The First Order – Chapter 167

The alley was only wide enough for about three people to pass through, and it was a dead end.

Ren Xiaosu sized up the two supernatural beings from Midnight as they stood in the dead end. To be honest, he had not seriously fought other supernatural beings before, so he would like to see how he measured up to them. Only by fighting them would he have any idea.

Ren Xiaosu was never a coward. If he were, he would never have survived in the wilderness for such a long time.

Since he could not ignore the problem, he would kill those who caused it. Such was the law of the wilderness.

The two supernatural beings looked at each other and opened fire on Ren Xiaosu in unison. They had already failed once tonight. If they failed again, they would most likely face the fate of obliteration as well.

The walls on either side of the alley were made up of slate-gray bricks, and Ren Xiaosu had no space to avoid being shot. But in that instant, the shadow clone in the palace separated from Ren Xiaosu and appeared in front of him.

Ren Xiaosu and the shadow clone were standing in a perfectly straight line. When the bullets hit the shadow clone, it was as though they had been fired into the deep sea. The bullets could not penetrate it to cause any damage to Ren Xiaosu whatsoever.

But as the bullets hit the shadow clone’s body, Ren Xiaosu felt like they were directly hitting him. He could only frown and endure the pain for now.

The intense pain continued to spread through his limbs and bones. But the more the pain, the more sober Ren Xiaosu felt.

It seemed like the two supernatural beings from Midnight had not expected that Ren Xiaosu’s superpower could summon a shadow clone. The reason they had been hunting them was so they could capture Xu Xianchu. The Qing Consortium issuing an arrest warrant for Xu Xianchu, as well his appearance and superpower, was no longer a secret. It made the Pyro Company extremely interested in Xu Xianchu.

They had thought the man Luo Lan had been pursuing was Xu Xianchu, but they did not expect it would turn out to be this person in front of them!

They sneered and threw their pistols to the ground. Then they each drew a long sword from their waists. When it came to hunting supernatural beings, they were the best at it.

Suddenly, Ren Xiaosu saw one of them taking off his black leather gloves. What were supposed to be hands under the gloves had turned out to be black claws? Was he still human? Could this be a result of their genetic modifications?

One of the Midnight members laughed and said, “Your courage is admirable.”

Ren Xiaosu looked at the two supernatural beings in silence. He simply lifted his hand into the air and grasped something. Then he yanked it out!

The two supernatural beings saw Ren Xiaosu draw a mysterious black saber out of thin air. What kind of power was that? The two of them frowned as they had never seen a supernatural being with two completely different superpowers before.

“Why do you have two types of superpowers?” one of the Midnight members asked as he frowned.

Ren Xiaosu smiled and said, “Not two types, but three types.”

During the conversation, Ren Xiaosu activated a tiny Shadow Door next to his wrist. He raised his saber and stabbed it through the Shadow Door.

Shink! The man he was speaking to stared blankly at the saber’s tip that poked out of his chest as blood flowed out. What kind of devious superpower was this?! He could stab him in the back from right in front of him!

The remaining Midnight member was stunned at the sight. He could never have expected that two of their members would get killed so easily!

Not a moment later, the shadow clone rushed him fierce as a train. The remaining supernatural being from Midnight jumped into the air, intending to bypass the shadow clone and kill Ren Xiaosu!

But before he could leap over the shadow clone’s head, the supernatural being saw the shadow clone leap up from the ground as well. He kicked the shadow clone with one of his feet, but the shadow clone took the kick without any fear and grabbed his ankle.

The excruciating pain spread from the supernatural being’s ankle and swept through his consciousness. The shadow clone’s hands were crushing his ankle like a pair of pincers.

With a crack, he was shocked to discover his ankle had really been crushed!

Importantly, their bones and muscles were much tougher than that of most other supernatural beings. In normal battles, they were the ones who could withstand the most attacks. But now the tables had been turned!

Never mind the fact the ghostly shadow clone could block bullets, it could even crush his ankle with its bare hands too? Just how terrifying was its strength!?

Meanwhile, Ren Xiaosu, who was initially on high alert, was stunned. Why were these people so weak!

The shadow clone did not stop after crushing its opponent’s ankle. It grabbed his broken ankle and ruthlessly pulled him down towards the ground. As they fought in midair, their movements were so fast that afterimages could be seen. Their powerful moves even felt like it was causing the air around them to combust and explode.

The shadow clone and the supernatural being were trading blows. But the supernatural being suddenly realized that while he was nearly beaten to a pulp, his opponent was still acting like it suffered no damage. During this time, he did not even have the chance to use his power.

When the two of them landed on the ground, the shadow clone’s feet touched the floor first. However, it did not stop there as it immediately sprinted at the supernatural being again, grabbing him with its hands and slamming his body into the wall of the alley. With a boom, cracks formed on the wall.

The cracks were like a horrible spiderweb that appeared on the wall. The supernatural being who was stuck in it looked like a picture that had been hung on it!

Before he could recover from the shock, he saw the shadow clone take a small step backwards. The shadow clone bent forward with one foot in front. When it moved again, it charged ruthlessly at him like a cannonball, leading with its shoulder to deal maximum damage.

The supernatural being’s abdomen caved in rapidly. It was evident just how terrifying the force of collision was!

Just as Ren Xiaosu was about to heave a sigh of relief, he felt the air behind him ripple like water.

Ren Xiaosu immediately looked behind himself and barely spotted the outline of a supernatural being charging at him with a sword. It turned out Midnight did not only have four members. There was another one lurking in the shadows with his superpower.

“Are they done yet?” Ren Xiaosu sneered.

His abdomen muscles tightened as he twisted his body around and slashed his saber.

His iron will roared through the air. No one knew what would happen in the next moment except for Ren Xiaosu.

With a clang, the supernatural being was shocked to find the sword he usually relied on to fight had broken upon impact with the mysterious black saber like it was made of paper. Right after, he saw his arm separating from his body, and the severed arm was spurting blood like a pump!

His previously transparent body revealed itself in midair, leaving him with nowhere to hide!

Ren Xiaosu already knew the black saber was extremely sharp when he used it to kill the Experimentals. The items his mysterious mind palace gave him had never disappointed him before.

Then Ren Xiaosu tensed his legs as he rushed forward, exuding a huge aura of pressure. Before his opponent could come back to his senses, Ren Xiaosu had taken his enemy off the ground and nailed him to the brick wall at the end of the alley with his black saber!

Ren Xiaosu pulled the black saber out from the wall and corpse, letting it fall awkwardly to the ground because it had lost its support.

Right now, the entire alley seemed to be stained with blood. Ren Xiaosu stood there in silence with only one thought in mind: ‘These people from Midnight don’t seem strong at all.’

As the saying went, it looked like they were heroes, but they turned out to be zeroes.

The supernatural beings were so weak they got defeated even though they had fought three against one. He wondered why they were so cocky in the first place.

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