The First Order – Chapter 358

Chapter 358 Scene of the accident

Due to Ren Xiaosu’s appearance in the rear, the enemy had no choice but to divert a large number of their men to deal with him. That suddenly relieved the pressure on Jin Lan’s group, and it was something they could clearly feel.

However, while the enemy thought Ren Xiaosu would force his way into their formation, they were surprised by how Ren Xiaosu remained just outside of their effective attack radius throughout, even though he had rushed towards them aggressively. He was kiting them, pulling them in and then letting go.

Ren Xiaosu was not holding back. He had activated the nanomachines and was crazily cycling them in his body to prevent himself from getting shot. Even if he did get hit, he could immediately use the nanomachines to stop the bullet from causing further damage.

This was a very wise move. After all, Ren Xiaosu was just a normal human being, so how could he possibly hold up against a few hundred people shooting at him? If he even tried to get close to them, the enemies would quickly release a barrage of gunfire on him. Even a mosquito might get killed by the crossfire!

But the enemy was confused. Where did your initial bravery go? Didn’t you heroically declare you had all of us surrounded?

Fucking attack us then!

“He’s playing for time!” someone shouted.

“That’s right!” Someone said, “This kid has been distracting all this time so that we can’t concentrate on our attack at the front. But he’s not tryna get close. He’s only tryna attract our firepower in a bid to stall for time.”

“But what’s he waiting for?” a bandit wondered.

Right at this moment, a shadow suddenly appeared on the horizon a distance away. The shadow was able to leap over ten meters in a single bound. It was extremely terrifying!

The heavy and hurried footsteps were getting closer and closer. This was the reinforcement Ren Xiaosu had been trying to buy time for! It had come from afar!

When some of the bandits saw the shadow approaching, they fired at it. However, the shadow did not dodge or evade and took all of the gunfire head on!

“What is this thing?” One of the bandits exclaimed, “Why isn’t it afraid of bullets!”

“Oh shit, run!”

But it was too late to escape now!

The shadow that was just like a wild bull collided with the crowd in an instant. The powerful inertia struck the bandits like a cannonball, sending a row of them flying into the air like toys and dolls thrown by a truck in a crash.

The bandit who had been hit directly felt all his bones shattering before he was sent flying into the air uncontrollably.

The bandits were sent flying into the air one after another like they were trapezists of a circus. However, they were the worst trapezists ever in history.

The bandits no longer had the presence of mind to fire their weapons. When a strength that was strong enough to crush them appeared, these bandits plunged into panic!

The strange shadow’s ability at slaughtering its enemy was too strong. They could not even fight back!

Away from the battlefield, Ren Xiaosu was controlling his shadow clone to charge recklessly through the crowd as he looked for Wang Congyang’s presence.

Due to the shadow clone continuously getting shot, Ren Xiaosu was constantly enduring the pain that was passed on from his shadow clone to him.

He was sweating profusely from his head and on his back due to the pain he had to endure. Ren Xiaosu was still looking for Wang Congyang. To catch a thief, he first had to first catch the king!

Ren Xiaosu kept moving at high speeds. Stray bullets on the battlefield were flying around everywhere and were impossible to defend against. He had used the nanomachines to shield himself from the bullets twice already. When the bullets hit him, they only managed to scrape his skin; they could not penetrate past the defensive structure formed by the nanomachines.

But even after searching for a long time, he still could not see any signs of Wang Congyang!

Jin Lan, who was farthest in front on the battlefield, discovered that the enemy was beginning to panic. The enemies who were not being commanded had become flustered when a powerful force appeared behind them.

With Yang Xiaojin’s suppressive fire covering them, Zhang Yiheng and the other bandits even dared to charge from behind the broken defensive line to launch a counterattack. And the bewildered enemies started to fall.

But even now, Ren Xiaosu still did not see Wang Congyang!

Ren Xiaosu was puzzled. Could it be that Wang Congyang wasn’t here? That couldn’t be right! The train that appeared out of nowhere was clearly Wang Congyang’s doing!

Actually, when he first saw the steam locomotive, one of Ren Xiaosu’s early doubts was answered. In the earlier days, there were always rumors spreading among the refugees in Stronghold 113’s town that someone had seen a moving train materializing from nothingness out in the wilderness. That was the power of a supernatural being.

At that time, Ren Xiaosu was still very envious. This was the earliest rumor being talked about in town regarding supernatural beings. It went on for so long that Ren Xiaosu even got sick of hearing it. Many people said the refugee must have been feeling sick and was only seeing things in his trance.

That train never appeared a second time.

Ren Xiaosu used to wonder about whether there were other supernatural beings in Stronghold 113. But no one had ever seen them before.

Now that he thought about it, the train that appeared in the wilderness back then must have been Wang Congyang testing his power, right?

So the rumors were true. Judging by the time Wang Congyang first became a supernatural being, he was most likely one of the earliest people to do so!

All of a sudden, Ren Xiaosu realized Wang Congyang must have escaped when he saw that the situation was hopeless.

Ren Xiaosu looked towards the valley in the north, in the hopes that he might spot Wang Congyang fleeing through the gullies. The ravines would serve as Wang Congyang’s shield.

Ren Xiaosu stopped searching for him here and started running north, trying his luck. If his judgment were right, he might still be in time to catch that guy!

After running for just two kilometers, Ren Xiaosu suddenly saw a figure crawling out of a gully in the distance. They were about a kilometer away from each other.

Ren Xiaosu confirmed that it was Wang Congyang and that he had indeed escaped ahead of time!

The bandit gang this person had painstakingly built was about to break apart, but none of that seemed worth mentioning to him. When he saw the shadow clone arriving, he abandoned all of his burdens and fled by himself.

That was because the moment Wang Congyang saw the shadow clone, he thought it was Xu Xianchu who had arrived!

In Wang Congyang’s opinion, if three supernatural beings-Ren Xiaosu, Xu Xianchu, and Yang Xiaojin fought him alone, he would definitely lose!

The bandit who had escaped from Ren Xiaosu’s place had told Wang Congyang that Ren Xiaosu was from Stronghold 178 and that he was also a good friend of Xu Xianchu.

At that time, Wang Congyang knew that even though the description was probably an exaggeration, Ren Xiaosu and Zhang Jinglin were actually on very good terms.

If Ren Xiaosu were really there to carry out a mission for Stronghold 178, then Wang Congyang probably couldn’t gain a foothold in the valley.

Even if he did not go looking for Ren Xiaosu, Ren Xiaosu would come and look for him!

Wang Congyang was unable to figure out what exactly the truth was. All he wanted was to take advantage of the fact that Ren Xiaosu was not ready yet and try to kill him in order to eliminate any chance of future trouble!

But regardless of whether he succeeded or not, he would have to leave the valley and head to the Central Plains where it was a larger world!

Therefore, when Wang Congyang heard Ren Xiaosu’s name get mentioned, he already had the thought to abandon the bandits under him. It would be impossible for him to bring them to the Central Plains with him, nor did he think they were worthy.

Ren Xiaosu pursued him from behind. He had thought he could catch up with Wang Congyang easily, but at this moment, the mysterious and strange black steam locomotive suddenly drove into the wilderness, completely ignoring the rugged valley as though it were driving on flat ground.




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