The First Order – Chapter 254

Chapter 254 Hunting nanosoldiers

Ren Xiaosu knew Wang Yuchi and his classmates were all top students. In order to get into university, they had long since started picking up knowledge beyond their level. But he constantly wondered what a few high school students were capable of. However, Ren Xiaosu realized now that he had underestimated Jiang Wu’s students. Jiang Wu had used her life, dignity, and principles to protect them, and they had not embarrassed her.

Wang Yuchi thought for a moment and said, “It’s impossible to ask us to design something too intricate. All we can do is try to reduce drag as much as possible and do our best to further improve on the design of the mechanical transmission structure—”

“You don’t have to explain it, that’ll be enough!” Ren Xiaosu gave a wave of his hand. “Design a rough draft first, then improve on it after y’all get the chance to further your studies!”

“But, Monitor, I don’t really understand you. Why do you want such a thing?” Wang Yuchi raised his doubts, “First, we don’t have the materials. Second, the power source of this armor—”

Ren Xiaosu gave another wave of his hand. “Don’t worry about that. We’ll definitely have it!”

Ren Xiaosu knew very well that the problems raised by Wang Yuchi were actually solvable with the use of the nanomachines. However, he could not tell Wang Yuchi the truth as of yet.

Wang Yuchi and the other students just stared dumbfoundedly at Ren Xiaosu. Forget it, there was no need to explain any further.

The students could guess their class monitor had probably discovered something good again. Was he going to take advantage of someone again?

When Ren Xiaosu looked at the nearby officers of the Divine Arms Battalion again, it felt as though he was looking at his brand-new armor.

Ren Xiaosu had already come up with a new plan. If Tang Zhou could relay the news back successfully, there would only be a few routes from the main battlefield that the Divine Arms Battalion could retreat by. He would need to figure out the situation in these coming days before making his move so that he could successfully collect enough nanomachines for his armor. But he wondered how strong Tang Zhou and his men’s combat capabilities were. They shouldn’t be too weak, right?

The heavy snow had been falling nonstop in the forested mountains. It wasn’t only snowing on the Li Consortium’s side; all three organizations were stranded in their various battlefields by the heavy snowfall.

As the roads were blocked by the deep snow, no vehicles could pass through. In some places, the snow even reached crotch level on the soldiers. It was impossible to fight a war in these conditions.

The snow was the true weapon of mass destruction here.

The impasse on the battlefield that had been like the hot barrel of a just fired machine gun was suddenly cooled down by the snow.

Ren Xiaosu and everyone else at the campsite were taking shelter in their tents. No one was willing to go outside to make a trail in the snow, not even the Divine Arms officers.

Ren Xiaosu was the only person who went out every night until the morning when he came back to sleep. While he slept, Chen Wudi would keep watch by his side. No one was able to get close to him.

Over the past few days, many people eat all their rations of buns. Meanwhile, Ren Xiaosu would return carrying a lot of potatoes with him every day. He would bring back 28 or 29 potatoes each time. In any case, their group would definitely have something to eat every day. However, no one knew where Ren Xiaosu had dug the potatoes up from.

As a matter of fact, their platoon did not seem like they had ever lacked any food.

When Ren Xiaosu woke up, Li Qingzheng asked curiously, “Xiaosu, what have you been busy with for the past few days? Why are you always going out when evening comes?”

Ren Xiaosu said tiredly, “I’ve been digging for potatoes for y’all. We can’t just rest on our laurels, now can we?”

When he said that, the entire platoon of soldiers was moved to tears. “Platoon Commander, you are such a good person! Thank you, Platoon Commander!”

As Ren Xiaosu watched his number of gratitude tokens increase again, he knew he was getting closer to unlocking his new weapon.

In reality, he had not been going out to dig up potatoes. Instead, he was meeting up with Tang Zhou every night to discuss their upcoming plans.

Tang Zhou and his men had a detailed map of the battlefield, which saved Ren Xiaosu a lot of trouble. But after looking at the map, Ren Xiaosu still thought it would be safer if he personally made a trip to check out the locations. As such, he had been going around for the past two days to the best ambush sites located near two routes they identified the Divine Arms Battalion would retreat by.

This action moved Tang Zhou to tears. “Xiaosu, you’re really a good friend of our Qing Consortium!”

Ren Xiaosu looked at Tang Zhou and said, “I’m going to steal the satellite phone for y’all tomorrow. Do you think Qing Zhen and Luo Lan still stand a chance of making a comeback? I found that it was pretty nice being friends with Luo Lan.”

“They will.” Tang Zhou replied decisively, “Mr. Qing Zhen and Boss Luo definitely won’t remain under house arrest for long. We’re all waiting for that day.”

“Fatty Luo will be very touched if he hears you say that.” Ren Xiaosu said, “We’ll meet here again tomorrow evening. I’ll give you the satellite phone then.”

The meeting place they had chosen was a little further away from where Ren Xiaosu had planted the Brambles as he feared he would get seen.

“Didn’t you say there’s five of those nanosoldiers?” Tang Zhou asked, “Do you need us to assist you?”

As Ren Xiaosu turned to leave, he said, “No need, I have Chen Wudi by my side.”

Ren Xiaosu was not actually planning on letting Chen Wudi do anything this time, but he had to say that to Tang Zhou. After all, it would not be easy to deal with five nanosoldiers. Even though he had a good relationship with the Qing Consortium, he still did not want them to gain a clear idea of his powers.

When the next morning arrived, Ren Xiaosu walked back to the campsite with a rabbit held tightly in his arms. Everyone could see Ren Xiaosu’s figure from afar.

Someone stood at the entrance of the campsite and exclaimed, “Where did he catch that rabbit? It’s so big!”

The Divine Arms officers were also starting to run out of field rations. Besides, how could eating field rations every day be better than barbecue? So when these officers saw the rabbit in Ren Xiaosu’s arms, their eyes popped out of their skulls.

But all of a sudden, the huge rabbit in Ren Xiaosu’s arms started struggling. Then Ren Xiaosu fell to his ass in the snow as though overwhelmed by its struggle. The rabbit leaped and bounded away!

A Divine Arms officer said anxiously, “Why didn’t you hold it more tightly!?”

Ren Xiaosu anxiously said, “Chase after it, quick! If you don’t, I’ll have caught it in vain!”

When the five officers of the Divine Arms Battalion heard that, they didn’t think too much and just activated the nanomachines in their bodies. Their explosive speed was even faster than that of the rabbit!

Ren Xiaosu watched from behind with eyes narrowed. These troops truly had more nanomachines in their bodies, judging by the fact that Lin Qi could not even reach such a speed.

A large group of people at the campsite pursued in the direction of the fleeing rabbit against the falling snow. But at this moment, a surprising turn of events took place. They saw a big, red net of brambles suddenly enclosing on the spot where the five officers were standing and trapping them!

The thorns of the brambles immediately pierced their skin. But more terrifying was the officers seemingly having their blood sucked out by the thorns into the vines!

The officers of the Divine Arms Battalion gave their all and tore through the red net. The five of them fell out of it and gasped violently for air. But before they could recover from their shock, another wave of crimson vines on the ground attacked!

There was seemingly no end to the number of crimson vines!

All of those who were following in pursuit behind them retreated in fright when they saw this terrifying sight!



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