The First Order – Chapter 151

Chapter 151: You don’t seem like a good person
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Luo Lan watched Xiaoyu and Ren Xiaosu from the side as they helped to clean the wounds on the injured and unconscious supernatural being. He even reminded them every now and again, “Be careful, don’t kill him.”

Luo Lan became even more excited as he thought. After the supernatural being regained consciousness, Luo Lan would only need to stir his emotions with reasoning to touch his heart. Would he also end up with a supernatural being as his bodyguard, just like his younger brother, Qing Zhen?

Thinking of this, Luo Lan glanced at Chen Wudi. If this supernatural being turned out to be more powerful than Chen Wudi, that would really be great. It would make Ren Xiaosu so envious of him!

Luo Lan still felt begrudged over how he had failed to recruit Chen Wudi…

Xiaoyu went to get a towel to clean the bloodstains on the injured supernatural being’s face. She said in surprise, “It’s actually a woman, and she looks to be around 27.”

Luo Lan’s eyes lit up. “Are you sure?”

When he went closer to get a good look, he realized it really was a woman!

Chen Wudi went over as well. “Master, she looks like the White Dragon Horse.”

Luo Lan got anxious. “It’s fine if you want to go around acknowledging someone as your master, but don’t go bringing others into the picture as well!”

To be honest, Luo Lan was fairly afraid the woman would follow Chen Wudi and the others to the Western Paradise to obtain Buddhist scriptures after she regained her consciousness…

Wouldn’t all of his hard work go down the drain after spending so much effort to rescue her?!

Fortunately, Chen Wudi said after making a close inspection, “No, I got it wrong. She’s older than the White Dragon Horse.”

When Chen Wudi said that, Luo Lan finally felt more at ease. He chuckled and said, “It’s good that she’s not. I never expected you would fuss over something like age.”

All of a sudden, Luo Lan felt he must also be fucking crazy. He took the lunatic Chen Wudi’s words seriously?

When Ren Xiaosu saw it was a woman, he stepped aside for Xiaoyu to apply the medicine on her.

Xiaoyu sent everyone away. “When a woman is getting medicine applied on her, men shouldn’t look.”

But the supernatural being regained consciousness at this moment. When she saw everyone around her, she sat bolt upright and asked, “Who are you people?”

Luo Lan was the first to go over. “I’m the one who saved you from the Pyro Company!”

The woman scrutinized Luo Lan. “You? You don’t look it.”

“Who doesn’t look it?!” Luo Lan nearly flipped the table. “Why doesn’t it look like I saved you?! I’m really the one who saved you from the Pyro Company!”

But the woman just got up and walked outside without saying a word of thanks. But before she could even take two steps, she fell to the ground. Although the black medicine could help ease her pain quickly, it would not be so easy for her to recover from the injury she had suffered.

Xiaoyu ran over to help her up. She comforted her, “Your injury hasn’t healed yet, so you shouldn’t move about.”

However, tears started to fall from the woman’s eyes. “My big brother is still in the hands of the Pyro Company.”

Luo Lan was stunned. The other supernatural being was her elder brother? So there were two supernatural beings in the same family?

But this also made Ren Xiaosu understand why she had gone to his rescue.

Next to her, Tang Zhou calmly said, “Then he’s definitely dead. While you were escaping with him on your back, the blast from the RPG threw him off of you. We only had time to save you, but your big brother was not that lucky. Besides, the Pyro Company had always been after blood samples. They don’t leave the donors alive.”

Ren Xiaosu fell silent. When he first heard of the Pyro Company, he thought their mission was to keep the embers of humanity alive by ensuring the continuation of the human species. He never expected the Pyro Company would resort to any means necessary to obtain the blood of a supernatural being. In that case, would someone like Yang Xiaojin, who was an enemy of the Pyro Company, be considered good? No, that wasn’t right either. Ren Xiaosu always had the feeling the girl did not seem to be a good person either.

In fact, the definition of a “good” or “bad” person was too limited. The complexity of human nature had greatly surpassed those definitions.

He suddenly asked, “Fatty Luo, did you save her from the Pyro Company? You better not drag us into this affair.”

“Don’t you worry a whit. You won’t get implicated.” Luo Lan snapped, “And I won’t make you save someone for nothing in return. I’ll have Tang Zhou send 30,000 yuan over tomorrow morning.”

The female supernatural being slowly returned to her senses. She knew she could not save her older brother anymore. The most important thing she should do now was to hide, then seek a chance to avenge him.

Luo Lan squatted down next to her and said, “Why don’t you join us? We happen to have a feud with the Pyro Company. We even killed more than a 100 of their members some time ago.” Luo Lan started contemplating again. No matter what, she was still a real supernatural being, and she was even a woman….

However, the woman glared at Luo Lan. “You don’t seem like a good person yourself either!”

Luo Lan got angry. “Why are you biting the hand that fed you? I really did save you!”

The supernatural being stood up at this moment and bowed to Ren Xiaosu and the others. She said, “Thanks to all of you. My name is Dong Funan. If there’s a chance in the future, allow me to repay the favor. For now, I can’t stay here. Otherwise, I’ll implicate all of you.”

“Gratitude received from Dong Funan, +1!”

Luo Lan said disconsolately, “Why?!”

Why was she thanking Ren Xiaosu and the others when he was the one who saved her?

Tang Zhou whispered, “Boss, maybe it’s because you don’t look like a good person.”

Luo Lan turned around and looked dumbfoundedly at Tang Zhou. “Buddy, your skin’s gotten really thick recently, eh!”

But just as Luo Lan finished speaking, the supernatural being, Dong Funan, fainted again.

“What should we do now?” Xiaoyu looked to Ren Xiaosu.

Ren Xiaosu said unsympathetically, “Luo Lan, hurry up and take her away.”

Ren Xiaosu even suspected Dong Funan might have pretended to faint so she could impose on them. At least her thanks was sincere.

“She’ll stay here with you all for now. I’ll pay for it.” Luo Lan said, “Take care of her for me and I’ll send over the money tomorrow!”

“Deal.” Ren Xiaosu said, “Big Sister Xiaoyu, help her to your room. Chen Wudi, you’ll stand guard at Big Sister Xiaoyu’s room. Don’t let this woman escape before Fatty Luo pays up.”

“Yes, Master,” Chen Wudi said.

This series of arrangements made by Ren Xiaosu dumbfounded Luo Lan!

That very night, Luo Lan and his people waited until midnight before sneaking off. Meanwhile, Ren Xiaosu did not sleep a wink just to ensure that nothing untoward happened. The next morning, he led Yan Liuyuan and Wang Dalong to school.

When they walked up to the school gate, they bumped into Yang Xiaojin. Yan Liuyuan greeted her in a polite and friendly manner, “Hello, Big Sis.”

Yang Xiaojin said happily, “Hello to you too. I’ll bring some delicious food tomorrow and have your brother pass it to you.”

“Mhm.” Yan Liuyuan nodded in response.

Somehow, Ren Xiaosu felt that something was off as he watched their interaction from close by. When did their relationship become so good?!

Then Yang Xiaojin asked in curiosity, “Ren Xiaosu, didn’t you have Teacher Jiang Wu teach you how to ride a bike yesterday? Why didn’t you ride it here today? You couldn’t learn it?”

“Hahahaha, how could I possibly not learn something so simple!” Ren Xiaosu laughed it off.

“Then why didn’t you ride it here?” Yang Xiaojin asked.

Ren Xiaosu thought for a moment before saying, “I sent my bike in for maintenance.”

Yang Xiaojin was confused.



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