The First Order – Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Setting up a counter-ambush

When Ren Xiaosu was learning about sniper rifles from Yang Xiaojin, she gained a rough understanding of Ren Xiaosu’s current skill level. In her words, his Advanced Firearms Proficiency was already beyond that of most other people in the world.

However, snipers had always enjoyed a special status as the most outstanding marksmen in the world. If anyone encountered one, they would have to take extreme caution.

Ren Xiaosu knew well that it was dangerous for him to hunt down that sniper in the wilderness. That sniper’s marksmanship was probably much better than his.

But it did not matter. Ren Xiaosu was more adept at finding prey in the wilderness than his opponent was.

At this moment, Ren Xiaosu was crouching next to some shrubs and searching for any signs of the enemy’s whereabouts.

The sniper was very careful not to leave behind any trash throughout the day.

The sniper must have been carrying some individual field rations, but there were no signs of any discarded packaging. Most likely, the enemy had brought all the trash with him after eating, in case the discarded packaging exposed his whereabouts.

Even when he was moving about in the wilderness, he was very careful not to leave behind any footprints on the soft mud. He would take the stone path whenever there was one and was even prepared to pass through a small stream to shake off anyone who might be following him.

Ren Xiaosu looked at the shrubs in front of him and noticed some fallen leaves in an irregular pattern on the ground. When he saw this, he felt more confident.

The chase had been going on for an entire day. The sniper did not know if he was being tracked, but he had not moved too far away from his original ambush spot. He was just going about in a large circle as his mind was still on the company that had come into the wilderness. That glory was going to be his.

If he could kill an entire company, he would probably get promoted to major.

However, he wasn’t stupid. He had already called for reinforcements from the rear yesterday, and it was likely that the guerrillas coming to support him would arrive by today.

The situation yesterday was actually very dangerous. But fortunately for him, he had decided to leave the ambush site in advance. Otherwise, he might have died to the mortar attack.

The sniper was a little bewildered at the time. Just which fighting force was this company from? How did that spontaneous mortar attack drop so accurately on the spot he had ambushed them from?

But what was even scarier was that soldier who used pure speed to avoid his shots!

Actually, he had subconsciously thought of the famous Xu Xianchu from Fortress 178 when he first noticed that shadow clone through his scope. Even the bandits in the wilderness knew the shadow clone was Xu Xianchu’s symbol, so how could he not know?

If he killed Xu Xianchu, his promotion to major would almost be secured.

A sniper was a special type of soldier. Although they knew supernatural beings were very strong, they also understood that supernatural beings could not withstand a sniper’s bullets.

As such, the sniper subconsciously started searching for Xu Xianchu’s presence in the group. But since he had never seen him before, he could not tell which person in the group was him.

As such, the sniper decided to get rid of the shadow clone first. If he could not defeat the shadow clone, he would retreat.

In the end, he successfully defeated the shadow clone, and this made him grow in confidence. So a supernatural being was nothing more than that?

After getting rid of the shadow clone, he thought the entire company’s fate was in his hands. However, reality forced him to wake up.

Not everyone’s dynamic visual acuity was as strong as Yang Xiaojin’s, nor were their reflexes as fast as hers.

So when Ren Xiaosu sprinted out from behind the rocks, even the sniper found it difficult to catch a glimpse of Ren Xiaosu’s figure.

He barely fired three shots, and all three shots missed. Then he quickly got up and left, entirely dropping the idea of engaging the enemy here. The sniper knew that this supernatural being was more powerful than he had imagined. He needed a better opportunity to strike.

The sniper glanced at the sky. After delaying for a day, the guerrillas should be arriving very


But all of a sudden, a shriek came from the direction of Crow Pass. The sniper was lying within the shrubs and staying still, but when he heard the sound, he realized it was the guerrillas he had called for, and they had been attacked!

What was going on? Why would the guerrillas get attacked at Crow Pass?

He hesitated for a while but ultimately decided to head towards the site of the incident. But he immediately felt that something was off as soon as he got over the ridge and saw the situation at Crow Pass.

The sniper quickly turned around and went back behind the ridge to hide. A loud bang sounded in the distance as a bullet hit the position he was standing in a moment earlier!

It was a sniper! The enemy actually had a sniper too!

But that couldn’t be right! He had been observing the company for a long time and was very sure there were no snipers in that group. How could they possibly hide something as large as a sniper rifle?

If the enemy forces had a sniper, he definitely would not have tried to ambush the entire Razor Sharp Company all by himself.

And at this moment, the guerrillas coming through Crow Pass to provide support were all surrounded by red vines hidden under the shrubs. There were also strange plants next to them spitting out khaki-colored fruits at them.

When the fruit hit their bodies, it was so forceful that it broke their bones. Anyone who got hit in the chest would find that their ribs cracked. Those who were injured would even spit out a mouthful of blood!

The troops who arrived weren’t small in number. The sniper had called in to report the situation and stated that the enemy was a full company. As such, the guerrillas sent out two companies to meet up with the sniper to provide support. However, this group that was attacked first had arrived earlier as they were closer in the vicinity.


They had thought that victory was already secured. Once the guerrillas arrived, they would definitely immediately finish off this unknown company from Fortress 178. But in the end, they did not even get to see the shadows of their enemy before this first guerrilla company suffered casualties to half their forces. The remaining half were still fighting the Brambles in a frenzy as they tried to escape the area controlled by the monstrous plants.

But Ren Xiaosu would not give them the chance to do so. After he threw a few grenades at them through the Shadow Door, Crow Pass turned silent again.

The sniper who was hiding behind the ridge was drenched in cold sweat. Were those brambles some sort of superpower? There were actually two supernatural beings in that company?

Moreover, the enemy seemed to have expected the arrival of these guerrillas and laid an ambush for them. And the true purpose of the attack on the guerrillas was to lure him out!

Fortunately, he reacted quickly, or else he would have died to that gunshot!

The enemy sniper’s marksmanship might not be great, but he was sufficiently treacherous!

The Zong Consortium sniper could no longer remain composed. He could not even determine how many enemies there were in these mountains and how many supernatural beings were among them.

He picked up his radio and called back to the headquarters at Beiwan River. “Poison Wolf to HQ, requesting assistance! Xu Xianchu of Fortress 178 has been discovered. I repeat, Xu Xianchu of Fortress 178 has been discovered, and there’s also the presence of another unknown supernatural being. One of the guerrilla companies has already been attacked! Please provide further assistance!”

The sniper did not dare to be overconfident anymore. He mentioned Xu Xianchu’s name as he was hoping that the command center at Beiwan River would send more troops to finish off the enemy in this mountain range.





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