The First Order – Chapter 285

Chapter 285 My reinforcements have arrived!

Ren Xiaosu initially fled east as the Li Consortium’s mysterious nanosoldiers were chasing after them from the west. Furthermore, the eastern wall had been breached by missiles just now.

But he felt something amiss when he fled here. Judging by the size of the fleeing crowd, something terrifying had to be chasing after them.

Ren Xiaosu asked Chen Wudi, “Can you hear the commotion ahead of us? Are there any strange roars there?”

Chen Wudi nodded. “Yes, I hear some!”

“Sounds like it’s really the Experimentals. Old Li, hurry up and turn around!” Ren Xiaosu shouted.

Ren Xiaosu and his group had to turn back now. If they could find any main road leading in any other direction, they would have to take it and see whether they could shake off the mysterious troops that were pursuing them.

Ren Xiaosu would much rather face the Li Consortium’s troops than the vast number of Experimentals.

When they were at Stronghold 109, the number of Experimentals had already reached over a 1,000. Now that they had absorbed even more people into their ranks from Stronghold 109, Ren Xiaosu would believe it even if someone said there were 3,000 of them!

There were probably only several hundred nanosoldiers pursuing them, so it really wasn’t too difficult to choose between several hundred and several thousand.

“When it rains, it pours.” Ren Xiaosu sighed. This huge stronghold had suddenly become a cage filled with desperate stronghold residents fleeing for their lives.

Ren Xiaosu was not surprised that the stronghold’s air defense system did not play any effective role this time. After all, even someone like Hu Shuo had rebelled against the organization, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the defense system of the Li Consortium had become as fragile as paper.

The Li Consortium had originally been guarding against the Experimentals, but how could they have expected missiles to descend down on their walls and destroy the stronghold!

A couple was strolling on the streets at this time. When they saw the ferocious Experimentals behind them, they started running desperately with the crowd.

As they ran, the girl suddenly fell down. The boy who had promised to protect her for the rest of his life suddenly let go of her hand and continued running ahead by himself.

The girl screamed her boyfriend’s name but he still did not turn around.

A middle-aged man was pushing his father in a wheelchair in the streets. Some years earlier, his lower body had been paralyzed due to a construction accident.

When the Experimentals arrived, the middle-aged man suddenly abandoned his father in the wheelchair and escaped by himself. The old man who was left behind sat there calmly and looked at the ferocious faces of the Experimentals. In reality, this old man wasn’t keen on living anymore either. He had been getting scolded quite often by his own family members over the years, and even his daughter-in-law called him an old coot right to his face.

The ugliness that existed in the belly of the stronghold and the indifference concealed within the prosperous city had suddenly been exposed.

But in this crowd, there was also a mother who suffered a sprain who pushed her child away. “Go on ahead, darling! Don’t look back! Mommy will catch up with you soon!”

The child kept crying and refused to leave. The mother broke into tears and cried, “Will someone save my child?”

Some people were shivering in fear as they hid inside their houses. It was as though they thought they could escape the pursuit of those humanoid monsters by doing so. When they realized the monsters did not break into their houses, they felt a sense of exaltation. It was only a matter of time before the Li Consortium’s troops would eliminate these monsters.

Then they would be saved.

What they did not know was that these Experimentals were only letting them off for the time being. Prey that did not run away would not need to be hunted down immediately. They could slowly seek them out afterwards.

As for the Li Consortium’s troops, they would not be coming to save them.

Less than two minutes after Ren Xiaosu’s truck had turned around, and before they could even find a road to turn off into to escape, he could already see the mysterious troops approaching! Even with the most conservative estimate, there were still over a 100 of them!

It was too late! This battle was unavoidable!

Ren Xiaosu said calmly, “Wudi, follow me! Cover me!”

As he spoke, Ren Xiaosu jumped off from the back of the truck. In that instant, he covered his entire body with his armor. When he landed, the entire ground seemed to shake.

When jumping out of a moving vehicle, people tend to lose their balance easily due to inertia. But as soon as Ren Xiaosu’s foot armor touched the ground, he kicked forward and shot out like a cannonball.

With this kick, his speed momentarily allowed him to get ahead of the truck that Li Qingzheng was driving. By the time the mysterious troops came face to face with them, Ren Xiaosu was already charging diagonally into the front of the enemy’s vehicle with his body. “Fuck off!”

Ren Xiaosu met the vehicle head-on using his shoulder and knocked it onto its side in an instant!

Even though Ren Xiaosu was wearing his armor, his physique still appeared minute in front of the military transport truck. But it was exactly this minute figure’s strength that somehow toppled the vehicle!

The nanosoldiers in the vehicle were not expecting such a turn of events. Then Ren Xiaosu flung his hand out and threw out four Explosive Poker cards at the next vehicle in an instant.

Time seemed to slow down.

The driver in the other vehicle saw the exquisite playing cards spinning in the air and flying towards his windshield. When they were almost touching it, he saw the cards emit a golden glow resembling the burning sun!

With a loud boom, the four “threes” exploded with such force that it sent half of the truck’s hood flying off! The entire vehicle tilted and rammed straight into a building next to the road!

The passersby were stunned. They had not expected to see such a shocking sight while they were fleeing. The armor-wearing “robot” was like a godly presence as the stronghold residents had never come across such individual power that went beyond their common knowledge and understanding!

It was as though they were living in the future.

Of course, Ren Xiaosu did not come out unscathed. Although his armor could dampen the collision force, it still proved quite unbearable for him. His entire shoulder was in


Moreover, Ren Xiaosu knew that even though the overturned truck could cause some damage to the nanosoldiers inside, it would not be enough to kill them. After this, he would be facing an attack from over a hundred nanosoldiers.

Ren Xiaosu took a quick breather. He did not know if he could defeat them, but Yan Liuyuan, Xiaoyu, and Wang Fugui were behind him.

Between life and death, he had no other choice!

Dozens of nanosoldiers got out from the overturned military transport truck and surrounded Ren Xiaosu in only three seconds. They were all holding brand-new nanoswords in their hands. If Ren Xiaosu were not careful, he could get slashed by them.

When a nanosoldier slashed his nanosword at Ren Xiaosu, Ren Xiaosu’s right hand suddenly reacted and grabbed the spine of the blade. Then he slashed his black saber at the nanosoldier, cutting across from the right of his neck to his chest. The nanosoldier’s life was over.

However, there were too many of them. When Ren Xiaosu attacked, someone took advantage and sneak attacked him from behind. The edge of the nanosword suddenly pulsated with a rippling effect.

This slash left a large crack in Ren Xiaosu’s armor.

Chen Wudi bravely opened up a path from the rear and came to Ren Xiaosu’s side. But there were still another two military transport trucks that were speeding towards them from behind.

What could he do now? Ren Xiaosu was panting heavily. If any more of these nanosoldiers arrived, he would have to seriously consider running away.

But all of a sudden, the fuel tank of a truck behind them exploded. The entire truck conflagrated into a huge fireball that burned up together with the nanosoldiers in it.

Ren Xiaosu froze for a moment. It was only at this moment that he heard a sniper rifle going off.

He looked into the distance in surprise. A girl with a cap was waving at him from a tall building as though she were saying, “Since you didn’t come and look for me, I had to come and look for you.”

Ren Xiaosu took a deep breath and charged the nanosoldiers on the outside edge of the encirclement at high speed. The nanosoldiers who were just getting ready to establish an effective defensive perimeter were immediately thrown into disarray by the collision.

Whenever anyone tried to deal an effective blow to Ren Xiaosu, a sniper’s bullet could be expected to fly in from the sky and deal devastating damage!

Ren Xiaosu was violently gasping as he fought his enemies. Although he had no choice, at least his reinforcements had arrived!




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