The First Order – Chapter 362

Chapter 362 Harboring evil intentions

It seemed that Rat was also quite the patient one. It wasn’t until the third day after Ren Xiaosu had released the information that he tried to leave the settlement. Ren Xiaosu had not slept well in recent days because he wanted to find the spy who might still be alive.

He had no choice but to root out that person, because if they kept such a person around, they might get found by the Zong Consortium before they could grow stronger even if they moved to another location.

Ren Xiaosu believed the northern bandits were likely to be supported by the Zong Consortium. Although he had no evidence of that, Zong Cheng was supposed to bring them to the front lines at Mt. Shangying, Mt. Lianta, and Mt. Dingyuan in the original mission plan.

Therefore, Ren Xiaosu thought the place Zong Cheng wanted to bring them to would definitely not be simple. It might even turn out to be the bandit lair controlled by the Zong Consortium.

But what was Zong Cheng planning to do by bringing them to Mt. Dingyuan? Was he thinking of putting on an act for the Yang Consortium with his own bandits?

Ren Xiaosu felt this matter had more than met the eye.

At this moment, Wang Congyang was walking alone on a path in the valleys and hills of the Northern Wastes. But as he kept walking, his pace slowed.

“Come out,” Wang Congyang said harshly.

Ahead of him, a young man walked out from behind a mound. He said to Wang Congyang with a warm smile, “Chief Wang, I’ve been waiting here for a long time. Let me introduce myself. I’m Zong Cheng from the Zong Consortium.”

Wang Congyang looked around and asked, “Did you come alone?”

“Of course not.” Zong Cheng smiled and said, “How could I come alone when I’m dealing with you?”

As soon as Zong Cheng stopped speaking, another 30 soldiers appeared from behind the mound. However, Wang Congyang realized these soldiers were acting a little strange. They were behaving unnaturally, as though they were puppets. They didn’t act like normal humans.

He frowned and said, “Why are you looking for me?”

Wang Congyang was wondering how Zong Cheng caught wind of his escape. He actually predicted he would pass by here and came here in advance to wait for him?

If Ren Xiaosu were present, he would have sensed that something was wrong. Since the spy’s satellite phone had been smashed apart during the battle, how could Rat have relayed the intel to Zong Cheng?

“You and I have had dealings with each other for quite some time already.” Zong Cheng said with a smile, “You’re one of the most difficult opponents our Zong Consortium has faced in the valley. I didn’t expect you to end up in such a predicament today.”

“Like you know anything.” Wang Congyang sneered. If he weren’t afraid of Stronghold 178’s strength, Ren Xiaosu would not have been able to do anything to him. “And when have I ever had any dealings with you… Oh, I see, so the bandits at Mt. Dingyuan are your Zong Consortium’s people.”

“It’s much easier speaking with smart people.” Zong Cheng said, “I’m curious about something. Is there bad blood between you and Ren Xiaosu?”

Wang Congyang scorned, “That’s none of your business. As the second generation member of a consortium, aren’t you ashamed to come here and mix with bandits?”

Zong Cheng did not mind it. “This valley has always been our Zong Consortium’s territory. By rights, our Zong Consortium should be the ones controlling this area. But, Chief Wang, you’re the one who’s acting rather unusually. Why are you staking everything just so you can kill Ren Xiaosu when you’ve always been a cautious person? Surely he did not kill your wife and children or something, right?”

Wang Congyang’s mood instantly changed. He suddenly said, “I’ve had a grudge against that Ren Xiaosu since we were at Stronghold 113. Am I wrong for attempting to kill him after he killed my brother?”

Zong Cheng asked, “Then what do you know about Ren Xiaosu? I heard he’s on very good terms with Zhang Jinglin ever since they were at Stronghold 113. Zhang Jinglin also intends for him to take over his role. Isn’t that because he favors Ren Xiaosu and wants him to become the next commander of Stronghold 178? Aren’t you afraid Stronghold 178 will get rid of you for trying to kill him?”

Wang Congyang laughed and answered with a half-truth, “Where’d you get that info from? I was at Stronghold 113 back then. When Zhang Jinglin was teaching in the town’s school, Ren Xiaosu was just his substitute teacher. If he’s on good terms with Zhang Jinglin, would I dare to kill him? All of you were fooled by him!”

Wang Congyang was harboring evil intentions. He was afraid Zong Cheng did not dare to make a move on Ren Xiaosu because of the relationship between Ren Xiaosu and Zhang Jinglin!

Wang Congyang deliberated for a couple seconds and said, “You might not know it, but I was the one who assigned the escorts for Zhang Jinglin when he traveled back to Stronghold 178 from Stronghold 113. But for someone as high-ranking as Zhang Jinglin, do you think he would make friends with normal people?”

Zong Cheng frowned. Why did Wang Congyang’s words differ so much from the account Ren Xiaosu had portrayed?

But as they had been dealing with Wang Congyang for some time, they knew he was not a rash person. Since Wang Congyang was willing to make trouble for Ren Xiaosu, could it really be that he might not be on such good terms with Zhang Jinglin after all?

Zong Cheng smiled and said, “Are you saying you want me to seek revenge for you? Why don’t you join us and we’ll seek revenge on your behalf together?”

Wang Congyang smiled as he retreated. “Once I left Stronghold 113, I said I’d never work for anyone else ever again. I’ll only die for myself!”

“That’s such a pity,” Zong Cheng said with some regret. “But you killed so many bandits under my Zong Consortium’s flag. I’m afraid it won’t be appropriate to just let you leave like this.”

“You think you can stop me with just these people?” Wang Congyang laughed uproariously. “That depends on whether you’re capable of doing so or not!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Wang Congyang suddenly noticed the faces of the 30 soldiers behind Zong Cheng were glowing with silvery strands. After that, all of them rushed at him!

These soldiers were much faster than Wang Congyang could imagine. He even felt like they were like 30 standard supernatural beings!

“Nanosoldiers?!” Wang Congyang was bewildered. Although he had heard of nanosoldiers before, he had not seen them for himself. But Wang Congyang could not understand something. Wasn’t it only the Li Consortium and the Yang Consortium that had the nanosoldiers? Why would Zong Cheng also have nanosoldiers among his subordinates?

However, Wang Congyang was already prepared. In just an instant, the rugged and menacing steam locomotive had already materialized into reality and driven off in the opposite direction with Wang Congyang on it!

A nanosoldier leaped up and caught a handle on the side of the steam locomotive. It seemed like he was trying to climb onto the train to kill Wang Congyang. But to Zong Cheng’s surprise, Wang Congyang just kicked the nanosoldier off.

The power of this kick was so great it was far beyond Zong Cheng’s imagination. It was not a power that standard supernatural beings could achieve! This Wang Congyang was the best of the best even among supernatural beings!

When that nanosoldier was kicked down, his body blocked the other pursuing nanosoldiers to the rear. When they got up again to chase after him, they realized the steam locomotive had already sped off at a speed of a 120 kilometers per hour.

Some bandits in the gullies in the distance suddenly crawled out and started shooting mercilessly at the steam locomotive. However, Wang Congyang was already inside the train and the bandits could not hurt him.

One of the bandits carrying an RPG launcher fired it at the train. But surprisingly, even when the RPG hit the steam locomotive, it only caused the strange train to wobble a little.

Wang Congyang suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood in the train. He wiped it off and growled, “Your Zong Consortium’s people are like the hyenas that like attacking people from behind. I’ll see how long you all can survive here in the Northwest!

Zong Cheng watched calmly as the steam locomotive departed. He knew he had underestimated what Wang Congyang could do.




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