The First Order – Chapter 357

Chapter 357 I’ve surrounded all of you

There were only two choices in despair. One was to die silently while the other was to find strength in silence.

If it were twenty days ago, Zhang Yiheng would probably have run away by now, and so would have Jin Lan. But they had changed by today.

Perhaps the change in them wasn’t very big, but it was enough to make them willing to pick up their guns and fight for their survival.

Even Ren Xiaosu would probably not have expected this group of bandits to push themselves and counterattack in such a desperate situation!

When they started to fight back through their broken defensive line, the enemy immediately slowed and they started taking casualties.

Bullets on the battlefield did not discern between friend from foe. The intelligence of humans was vividly portrayed in war, and the appearance of firearms and explosives brought about a great transformation in the history of human warfare.

Zhang Yiheng hid behind collapsed bricks and fired at the enemy with his automatic rifle. This band of bandits who had no strategy in place were actually holding off the enemy.

However, someone was commanding the enemy forces from the rear. After a brief adjustment, they got used to the firing patterns employed by Zhang Yiheng’s squad.

Some of them silently crawled on the ground and advanced. This way, they could reduce the chances of being hit by bullets. The others would continue to charge forward until Zhang Yiheng’s group revealed themselves and fired at them. When they did that, the enemy bandits who were crawling on the ground would fire in short spurts to cover their fellow bandits.

Slowly, Zhang Yiheng and the others were getting suppressed by the enemy’s tactics again.

Ren Xiaosu and Yang Xiaojin’s training had only made them united and planted seeds of faith in their minds. The training was not a magical solution, so it could not make this group of bandits who did not even possess any military knowledge become braver.

They were being suppressed by the lack of experience. It was not something they could be trained on in a short time. Wang Congyang had fought many tough battles with his bandit gang, and they had even undergone short-term military training with him.

Zhang Yiheng panted and said, “We can’t beat them. It looks like we’re going to die here!”

“What should we do then?” Jin Lan suddenly laughed. It was clearly a hopeless situation, but he was still laughing. “Why don’t we surrender?”

Zhang Yiheng spat, “If you wanna surrender, go ahead. No wonder there were only 20 bandits in your gang, and y’all were even leading such shitty lives! So it was because you’re a leader with no balls!”

Jin Lan was infuriated. “I was only fucking kidding! Don’t you fucking criticize me!”

Then Jin Lan got up and started attacking. The idiot managed to make the enemy retreat for a moment when he did that.

But no matter how hard they tried, they were still losing

“Hey, where did Boss and Boss Lady go?” Zhang Yiheng sighed and said, “If they don’t come back soon, we’re really gonna die here.”

At this moment, Yang Xiaojin’s slender figure was running at full speed in the wilderness. The gullies on the ground were no obstacle to her.

She was getting closer to the gunshots in the northeast. As she ran, she looked for gunfire that lit up the night in front of her.

Yang Xiaojin was panting heavily. Even she would have to try her best to adjust her breathing when she was running with all her might.

She could have had a more relaxed role on the battlefield, but she knew there wasn’t enough time.

Yang Xiaojin knew there were people waiting for her!

A second later, Yang Xiaojin stopped on a dime in front of a mound and conjured her sniper rifle. She took only an instant.

Deep breath.

She lowered her heart rate quickly and illogically against her body’s homeostatic responses. Following, her dynamic visual acuity seemingly froze time from her perspective.

At this moment, all the anger in her transformed into an arrow from the gods. Yang Xiaojin slowly exhaled the air in her lungs and pulled the trigger according to the rhythm of her breathing.

With a loud bang, the sound of the sniper rifle spread across the battlefield again.

The huge bullet traveled for nearly a 1,000 meters and arrived at the center of the battlefield after what felt like a long passage of time.

The bullet penetrated the chest of a bandit who was making an attack. However, it did not stop moving even after that. It continued through and penetrated a second bandit behind before disappearing into the night.

The thin gray fog that had first appeared when the steam locomotive arrived suddenly turned into a bloody mist. The sprays of blood that bloomed formed beautiful shapes in the air.

When Jin Lan and Zhang Yiheng heard the sound of the sniper rifle, their hearts skipped a beat. The long-awaited gunshots had finally returned!

They quietly poked their heads out and discovered that the enemy who had readjusted the rhythm of their attack was now getting torn apart one by one by the shots!

“Boss Lady is so brutal.” Jin Lan gasped in amazement. From their vantage point, they could see the enemies were sent flying one after another by the powerful force of the bullets.

The sprays of blood were like flowers blooming in the dark of night.

At this moment, Yang Xiaojin was lying prone on a mound. Only by doing so could she stabilize her body against the high frequency of her shots.

The formerly cap-wearing girl was not bothered by how dirty the ground was. She only cared if her bullets could reach the other side of the riverbank and bring death to the enemy.

This was what a sniper was. She would only feel safe when her body was in contact with the ground.

It was only at this moment that thoughts of being encaged by her clan connections and the mystery of her parents’ death no longer lingered on her mind. In this moment, she was just a sniper.

A sniper who could dominate the wilderness battlefield!

Amid the rhythmic bangs of the sniper rifle, Zhang Yiheng acted like he was on steroids. “Everyone, attack them without mercy! Fucking kill them!”

Silent, Xu Jinyuan fired as he felt his blood boiling. He could even feel himself getting goosebumps as he listened to the sniper rifle consistently ring out.

This was a fight he had never experienced before. Xu Jinyuan never thought a small battle like this could be so exciting.

Only Jin Lan was asking doubtfully, “Boss Lady is here, but where’s Boss? Why haven’t we seen him yet?”

“I might not know where Boss is,” Zhang Yiheng laughed maniacally while saying, “but I know that he definitely ain’t gonna miss his chance to end this battle!”

Right then, gunshots suddenly rang out from behind enemy lines. Zhang Yiheng instantly reacted. “Boss is behind the enemy!”

“Holy fuck…” Jin Lan did not know what to say. He had thought Yang Xiaojin was very aggressive, but it turned out that Ren Xiao was even more ferocious than her. He actually ran to the rear of the enemy all by himself? Was he trying to cut off the enemy’s retreat?

Xu Jinyuan was also a little confused. “Since Boss and Boss Lady are both so fierce, who do you think wears the pants at home?”

Someone scolded him with a chuckle, “Hey, we’re fighting right now! Stop shooting the shit!”

At this moment, Ren Xiaosu was rapidly approaching the back lines of the enemy from the flank. He was dashing in an arced path. Due to the angle of his approach, he was leaning close to the ground like he was a speeding motorcycle making a turn.

The shots fired by the enemy in their attempt to stop him only sent bullets into the dirt. Meanwhile, Ren Xiaosu had already detoured and arrived at the rear of the enemy’s formation!

“I’ve surrounded all of you!”




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