The First Order – Chapter 272

Chapter 272 Quest complete!

The Li Consortium was really unlucky. Even with a hidden trump card like the nanomachines, they were unable to use it to maximum effect.

The Li Consortium lacked war experience, which resulted in some mistakes on the usage of the nanomachines. As Qing Zhen had mentioned before, combat troops like the nanosoldiers who possessed great strength and mobility should be deployed separately so that they could infiltrate the enemy’s rear and carry out precision strikes.

For example, they could execute attacks on the enemies’ power stations and arsenals or perform decapitation strikes. They should have used the Divine Arms Battalion separately so that the nanosoldiers would be more effective in their might.

But actually, it wasn’t impossible to deploy the nanosoldiers together. If not for the existence of Ren Xiaosu, who was also the head spy of the Qing Consortium, the Divine Arms Battalion would still trouble the Qing Consortium greatly even if they were not at their full strength.

However, they were all killed.

Meanwhile, the situation at Position 319 right now was a little better. The Qing Consortium was only planning on feigning an attack there, so they were a little surprised when concealed nanosoldiers suddenly appeared at the rear of the battlefield. It caught the Qing Consortium off guard and the nanosoldiers nearly even destroyed their heavy firepower in the rear.

But it was different at Position 313. The Li Consortium’s secret weapon would remain a secret since the nanosoldiers were all dead before they could even come out of their tents.

In addition, the greatest advantage of the nanomachines was that they could be recycled. The first batch of nanosoldiers did not matter at all as the nanomachines in them could be recycled by the organization after they died. The recycled nanomachines would then be used to put together another group of nanosoldiers.

But after Ren Xiaosu came to the Li Consortium, there were fewer and fewer nanomachines that could be recycled. Ren Xiaosu had single-handedly turned a renewable weapon into an expendable weapon.

This time, Ren Xiaosu had harvested a considerable amount of nanomachines. Not counting the external armor for his leg, he might even be able to share the remaining nanomachines with Jiang Wu’s students after giving some of them to Yan Liuyuan.

At this moment, Ren Xiaosu saw some of the nanosoldiers’ field packs scattered on the ground. He opened one of them and found a heavy, metallic, black box inside. He wondered what it was used for.

Eh? Ren Xiaosu’s eyes lit up. Could it be possible that this thing was used for wireless charging?

Thinking of this, Ren Xiaosu picked up three of the intact boxes and stuffed them into his storage space. Whether they were useful or not, he would just take them.

He wasn’t going to take any chances!

Today, Ren Xiaosu had given the defensive deployment map to the Qing Consortium that enabled them to take out Position 313 successfully while eliminating Qing Zhen’s dissidents at the same time.

Meanwhile, Ren Xiaosu was also able to harvest a lot of nanomachines thanks to the Qing Consortium. It could essentially be described as a win-win scenario.

Only the Li Consortium ended up as the loser.

At this moment, the Li Consortium troops stationed at the front line of Mt. Qingsheng was up against the Yang Consortium’s armored brigade and infantry division. The battle over there was even more intense than the battle here between the Qing Consortium and the Li Consortium. The Yang Consortium had yet to breach the Li Consortium’s defensive line because there wasn’t a character like Ren Xiaosu over there.

Chen Wudi and the others had already located quite a few wounded and were carrying them towards the medical center. Ren Xiaosu casually picked up a wounded soldier in the camp and placed him over his shoulder before catching up with the rest of the group.

When they arrived at the medical center, the nurses and doctors were all covered in blood. Ren Xiaosu spotted Colonel Ma Kai lying here as well, but he was unconscious.

When the nurses saw Ren Xiaosu and his men, they were all stunned. These people were not medics, so why were they helping to carry the wounded here?

The doctor asked, “Which ORBAT are you


Chen Wudi said proudly, “We’re from the Heroes Battalion!”

When one of the wounded soldiers heard that, he was stunned. “Weren’t y’all at the front line? Why do you look totally unaffected?”

Ma Kai was awoken by the noise. When he saw Ren Xiaosu, he flew into a rage. “Did you abandon your posts?”

Ren Xiaosu said unhappily, “How can you say that? Our Heroes Battalion is an honorable unit, so how could we do something like abandoning our posts? We’ve already wiped out the enemy’s infantry regiment. That’s why we can help out our fellow comrades!”

“What?” Ma Kai exclaimed. “Even if you want to lie, you should at least make up something sensible. How could you have wiped out the infantry regiment with only fucking refugees in your troops!”

Ma Kai had studied the Qing Consortium’s troops a lot. He knew the infantry regiment was not only made up of infantry troops. Without mentioning their heavy weapons like RPGs and mortars, the defensive front would still have crumbled once the enemy broke through and deployed their laser-guided weapons!

The fucking Heroes Battalion was made up of refugees and issued with only four heavy machine guns, yet they claimed to have wiped out an entire infantry regiment? Were they dreaming or something?

Everyone thought the Heroes Battalion would get annihilated on the battlefield. But they were all still alive and kicking by the end of the battle. It was as though they were completely unaffected by the attack!

Everyone in the medical center found this outcome unacceptable!

Ren Xiaosu giggled. “You’ll understand if you go outside and have a look at the battlefield. I don’t have time to waste with you now. There are still other people waiting to be saved by


Since Ren Xiaosu had finished collecting the nanomachines, he would have to start doing the quest seriously. As the requirement of the quest was to save a 100 people, he was still far from completing it, having only saved one person just now.

This was the first time the palace had informed him in advance about the reward when assigning him a quest. Furthermore, the reward this time was for five allocatable attribute points.

Previously, the quests only rewarded him with either 1.0 Strength or 1.0 Dexterity each time. But for this quest, he could choose the allocation of the points himself and would even be awarded with five points. It could be said that the reward this time was rather generous.

Thinking of this, Ren Xiaosu rushed outside. Two medics happened to just be carrying a stretcher back. When Ren Xiaosu saw them, he immediately shouted, “Put that down, I’ll carry it!”

The medics were startled. “It’s fine, you don’t have to. We can carry it by ourselves.”

Ren Xiaosu’s expression darkened. He pointed his pistol at the medics. “I said let me carry it. Don’t you understand what I’m saying?!”

Chen Wudi sighed from behind. “Master’s killing intent is so strong even when saving people.”

All of a sudden, reinforcements sent from the rear arrived at Position 313. Just as Qing Zhen had predicted, additional troops would be deployed here from the rear to engage in a seesaw battle with the Qing Consortium after Position 313 and Position 319 were subjected to fierce attacks.

And this was exactly what Qing Zhen wanted to see.

Ren Xiaosu carried the wounded soldier into the medical center and watched the newly arrived troops at the same time. He discovered a very strange group of soldiers among them. The soldiers were extremely disciplined and orderly in their movements and gave Ren Xiaosu an odd feeling.

But he had no time to care about this as he carried on fulfilling his quest requirements by snatching even more wounded soldiers to save.

This quest alone delayed Ren Xiaosu for about an hour. When Ren Xiaosu heard the palace informing him he’d completed the quest, he immediately allocated 4.0 points to his Dexterity and 1.0 point to his Strength.

Ren Xiaosu’s current Strength was now as high as 10.5, and even his Dexterity had reached the level of 10.1. Ren Xiaosu’s muscles were further refined once more, and his entire body became leaner again. He now looked like a young man who did not exercise much, but he actually possessed amazing strength.

The voice from the palace said, “Due to your Strength and Dexterity attributes exceeding the threshold…”

Just as Ren Xiaosu tried to listen to what the palace had to say, a surprising turn of events occurred in the medical center. As such, he lost interest in what the palace was saying and looked at the medical center instead.

He saw someone in the medical center yelling angrily at Chen Wudi, “Get lost! If not for the presence of your Heroes Battalion here at Position 313, would Qing Zhen deploy his main forces to attack us? I don’t need your hypocritical help to save people here!”

When Ren Xiaosu looked at Chen Wudi, he saw Chen Wudi walking out of the medical center quietly without saying a word.

Ren Xiaosu patted him calmly on the shoulder. “Let’s go, we’ll head back to our position for now.”

“OK,” Chen Wudi replied in a low voice.

“I wonder if the infantry regiment attacking our position has been fully defeated yet.” Ren Xiaosu said, “If they’re all dead, we can go and loot some equipment off them or something.”

“OK.” Chen Wudi still replied simply.

“What do you want to eat tonight?” Ren Xiaosu asked.

“Master, can we have some fried rice with sausage?”

Everyone in the medical center watched as the two walked away. They didn’t even know what to say.




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