

Seeing that they had started fleeing for their lives, Ren Xiaosu finally heaved a sigh of relief. But the danger had not passed yet!

Importantly, a lot of Experimentals got temporarily halted by Tang Zhou and the Qing Consortium’s combat troops. But as their defensive line had been breached by the Experimentals from their rear, it would be difficult to say just how much longer they could hang on for. Seeing Tang Zhou and his men’s defensive line weakening, the group of Experimentals chasing after the escapees also started rushing at the defensive formation!

Ren Xiaosu had a frown on his face. Even if Tang Zhou and his men could hold the line for a little longer, how fast could Xiaoyu and the others run? They would probably get quickly caught by the Experimentals.

Ren Xiaosu looked at the remaining Experimental he was fighting against. It seemed like it was hesitating after its companion got killed so easily. As such, it did not pounce at him again in attack for a long time. It started slowly backing off instead.

Ren Xiaosu did not intend to tussle with it either. He looked over at Chen Wudi and was stunned by the sight unfolding in front of him.

He saw the two Experimentals Chen Wudi was fighting already lying on the ground. Chen Wudi was stepping on them as he placed the Golden-Hooped Rod over his shoulder with one hand. There was a smug look to him.

This left Ren Xiaosu very surprised because he had felt Chen Wudi might not be that strong since he couldn’t block a bullet. But now, his combat value was probably much higher than what he had imagined. Unfortunately, as he had no time to pay attention to Chen Wudi’s earlier battle, he could not make a detailed assessment of him.

He heard Chen Wudi say, “You all will remember my name 10,000 years from now. My name is—”

“Stop being so long-winded!” Ren Xiaosu angrily interrupted.

“OK.” Chen Wudi turned glum.

Suddenly, Ren Xiaosu heard someone shouting something. The shouting was coming from the overturned off-road vehicle.

Ren Xiaosu realized the Experimental that had been trying to tear through the metal body of the vehicle had disappeared. The off-road vehicle was shaking violently. It looked like the Experimental had found its way inside the off-road vehicle!

Save them? Or not save them?

The Qing Consortium’s Luo Lan was inside the vehicle. Currently, Ren Xiaosu was a wanted man by the Qing Consortium, and they were looking to take him dead or alive. It would already be great if Ren Xiaosu did not take this chance to make a move on Luo Lan, so why could he possibly want to save him?

No, he could save him!

However, Ren Xiaosu had to first dump the Experimental he had just killed in a faraway place before rescuing Luo Lan. After all, the wound on the waist of the Experimental was too obvious. If Luo Lan saw it, he might instantly match Ren Xiaosu to the person in the Jing Mountains!

Since Luo Lan was also unaware of how many Experimentals were outside the car, Ren Xiaosu would just have to tell him there were two of them, both of which had been single-handedly killed by Chen Wudi.

Ren Xiaosu only rushed over after dumping the body. He saw the inside of the vehicle through the fissure. It was full of blood. A plump figure was wrestling with an Experimental inside the vehicle, but he wasn’t going to last much longer.

The plump figure was Luo Lan, and the other two people in the vehicle had probably been killed by the Experimental when they tried to protect Luo Lan. That was where the blood in the vehicle came from.

At this moment, Chen Wudi rushed over and grabbed the vehicle with both hands. He let out a shout and tore the vehicle apart using the fissure!

“Kill it,” Ren Xiaosu ordered Chen Wudi. After Chen Wudi received the order, he grabbed his Golden-Hooped Rod and smashed it onto the Experimental’s head from behind. Its pale yellow blood splattered all over Luo Lan’s face.



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