The First Order – Chapter 458

Chapter 458 Killing spree

Zong Cheng was a supernatural being the Zong Consortium’s higher-ups had been watching closely since his appearance. Because his superpower allowed him to control others, this was an extremely useful skill in the eyes of the authority figures.

Although this was a time where supernatural beings were rising up in the world, and their individual combat prowess was also being magnified to the extreme, they were still only human.

No matter what powers a supernatural being had, they would inevitably possess a physique far superior to a normal person’s, and that was why Zong Cheng dared to jump down from the fourth story. If it were a normal person, they would have fractured all of the bones in their body. However, Zong Cheng only sprained his foot.

Zong Cheng was normally the person in charge of the brigade garrisoned at Stronghold 146 due to his status as a family member of the Zong Consortium’s main branch. As he was also a supernatural being, all the soldiers and officers of the brigade followed his lead.

In the eyes of the Zong Consortium’s soldiers, Zong Cheng was a powerful and mysterious person. When Zong Cheng received the news and rushed back to the base, many of the soldiers felt the situation would get under control as he was back.

No matter how powerful the enemy in the administrative building was, would they not be able to handle him with a supernatural being and several hundred elite soldiers on their side?

But the reality was that Zong Cheng had jumped out of the window in an extremely pathetic manner after they had just formed the defensive line at ground level. His previously glossy hair was also in a disheveled state while his expression betrayed a look of fear.

As a core figure of the Zong Consortium, he usually portrayed himself as a very powerful man. However, he was not actually as powerful as everyone thought.

Zong Cheng’s jump dealt a severe blow to the morale of the entire garrison. This was even more damaging than any physical injuries they could receive. They suddenly felt that the enemy they were facing was invincible.

If even a supernatural being like Zong Cheng was trying to escape, what could these normal soldiers do against the enemy?

But Zong Cheng did not care about that. Since his trump card was now lost, he only thought about fleeing.

This was when a huge object leaped out of the window from the fourth story and landed on the defensive line below. No one expected the enemy would be so strong that he could just tear apart their defensive formation so easily.

With such an imperious gesture, the enemy’s intentions were fully laid out even if he did not say a word: I dare to stand before you for I fear none of you!

Although the soldiers at the defensive line were badly shaken, they still knew what they had to do. They immediately consolidated their firepower and started shooting at the armored being.

After some modifications by Wang Yuchi, An Yuqian, and the rest of the students, the armor looked even more menacing now and exuded an aura of violence.

The armor no longer had a flat and smooth surface. Instead, it was made up of a dense honeycomb structure that was carefully engineered by An Yuqian. To others, the surface of the armor looked just like a dull matte finish. But upon closer inspection, they would discover it was made up of countless honeycombs.

A physical structure like this not only required fewer materials to build but was also far more useful for shock absorption than a smooth and flat surface.

As countless bullets rained down at the armor, Ren Xiaosu’s gaze remained dead set on the escaping Zong Cheng.

Zong Cheng was limping towards the outside of the base, and it could be seen that he did not care about the survival of the soldiers behind him.

As he was a supernatural being, he could run faster than normal people even with a sprained ankle. At this moment, Zong Cheng was enduring the pain in his ankle as he fled desperately to join up with the Zong Consortium’s main forces in Stronghold 146.

He had injured the soft tissue in his ankle during the jump and torn his cartilage. If he continued running like this, he might not be able to fully recover. But even if he had to lose his leg from overexertion, it was still better than losing his life!

Not only that, Zong Cheng even commanded the other soldiers to intercept the enemy as he made a run for it.

Ren Xiaosu glanced at the Zong Consortium soldiers in front of him and suddenly charged towards Zong Cheng.

The Zong Consortium soldiers who tried to block Ren Xiaosu were weak as toys. In just a few seconds, Ren Xiaosu broke through the defensive line.

Moreover, Ren Xiaosu was throwing grenades at the enemy as he fought them, as though it cost him nothing at all.

Even at this moment, Ren Xiaosu had still not forgotten he was here to wipe out the troops of Stronghold 146. If he could kill the Zong Consortium’s higher-ups as well, that would be even better.

Now that he was in his peak condition, he would kill as many Zong Consortium soldiers as he could. Only by doing so would the Zong Consortium be afraid of him. When he would try to kill the Zong Consortium’s higher-ups later on, he would face less resistance from the troops.

At this moment, the Zong Consortium’s base was no longer able to organize any new forces to stop him. The remaining soldiers who luckily survived could only watch in fear as Ren Xiaosu continued his pursuit of Zong Cheng.

They suddenly realized that this supernatural being that had appeared out of nowhere must have had some sort of a feud with their brigade commander. And the brigade commander they usually feared so greatly was not as strong as they had imagined!

Of course, they could never have expected that Han Yang, the person their brigade commander relied on the most, had already been sniped by Yang Xiaojin in the wilderness. Furthermore, those 30 nanosoldiers were like a gift Zong Cheng had been putting aside for Ren Xiaosu and waiting for him to claim.

If Zong Cheng had controlled other supernatural beings, that would have really given Ren Xiaosu a headache. But to him, those nanosoldiers were no threat at all but a pleasant surprise!

When Zong Cheng reached the gate of the base, he was overjoyed. He saw that some of the troops from the search party had returned at this moment as reinforcements!

He shouted at them, “The enemy is right behind me! Kill him!”

Approximately 500 of the Zong Consortium’s troops had returned. As this was a battalion, Zong Cheng was finally able to feel more at ease.

As he had controlled the nanosoldiers, he knew full well that the usage of the nanomachines was limited by a power source. If a nanosoldier were to fully unleash the power of the nanomachines, they would only last around ten minutes. With the number of troops here, he could easily pile them on him and finish him off.

And the enemy was all by himself. The last time the Zong Consortium attacked Ren Xiaosu in the wilderness, he had only managed to get away because he had Wang Congyang’s steam locomotive supporting him!

And besides, that supernatural being who could trigger a giant earthquake was not in Stronghold 146 either!

At the thought of Wang Congyang’s name, Zong Cheng still grew angry. Although Wang Congyang claimed he had a grudge against Ren Xiaosu, he still helped him secretly!

And because of Wang Congyang’s seizure of Zong Wu’s assets, the higher-ups had indirectly pushed the blame on him as well. Someone privately reminded him that the elders felt he should have killed off Wang Congyang when he made his move on him back then. How could he have allowed such a powerful supernatural being to get away?

But there was no time to think about that anymore. He would just have to kill Ren Xiaosu first!

But when Zong Cheng turned around, he suddenly saw a steam locomotive breaking through the Zong Consortium’s formation and charging at him!

The Zong Consortium troops who had just returned did not even have time to react as more than half of them got crushed like they were toy blocks.

Zong Cheng was a little bewildered. Why had the steam locomotive suddenly appeared here when he did not see Wang Congyang around?






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