The First Order – Chapter 297

Chapter 297 Family

Manipulating the nanomachines with a delay was a very frustrating experience. Sometimes, even when the brain’s thoughts were clearly ahead, the nanomachines would still have a moment’s delay before they reacted to the commands.

The hands would not listen to the head, and that made Wang Yuchi and the other students feel like they were mentally impaired.

If they could control the nanomachines better, they would probably be of great help to the group. But in reality, they were powerless.

So when Ren Xiaosu told them that physical exercise could help increase their synchronization rates, the students who were not injured started taking the initiative to do more work, while those who were injured thought of ways to train themselves. For example, those who had leg injuries would train their upper limbs, while those whose arms were injured would train their abdominals. If a person really wanted to succeed, they would think of a thousand ways to achieve it.

Yan Liuyuan was initially under a lot of pressure due to the workload he had to complete. Even with Wang Fugui and Li Qingzheng helping out, they were but normal people. As such, there was a limit to how much of the burden they could share.

But now, when the students heard what Ren Xiaosu said, they all started thinking of ways to break past their limits in the hope that they could help the group out in the future.

Their group had been through a lot of ups and downs together. Those who remained with the group despite all the calamities could be considered precious team members. They all knew exactly how difficult it was to survive in these wastelands.

But outsiders would think this group of people were on steroids or something.

Ren Xiaosu had constantly been waiting for a chance to leave this place. The first opportunity he was hoping for was for the wolves to show up. However, it had already been several days, and with the refugee camp almost completed, the wolves still did not appear.

At this time, Ren Xiaosu suddenly remembered something. Wasn’t it about time for the female wolves to give birth?

Back when they were at the outpost, many of the female wolves became pregnant. A wolf’s gestation period was 63 days, and counting the days, that seemed to be around now.

Thus, it would be most logical for the wolf pack to hide away while they waited for their pack to grow stronger and bigger. They would have to raise the cubs to become the main force of the pack.

At such times, it wouldn’t be possible for the wolf pack to still be wandering around. The Wolf King would even start stocking up on food for them in case any accidents happened while hunting

What a pity! If the wolf pack were here, these two reinforced companies of the Yang Consortium would definitely not be a match for them.

As such, Ren Xiaosu’s group could only wait for him to fully recover.

The fences around the refugee camp were nearly complete and were a full two meters high. The perimeter of the refugee camp even had wooden watchtowers erected and fitted with searchlights too.

Soldiers from the Yang Consortium’s reinforced troops were patrolling around the campsite. There were also troops working in shifts who stood guard near the construction site. All of them were equipped with live ammo in case anyone tried to escape. These soldiers were also acting as supervisors to the refugees and were responsible for teaching them how to build the barracks with lumber.

The two reinforced companies were rotating shifts, so those who were off-duty could head back to their own tents to play cards. But those who were on active duty were never lackadaisical. They were not going to give anyone a chance to escape.

If Ren Xiaosu and company were planning on leaving this place, they would have to first consider how to get through the blockade set up by these two reinforced companies.

During this period, Wang Fugui would take the opportunity to get close to the reinforced troops by sending things to them during his evening rest hours. He sent over many gifts, with things like watches, jewelry, and so on. This eagerness suited his refugee image very well.

When the troops were playing cards and chatting, he would be there to serve them drinks. But even though he showed so much sincerity, the reinforced troops still ordered him around as they liked and even hurled insults at him. But Old Wang did not get angry and kept a smile on his face.

When it was time to eat, the Yang Consortium soldiers would not even head out to pack their meals and let Wang Fugui run their errands for them. After eating, Wang Fugui would still have to wash their crockery for them. He couldn’t get any more lowly than that.

While the reinforced troops were playing cards at night, Wang Fugui brought over several cups of hot water for them. As a result, one of the soldiers who was not paying attention took an immediate sip and scalded his tongue.

He flew into a rage on the spot and pushed Wang Fugui over. “Shouldn’t you at least remind me that the water is hot?”

Wang Fugui let him pour the water over him before jumping back on his feet. He smiled and said, “It was my fault. I’ll go and pour you some warm water right away.”

Gradually, Wang Fugui turned into the representative of the refugees in the eyes of the reinforced troops. Whatever instructions they had for the refugees would be relayed through him.

When the first barrack in the refugee camp was completed, Wang Fugui immediately arranged for Ren Xiaosu and the others to move in first. The reinforced troops did not say anything even though they knew about it. This was the outcome that Wang Fugui had been striving for.

Although the barrack was pretty badly constructed, it was not easy to have a place where they could take shelter from the winter weather. Since their group had so many wounded, they definitely had to think of ways to move in here.

After the reinforced troops left, some of the escapees stood outside the barrack and started scolding, “Does it feel good to be at the beck and call of the Yang Consortium’s people? What gives you the right to move into the barracks first? We all finished building it together!”

But then Yan Liuyuan rushed out of the building. He kicked the person who had been speaking and stomped on him, making him cradle his stomach and cry out in pain.

How could anyone put up a resistance against Yan Liuyuan who was equipped with the nanomachines? Yan Liuyuan was holding a dagger in his hand and looking around coldly like he could kill someone at any moment.

Xiaoyu stood behind him at the barrack door and pointed at the crowd while scolding them, “If anyone dares to make up stories about Old Wang behind his back again, don’t blame us for not being polite. We’ll make sure you die for it!”

All of a sudden, the escapees remembered that this group of people were really ruthless and cold-blooded!

While resting at night, Ren Xiaosu called Wang Fugui over and said to him, “Old Wang, you don’t have to do this. It’s fine even if we have to sleep outside in the wilderness. You don’t have to put yourself down like that.”

Ren Xiaosu had already spoken to Wang Fugui about this several times. However, no one could stop him.

At night, Wang Fugui would agree not to do so anymore, but he would still go to the Yang Consortium’s soldiers again the next day and subserviently pour drinks for them.

Ren Xiaosu clearly sensed that Wang Fugui was suffering on the inside, but Wang Fugui did not complain once about it.

Wang Fugui smiled cheerfully and said, “It’s fine, this is what I’m good at.”

Ren Xiaosu sighed and said, “It’s not a matter of you being good at it or not. Although we have been through a lot of hardship together, we don’t need anyone sacrificing their dignity like that.”

Wang Fugui said calmly, “In order to escape, all of you ended up getting hurt so badly. Back when we were fleeing, even the students were willing to step forward with grenades to fight the Experimentals. But I treasure my life too much since I can’t die as I still have Dalong to take care of. So then, what can I do? In our group, I’m the only one who can do the things I did. Xiaosu, you don’t have to feel bad about it, I’m only doing what I have to. I can’t do the things that y’all did for the group. So in turn, let me do what y’all can’t do.”

There was silence in the barrack. Everyone suddenly had the same thought at the same time. They were all thinking this was a family.



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