The First Order – Chapter 355

Chapter 355 Thunder

When night fell, Jin Lan and the others hid behind the simple defensive fortifications, holding two buns of cornbread with them. The cornbread was made by the refugees to help them sate their hunger.

Ren Xiaosu had already informed them that the bandits from the north might not be coming tonight, but everyone should still be prepared for an attack nonetheless. For the first half of the night, half the group would sleep before taking over the watch for the rest of the night. If there were really signs of the enemy, everyone would have to respond quickly and get straight into battle.

When Ren Xiaosu was done giving them orders, he could not find Yang Xiaojin. “Have you all seen… ahem, have y’all seen your boss lady?”

“Nope,” Jin Lan replied.

“I saw her heading into the wilderne Thunderss earlier,” Xu Jinyuan answered.

Ren Xiaosu grunted in acknowledgment. It looked like Yang Xiaojin had already gone to familiarize herself with the terrain.

An outstanding sniper would never remain at only one vantage point on a real battlefield. If their position were discovered, they would have to leave that spot as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they would get shot dead by the approaching enemy. Hence, a sniper’s combat role was a proactive one.

Fortunately, Xu Jinyuan said there were no snipers among the bandits to the north. This would greatly reduce the danger to Yang Xiaojin.

Moreover, Yang Xiaojin had her advantage as well.

Sniper rifles could be very heavy. If a sniper used a high-caliber rifle, the rifle would become a heavy burden while they were operating

Some sniper rifles could even weigh up to 20.9 kilograms. This was equivalent to carrying two bags of rice and running wildly in the wilderness. Even an adult man would find that difficult to bear.

But Yang Xiaojin was different. When she needed to retreat, she could just put away her sniper rifle and move around freely. Moreover, supernatural beings were physically stronger, and their movements were also swift.

A supernatural being who was also an elite sniper was definitely the most terrifying existence on a battlefield.

After eating two pieces of cornbread, Ren Xiaosu hunkered down behind the defensive fortifications and closed his eyes to get some rest. Honestly, he also thought it would be more suitable for him to fight out in the wilderness.

But before the bandits here experienced what a real battle was really like, they would still be just a mob. If there were no one to maintain their morale, more than half of these people would probably run away before the battle even began.

Jin Lan went up to Ren Xiaosu and asked softly, “Boss, if Boss Lady’s superpower is to pull a sniper rifle out of thin air, what’s yours?”

Until today, Ren Xiaosu had purely relied on brute strength to deal with them without resorting to using his superpowers. So Jin Lan and the others were all guessing what Ren Xiaosu’s power was.

Ren Xiaosu glanced at the bandits. “When those northern bandits arrive, you’ll find out. Bring that box of grenades over and put it next to me.”

The bandits around him were stunned. Weren’t they just talking about superpowers? Why did he suddenly mention the grenades? Could his power be related to grenades?

Suddenly, Ren Xiaosu said, “They’re here! Prepare for battle! The enemy’s coming from the northwest, not the north!”

Xu Jinyuan looked into the wilderness and then asked, “Boss, where are they?”

The wilderness in front of them was clearly pitch black, so where was the enemy supposed to be coming from? They did not know how Ren Xiaosu could have discovered them.

In fact, Ren Xiaosu had sent out his shadow clone earlier tonight. Since they did not have any scouts, Ren Xiaosu had to use it to act as one. Therefore, Ren Xiaosu knew they had arrived when his shadow clone encountered the enemy. However, he did not expose his shadow clone and waited for the enemy to get closer.

Then Xu Jinyuan watched Ren Xiaosu grab a grenade with his right hand and remove the pin before reaching his hand into a shadow.

The shadow was like a doorway that seemingly allowed him to put his hand into another dimension.

Jin Lan, Xu Jinyuan, and the others were watching this sight in a daze. They did not understand what Ren Xiaosu was doing.

The bandits in the distance were quietly advancing. In order to hide their movements, they even took a detour to change their route, then abandoned their motorcycles to advance on foot.

As they walked in the dark, the bandit farthest forward suddenly saw a hand extend out of thin air within the darkness and throw a grenade at his feet.

The bandit was stunned. By the time he realized what was going on, he only had time to shout, “Fuck!”

Right after, Xu Jinyuan and the others heard a grenade explode nearly a kilometer away.

Everyone looked at Ren Xiaosu in shock. What kind of power was that? Throwing a grenade remotely?!

They were not the only ones shocked; even their enemies were shocked! The gang of bandits who were advancing towards the settlement did not understand what was going on. They thought they might have stepped on a land mine!

But how could there be land mines in the valley?!

The farthest a grenadier could throw a grenade was only about a 100 meters or so. For example, the best record in the Yang Consortium’s army for grenade tossing was only 102 meters.

Yet Ren Xiaosu had thrown a grenade from a kilometer away?

Surely an impenetrable fortress couldn’t exist in the face of such power, right? But why did this power feel really strange?

At this moment, the enemy in the distance was still unsure of who was attacking them, and neither could they see where the attack had come from. There wasn’t even an opponent they could fight back against.

Suddenly, the boom of a sniper rifle thundered through the sky. It was just like the rumbling of a large overcast cloud.

The sound of that high-caliber sniper rifle could even be heard from several kilometers away!

The grenade Ren Xiaosu threw had pointed Yang Xiaojin in the direction of the enemy, and the explosion gave her illumination!

Xu Jinyuan and the others understood that to be their boss lady making her move, but they still could not figure out where Yang Xiaojin was at this moment

Jin Lan and the others roared excitedly as everyone clutched their automatic rifles. However, after waiting for a long time, there were still no signs of their enemies charging.

In the minds of Jin Lan and the others, the battle should play out with them waiting for the enemy to arrive at their doorstep. When that happened, everyone would mow them down with their rifles like they were fire-breathing dragons, and there would be blood splattering everywhere.

After the enemy collapsed, Jin Lan could rally everyone to chase after them.

The fantasy alone was already beyond exciting!

In the end, the boom of the sniper rifle kept ringing out, and the grenades kept exploding. Meanwhile, they were like cheerleaders. After the battle had gone on for some time, they still did not see any signs of their enemies.

As Ren Xiaosu threw the grenades, he used his shadow clone to observe from the shadows. However, he found it a little strange that the number of bandits here did not seem quite right.

Weren’t there supposed to be over 600 people? Why were there only about 200 or so of them?

‘Shit!’ Ren Xiaosu whisper-shouted to Zhang Yiheng, “Be careful of the northeast. The enemy might have split into two groups!”

Zhang Yiheng and the others immediately turned to look northeast. There were a series of gullies cutting across the middle of the valley over there. If the enemy came from that direction, they could hide in the gullies and advance on them, making it difficult to guard.

As Ren Xiaosu spoke, he sent his shadow clone into the battlefield. The shadow clone was rapidly taking lives in the darkness of the night with the black saber in hand. Ren Xiaosu had to quickly kill off the enemies in this direction, as the rest of them who were heading here from the other direction were probably going to arrive soon!




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