The First Order – Chapter 313

Chapter 313 Under watch

As soon as An Yuqian received the payment from Ren Xiaosu, he went to a second-hand market and purchased a blackboard. After he brought it back to the library, the venue was all set for teaching.

At first, he thought the teaching process would be very tedious based on what he knew of Ren Xiaosu. After all, if the class monitor was still studying the tenth grade curriculum, how much better off would the other students be?

At most, they should only be slightly better than Ren Xiaosu, right? Although they had been reading up on mechanical engineering books beyond their level, this gave An Yuqian the negative impression they were trying to run without learning how to walk first.

But when he started teaching them, An Yuqian realized Wang Yuchi and the others had a really good foundation.

Although he was giving a lecture on the advanced foundation of math and physics, not things a high school student could easily grasp, Wang Yuchi and the other students picked it up with ease in class.

Regardless of which student, they would all be considered top students at any of the high schools around. They were the type of students who stood a chance of getting into university!

An Yuqian frowned and asked, “Are you all planning on getting into university? You don’t have to learn these things to qualify, though.”

Wang Yuchi answered, “We’re not planning to attend uni.”

“Oh.” An Yuqian did not say anything else. It was quite a pity that these fine young students were not thinking about attending university.

But if these students were not planning to do that, why would they still want to learn all this? However, that had nothing to do with An Yuqian. He only had to teach them and collect his pay.

However, An Yuqian realized Wang Yuchi and the others were always drenched in sweat every afternoon when they came over to the library. It was as though they had just finished exercising.

He asked, “What have you guys been doing?”

“Fitness training,” Wang Yuchi answered simply.

This confused An Yuqian even more. “Why do you have to do fitness training? Are you planning to enlist in the military?”


“Then what are you doing the exercises for?” An Yuqian was still confused.

“What are you asking that for?” Wang Yuchi became wary. “We will just train if our class monitor tells us to do so.”

As An Yuqian was their teacher now, Wang Yuchi would still be respectful towards those who imparted knowledge to them. But if An Yuqian kept questioning them on matters unrelated to learning, he felt he would have to be a bit more cautious.

An Yuqian felt that something was off. “He’s only your class monitor, so why do you listen to him so much?”

Why were they so obedient that they did whatever Ren Xiaosu asked of them, be it learning new knowledge or fitness training?

As a matter of fact, An Yuqian was also the monitor of his class back in the days when he was still in school. Did anyone take him seriously back then? Why was there such a huge difference even though they were both class monitors?

These days, Ren Xiaosu would go out by himself every morning and return home only at night.

Such peaceful days were really rare for him.

Ren Xiaosu really enjoyed days like these. It would be even better if no one were tailing him.

Although someone claimed the plainclothes cops who were watching over them had already left, Ren Xiaosu found out by the third day that there were different people following him around every day whenever he went out.

In order to tail him, they even switched personnel at intervals while following him. Whenever an intersection appeared, the lead person tailing him would walk off in a different direction and let the next person take over the tailing.

This group of people were quite professional in their methods. If not for Ren Xiaosu’s keen sense of observation he developed in the wilderness, he would probably not have noticed their presence.

Who wanted to follow him? And why would they follow him?

Ren Xiaosu was quite sure that some of his identities were not known to these people yet, so in the eyes of many, he should only be a normal refugee.

Furthermore, Yang Xiaojin was definitely not in the know. If she had arranged for this, she should have known that if Ren Xiaosu really wanted to run away, these normal people would not be able to catch up to him.

As these people continued tailing him day after day, Ren Xiaosu’s fractures healed. Many of his fractures no longer required the nanomachines to hold them together anymore.

After he fully recovered from his injuries, he could set aside some time to take the combat classes. He was looking forward to the class a lot.

An Yuqian would always see Ren Xiaosu sitting quietly in the library. Unless he got up to get a different book to read, he would not move at all.

On one hand, Ren Xiaosu was really quite focused when he read. On the other hand, he felt pain whenever he made any movements. Therefore, he would not make any unnecessary movements unless he was required to.

At this moment, Ren Xiaosu was on his way to the library. He didn’t plan to alert the people who were keeping watch on him. Although he did not know what their motives were, it would be best to let them think that he was just a normal person.

Zhang Jinglin had offered him a little tip about what to do when he suspected he was being followed. In that scenario, he should stop and look at his watch. When he did that, the person tailing him would also subconsciously take a look at their own watch.

But Ren Xiaosu did not do so because he did not have a watch.

In the Yang Consortium’s manor, Yang Yu’an was carefully going through a document. As he was a little nearsighted, he would put on his glasses whenever he went through any documents.

But he did not usually wear glasses when he was outside. That was because his nearsightedness was not particularly severe. It was probably only in the range of 200 to 300 degrees.

At this moment, a housekeeper came in and said, “Sir, someone from the Intelligence Service is here to see you.”

Yang Yu’an thought for a moment before saying, “Show them in.”

A woman walked in. She was very young and probably only in her early twenties. She wasn’t particularly beautiful, but she had an air of elegance to her. Ignoring her identity as a secret agent, she would look just like any other young woman with a charming demeanor if she were out on the streets.

She came over to Yang Yu’an’s table and said respectfully, “Boss, I’ve been monitoring that kid for some days, but I haven’t discovered anything unusual yet. Apart from heading to the library and returning back home day in and day out, he doesn’t go anywhere else.”

“Great work, Yingxue. Have you ever lost track of him before?” Yang Yu’an asked.

“No.” The girl whose name was Zhou Yingxue said, “He’s really stupid and didn’t even realize we were tailing him. As you know, this is what I’m best at, so I believe in my judgment.”

“Very good,” Yang Yu’an said. He was starting to wonder if Ren Xiaosu might really just be a normal refugee after all.

He heard of the name Ren Xiaosu back when he was wanted by the Qing Consortium, but he was quickly taken off the list. The Qing Consortium had removed his name after confirming internally that he was just a refugee.

Yang Yu’an had also asked Lu Yuan about Ren Xiaosu, but Lu Yuan told him he had not heard of this person before. Yang Yu’an asked him whether it was Yang Xiaojin who asked him to say that, but Lu Yuan denied it.

Yang Yu’an frowned. Could it be that he was really just a refugee? He somehow felt that someone was hiding something from him, but he had no evidence. But from the looks of it, Ren Xiaosu really did seem like just a refugee.

Yang Yu’an looked at Zhou Yingxue and said, “Do not take the investigations lightly. I still feel that something is wrong. How could a normal refugee possibly attract Xiaojin’s attention? If and when necessary, you can go and test him.”




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