The First Order – Chapter 416

Chapter 416 Double kill

Since his opponent had called for two guerrilla companies as backup, he had to kill them all!

But Ren Xiaosu suddenly felt that something didn’t seem right. Because he had been fucking pursuing a single sniper, he ended up killing two guerrilla companies instead?

How did he end up as the person behind the massacre of the guerrilla companies when he was just trying to kill the sniper?

If he continued hunting the sniper, would it mean that all the guerrillas in the entire mountain range were going to get wiped out?

But the problem was that if he did not get rid of the sniper, the Razor Sharp Company behind him could not risk trekking through this mountain range.

In fact, Ren Xiaosu knew it wasn’t that the Razor Sharp Company could not do anything about the sniper. If they really decided to risk it all, how could a single sniper wipe out 180 people who were determined to charge forward? The sniper probably did not even have enough ammunition on him to achieve that.

But it was just that this time, Ren Xiaosu was hoping that everyone from the Razor Sharp Company could return to the fortress alive. That was why he was so persistent in hunting down the sniper who was a threat.

He even wiped out two entire companies of guerrillas in the process.

As he continued moving east, Ren Xiaosu got a day’s march ahead of the Razor Sharp Company behind him. But that did not really matter since he could slowly make his way back and find the Razor Sharp Company after he had killed the sniper. He was no longer particularly worried about that sniper anymore. The mental state of a soldier on the battlefield was not unbreakable.

After the sniper had twice witnessed his comrades getting killed by the enormous Brambles, he was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

It was fortunate that he was a sniper, as having a strong mentality was always one of the key areas of training. As such, he could still keep his cool and continue fleeing.

If a normal soldier had witnessed such a terrifying scene, they would be terrified.

Many people who have not been in battle before would think there was no reason to be afraid of death. Even if their comrades were all dead, they would still fight to the bitter end.

But in fact, when they saw their comrades dying one after another next to them, the fear of an unknown death approaching would suddenly envelop them and devour all of those heroic words. They would not even have the ability to think properly.

This was what war was all about.

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So the mental fortitude of recruits was completely different from that of veterans who had been in battle before.

Ren Xiaosu carefully followed the sniper. Even though he knew well that the sniper had already lost his will to resist, he was definitely not the only enemy hiding in this mountain range.

After rolling down the slope, the sniper did not even care to check for cuts or fractures and just fled to the eastern base as quickly as he could. The sniper rifle he was carrying in his hands felt particularly heavy as well.

The Zong Consortium sniper kept thinking about how to resolve his current predicament. He would definitely get summoned to a court martial after he returned.

He was the one who had called for reinforcements, and headquarters sent him two companies of guerrillas as requested. However, the guerrilla companies both encountered ambushes one after the other while he escaped alive.

The military police would probably take him away to be interrogated once he returned to the military base to see if he might be a spy.

To be honest, not even some spies could achieve what he did on the battlefield to such great effect.

Even if the military police ended up discharging suspicions of him being a spy, he would still end up a target for criticism for dereliction of duty. His bright future was definitely gone. It was all over the moment he opened fire on that shadow.

The sniper froze. While he was thinking about his situation, he seemed to have wandered into a clearing. This was a sniper’s taboo!

Even though the clearing only measured a short five meters in size!

The sniper suddenly accelerated and bounded into the shrubs in front of him.

But then he noticed a flash of light in the distance in his peripheral vision. The Zong Consortium sniper’s heart sank!

He felt a bullet passing through his abdomen, and the tremendous kinetic energy of the bullet surged through his body as his heart and lungs were torn to pieces.

This was the power of a sniper rifle. It could kill people in an instant without needing to strike them in the head.

But another sniper rifle boomed as well. Before the Zong Consortium sniper died, he showed a mysterious smile on his face. That was because he felt that someone would probably be taking revenge for him. Another sniper from the Zong Consortium had already arrived on the battlefield and confirmed Ren Xiaosu’s position when he fired that shot just now!

This was an arrangement he made with the other sniper. He would act as the bait to atone for his mistakes and deliberately walk into a clearing to lure the sniper from Fortress 178 into shooting him.

As far as he could tell, his opponent’s marksmanship was not that good. So he might still be able to survive if he moved quickly enough. This way, he wouldn’t have to be summoned to court martial when he got back to the stronghold.

He was gambling. As long as they could finish off that sniper from Fortress 178, they would win the bet.

The sniper was so strong mentally that he was still thinking about how to fight back even though he had already caused the deaths of 240 of his comrades.

Unfortunately, the plan just barely failed.

A few moments ago, Ren Xiaosu decisively pulled the trigger from his ambush point when he saw the Zong Consortium sniper exposing himself in the clearing.

At the same time, the other sniper in the distant mountain also pulled his trigger.

However, Ren Xiaosu had become really cautious now. He could not afford to be careless anymore after being given the lessons that others had sacrificed their lives to teach.

Ren Xiaosu’s position was exposed after he pulled the trigger, so he quickly grabbed his rifle and threw himself to the ground to his right right from his initial crouching position. A sniper bullet grazed the skin on the outside of his left thigh and hit the dirt behind him.

Ren Xiaosu could feel a burning sensation on his thigh. Even though the bullet had only grazed his skin, it tore through a fair bit of the muscle fibers in his left leg as well.

But Ren Xiaosu had no time to care about that. Ever since he started using the steam locomotive and shadow clone, he had experienced so much pain that his nerves were now as tough as steel!

Ren Xiaosu did not pause after falling to his right. Instead, he activated “City Crusher” once again and started a mad dash forward. The sniper continued firing shots at him. However, none of the bullets were able to hit the speedy Ren Xiaosu from a distance of over a 1,000 meters.

One shot, two shots, three shots… Ren Xiaosu kept his head on a swivel for the muzzle flashes in the distance as he ran.

When watching for a sniper, you should not depend on the sound of the shots since light travels much faster.

All of a sudden, he came to a stop and crouched like a statue. Then he raised his sniper rifle and took aim.

Yang Xiaojin had told him before that there was no need to be afraid when a sniper fired off a few shots in succession. When a sniper was forced to keep shooting at a fast-moving target, they could no longer aim their shots accurately at a target from over a 1,000 meters away by the fourth shot, because they had to adjust for the recoil.

Ren Xiaosu knew well that the chance of survival he fought for would only last for a brief moment.

As he inhaled, Ren Xiaosu heard only the sound of his own breathing around him.

Yang Xiaojin said that upon pulling the trigger, the heart rate, body temperature, sweat glands, and all other parts of the body should serve the will. In that moment, you could only dominate others by dominating yourself first.

Due to the hot and blazing afternoon sun, the crushed leaves Ren Xiaosu applied on his face had dried up. After he pulled the trigger, a pink mist erupted in the mountains in the distance. The mist seemed to form a rainbow in the shining sunlight.




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