The First Order – Chapter 301

Chapter 301 Creating chaos

The interrogation of the survivor got very intense right off the bat. That refugee insisted that someone had thrown out a “quad three” bomb that caused the explosion in the barracks.

But how could anyone believe that? After the soldiers in charge of the interrogation finished, they felt their intelligence had been insulted and became even more aggressive with the questioning.

Slowly, confusion started setting in and the refugee admitted to being a spy.

Most people in this world would not be able to endure an interrogation where they would force a confession from the suspect. The Public Order Division was actually the department that specialized in this area. According to them, unless one had the belief, no one would be tough enough to withstand the use of torture and force.

After the refugee admitted he was a spy, the Yang Consortium’s soldiers and officers could finally put their minds at ease knowing they had found the spy. But during this entire process, they could also vaguely feel something was not right.

At first, the officer had instinctively judged by the explosion that a spy could possibly be among the refugees. But it wasn’t like he was stupid. After he calmed down, he could naturally tell that something was amiss.

The officer asked, “But if the refugees were really spies, why would they blow themselves up? That doesn’t make sense at all. Besides, spies shouldn’t be gathering together like that.”

A soldier asked doubtfully, “Those refugees might have found something out about the spy’s plan, so they got silenced?”

“That’s very possible.” The officer said, “I asked you to keep a close eye on Wang Fugui and the others. Did you notice anything about them yet?”

“There’s really something about them.” The moment the soldier spoke about Yan Liuyuan and the others, he got excited. “I realized that there’s something wrong with one of their members.”

“Who?” The officer looked over.

“It’s a refugee called Li Qingzheng.” The soldier said excitedly, “Hahahaha, he’s too unlucky. Once he starts moving around… hahahaha…”

The moment he started, he couldn’t stop himself from laughing for more than ten minutes. The officer’s face darkened as he slapped the soldier. “Are you done laughing?”

The soldier stopped laughing abruptly. He realized the officer was starting to get a little angry, so he quickly added, “This Li Qingzheng is really unlucky, but he’s also very lucky at the same time. The unfortunate things that happen to him are trivial, but he always stumbles upon some food sources after suffering from his bad luck.”

This was not what the officer wanted to hear. There was already someone who inexplicably found a potato field anyway. Anything that happened in the wilderness wouldn’t be considered strange.

Then the officer asked, “Anyone else acting strangely in that group?”

“Oh, yes.” The soldier said, “The strange thing about them is that their group has a lot of injured people.”

“What’s so strange about that?” the officer asked puzzledly.

“Actually, there aren’t that many injured people among the refugees at our campsite.” The soldier explained, “That’s because those who were injured back then could not get out of the stronghold. But as these people were quite united, they managed to bring all of their injured along and escaped. I’ve checked with the others. They said this group’s members were already wounded when they left the stronghold. They took turns carrying the injured and ended up bringing them all the way here.”

“That just means they’ve got a good relationship with each other in their group.” The officer said, “I’ve heard that Ren Xiaosu’s injuries are quite serious?”

The soldier said, “That’s right. The doctor said he has fractures in more than a dozen places, and they’re even comminuted fractures. He was previously in a coma until recently.”

“Wait!” The officer was stunned. “Fractures in more than a dozen places? But there aren’t any gunshots on his body. There’s no signs of his hair being burnt or any other external injuries either, so how did those fractures come about?”

The soldier was also taken aback. For fractures as serious as that without any signs of any external injuries, how could that be possible?

“Go,” The officer said, “Check on the wounds of those people and see if they have any gunshot wounds! I want to reinterrogate that survivor. Bring him to me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the soldier led a platoon over to Ren Xiaosu’s group and pushed open the door to their barrack.

Wang Fugui went up and tried to make conversation with them but got pushed away by a soldier.

The soldiers came to the front of Wang Yuchi and lifted his pants at the ankle, only to find some shallow bruises on his legs. There were still some wounds that were oozing blood.

The soldier was taken aback and thought for a moment before getting someone to bring over a pen and paper. Then he said to Ren Xiaosu and the others, “Without communicating with each other, write down the reason for your injuries.”

In the end, after the six of them finished writing, including Ren Xiaosu, the soldier collected the paper and had a look at them. Although the descriptions were different, they all said they had been knocked down by other vehicles while trying to escape from the stronghold.

The soldier frowned as he lifted Ren Xiaosu’s shirt. However, he discovered that Ren Xiaosu’s injuries were also mainly bruises and some external wounds. It just looked more serious than the injuries Wang Yuchi and the others had.

The soldier said nonchalantly, “So it was a car accident. Rest well then.”

With that said, he led his platoon away. Indeed, he had no other questions for them.

Ren Xiaosu watched calmly as the soldiers left. Wang Yuchi whispered, “Monitor, how did you know that they would come and check on our wounds?”

Originally, Wang Yuchi and the others had suffered gunshot wounds. But after using the black medicine, they recovered within three days, so the soldiers were unable to find anything suspicious.

And the bruises on their bodies were purposely inflicted by Ren Xiaosu a few days ago, including those on his own. This was so that it would prevent anyone from suspecting them if they checked.

Ren Xiaosu said, “I wasn’t sure either. It was just a precaution.”

Wang Yuchi and the others were stunned. They had thought that Ren Xiaosu was too cautious. Two days ago, when Ren Xiaosu forged those injuries on himself, they were wondering if he had overthought things. After all, the bruises he had created would still be quite painful.

But from the looks of it, Ren Xiaosu was right. There was nothing wrong with being more cautious.

“Bro, they’re starting to suspect us,” Yan Liuyuan said in a low voice.

“Mhm.” Ren Xiaosu nodded. “It’s not a big problem. Everything is still under control.”

At this moment, Ren Xiaosu gave a sigh. It looked like he would have to resort to his trump card.

That night, the officer interrogated the refugee again. “Tell me, how did Cao Junpeng and Yan Liuyuan’s feud start?”

“Cao Junpeng felt that Yan Liuyuan was very good at finding food, so he wanted to take the kid in and use him. But Yan Liuyuan scolded him instead.” The refugee prisoner said, “Before y’all arrived and subjugated us, Yan Liuyuan had already killed several people because of his brother. He was extremely ruthless and fierce, so Cao Junpeng decided that he would just kill the kid if he didn’t want to join us.”

“Oh?” The officer nodded. “Then something happened to you all that night? Where did those playing cards come from?”

The refugee said, “Sir, we got the cards from y’all as a hand-me-down…”

The officer raised his eyebrows. “So you’re saying that I was the one who blew you all up?”

“No, no.” The refugee shook his head and said, “The four ‘threes’ were very new and looked different from the cards that you all gave us—”

And then at this moment, a hand suddenly threw out four “threes” onto the table between the two of them before disappearing.

The officer froze. “Were they cards like these?”

The refugee hurriedly nodded. “Yes, yes,


The officer said, “Fuck…”

With a loud boom, the reinforced companies’ commander’s tent was sent flying into the sky. At the same time, loud explosions rang out from many places in the refugee camp. The refugees were all screaming and fleeing outwards!





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