The First Order – Chapter 303

Chapter 303 Heading north to Stronghold 88

Nobody in the refugee camp could understand what had just happened. Why did a girl suddenly come here looking for someone? Moreover, it even looked like that Yang Consortium lieutenant colonel had to speak politely to her. This seemed to subvert all common sense. Could she be the core member of the Yang Consortium? But what was the name that the girl mentioned just now? Ren Xiaosu?

Then they heard Yang Xiaojin repeat, “Do you have someone here named Ren Xiaosu or Yan Liuyuan? I’m here to take them away.”

The escapees could only feel envy. She was actually here to take those people away? From the way she spoke, it seemed like it would be a good thing to get taken away by her.

Hold on a minute! The escapees were not familiar with Ren Xiaosu’s name because he had been lying down and recuperating from his injuries all this while, so he did not have much of a presence in their minds. But they were all too familiar with Yan Liuyuan’s name!

“Big Sister Xiaojin, we’re here,” Yan Liuyuan shouted and raised his hand.

Yang Xiaojin’s eyes lit up. She did not really expect to find Ren Xiaosu and the others here.

Yang Xiaojin had no choice but to follow Luo Xinyu and leave the battlefield when she got surrounded by the Experimentals in Stronghold 108. When she went back to look for Ren Xiaosu, she couldn’t find him anymore. She didn’t know where Ren Xiaosu and the others had fled to.

After traveling north for some time, Yang Xiaojin was still indignant about the matter. When she heard that there was a refugee camp being built here, she decided to come over to try her luck.

Ren Xiaosu looked at Yan Liuyuan and asked in a low voice, “You didn’t make the wish or curse, right?”

“No.” Yan Liuyuan shook his head.

At a critical moment like this, Yang Xiaojin and Luo Xinyu suddenly arrived here after driving through the darkness of the night in an off-road vehicle.

A lot of people were in between Ren Xiaosu and Yang Xiaojin. But when Yang Xiaojin walked over to Ren Xiaosu, the escapees parted like the sea. It was like this was a stage, and the two individuals at both ends of the stage were the stars of the night.

Yang Xiaojin walked up to Ren Xiaosu and sized him up from top to toe. She was still wearing her cap as usual, and the form-fitting sports outfit remained unchanged as well. “You’re injured?”

“Mhm.” Ren Xiaosu nodded and said, “I accidentally took a blast from an RPG that was fired by the Li Consortium.”

The lieutenant colonel’s jaw dropped. He thought to himself, ‘You must be bragging, right? How could anyone still be standing after taking damage from an RPG? Who do you think you are?’ However, he reminded himself of Yang Xiaojin’s identity, so Ren Xiaosu’s account sounded somewhat understandable.

Then Yang Xiaojin said to the lieutenant colonel, “I want to take these people away. Please process the paperwork.”

The lieutenant colonel said, “We’re currently investigating a case of spying, and these people are the main suspects.” Although he was very polite to Yang Xiaojin, business was still business.

Yang Xiaojin calmly asked, “Are you implying that my friend is a spy? Then what does that make me? They’re from the Yang Consortium as well. It’s just that you don’t know about it at your level. So are you still going to arrest them?”

“I wouldn’t dare.” The lieutenant colonel’s tone softened. He turned to the soldier beside him and said, “Release them!”

Ren Xiaosu gave a mental sigh. Well, it looked like he had gained yet another identity as part of the Yang Consortium. He had completed the full set.

He reckoned that his identities were just like a top-secret file. In 50 years when the confidential records of the Yang, Li, and Qing consortiums were declassified, everyone would definitely be astonished.

Of course, the Li Consortium wouldn’t exist anymore by then.

The nearby refugees were all shocked. Who was this big shot from the Yang Consortium? Their jealousy of Ren Xiaosu was reaching a fever pitch. Weren’t they all supposed to be refugees? So why had he suddenly become a core member of the Yang Consortium? There was even a beautiful young lady who specially came to pick him up in the middle of the night!

While they were fleeing, the escapees were already very jealous of Ren Xiaosu’s group for having food to eat. Later on at the refugee camp, that jealousy was alleviated when they thought about how they were all fellow captives. But everyone realized at this moment that that had not been the case at all!

Yang Xiaojin counted the number of people in Ren Xiaosu’s group and then said to the lieutenant colonel, “I’ll be taking one of your transport trucks.”

The lieutenant colonel hurriedly said to a soldier next to him, “Go and drive a truck over!”

Then the lieutenant colonel asked, “Where do you plan on going?”

Yang Xiaojin replied, “Stronghold 88.”

The lieutenant colonel shouted, “Fuel the tank to full!”

Apparently, the journey from here to Stronghold 88 was a long distance, so much so that they had to fill the gas tank all the way up for the trip.

Yang Xiaojin did not take the off-road vehicle but followed Ren Xiaosu and the others onto the military transport truck. Luo Xinyu pouted as she sat in the driver’s seat of the off-road vehicle alone. However, she did not say anything in the end.

In the back of the truck, Yang Xiaojin asked again, “Are your injuries serious?”

Beside them, Yan Liuyuan said, “He suffered 17 fractures all over his body, and four areas are even comminuted fractures.”

Yang Xiaojin was stunned. She had thought that Ren Xiaosu wasn’t too seriously injured when she saw that he was able to move about freely. But upon taking a closer look, she realized his forehead was covered in sweat.

Although Ren Xiaosu used the nanomachines to set his broken bones and had already healed a little, it still hurt to move. This was unavoidable.

Ren Xiaosu looked at Yang Xiaojin and said, “I’m fine. I’ll recover in another 20 days or So.”

Of course, what Ren Xiaosu did not say was that even after a hundred days, broken bones would still be a little more brittle than other places. Therefore, he would still have to recuperate for another month or two before he would fully recover.Read more chapter on

Yang Xiaojin said, “There won’t be any danger in heading north, so just rest well and recuperate.”

Silence fell, as nobody knew what to say.

Ren Xiaosu suddenly said, “What’s the relationship between the Saboteurs and the Yang Consortium?”

This matter had puzzled Ren Xiaosu for a very long time. Yang Xiaojin had said that Lu Yuan was not from the Saboteurs but was a member of the Yang Consortium. However, the Saboteurs and Lu Yuan had carried out a mission together. Furthermore, Yang Xiaojin herself was also from the Yang Consortium. So it seemed like there was nothing wrong with saying that the Saboteurs and the Yang Consortium originated from the same group.

However, the problem was that the Saboteurs did not seem to have any intention of interfering with this war. He had never heard any news that the Saboteurs had appeared on the battlefield based on what Tang Zhou shared with him.

Yang Xiaojin explained, “The founder of the Saboteurs is my aunt. However, with the Yang Consortium’s intent to invade foreign lands getting stronger and stronger in recent years, the ideological differences between the Saboteurs and the Yang Consortium have splintered even further. There are those within the Yang Consortium who are supportive of the Saboteurs’ cause, but there aren’t many. So the Saboteurs no longer have any involvement with the internal affairs of the Yang Consortium, nor do we take part in their wars.”

Ren Xiaosu understood something with this explanation. The Saboteurs had probably been set up after Yang Xiaojin’s aunt became a supernatural being. Meanwhile, the Yang Consortium also gave her some support in the setting up of the Saboteurs.

But now that the main faction of the Yang Consortium had expanded their influence, the Saboteurs and the Yang Consortium had reached the point where they would have to part ways.

Ren Xiaosu wondered, “Is the ideology behind the Saboteurs really to uphold peace?”

Yang Xiaojin shook her head. “We’re not looking to uphold peace but to prevent anything that can destroy the world from reemerging in society. Over the years, we’ve destroyed 17 nuclear test sites, but we’ve not been able to locate any of those controlled by Qing Zhen.”




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