The First Order – Chapter 486

Chapter 486 Leaving with a flick of his robes after the deed is done, / Deeply hiding his glory and fame.

Ren Xiaosu felt that copying the power of the shadow clone was the wisest choice he had made ever since he was able to duplicate the superpowers of other supernatural beings.

Having lived in this chaotic world for so long, his shadow clone had achieved many great feats for him. Without it, Ren Xiaosu could not have done many things.

Of course, the shadow clone also had its shortcomings. For example, it could not use the sniper rifle independently since it couldn’t calculate the complex trajectory of a shot and other external factors. As such, the accuracy of its shots had always been poor.

When Ren Xiaosu left the stronghold, he even went past the troops of Stronghold 63 that were heading over to encircle the enemy. However, the soldiers below could not see him at all as he was leaping across the roofs of buildings.

A superhuman who was among the troops suddenly looked up into the sky. He had a feeling that something had leaped over their heads. However, the other party was moving too fast, so he thought he might have been hallucinating.

“Did you all see anything unusual over our heads just now?” the superhuman asked.

“No.” The soldiers shook their heads.

“Forget it, let’s deal with the problem at Xianyang Street first. If we encounter any resistance, kill on sight! Set up checkpoints at all the main thoroughfares!”

After escaping from the stronghold, Ren Xiaosu did not even bother staying in town to watch. He just continued running all the way into the wilderness.

If he was going to leave, he would have to do so decisively. So Ren Xiaosu decided to head straight for Stronghold 61 where he could wait and see while things settled down.

On the way, he even received a C-rank mission that was to be carried out in Stronghold 63. However, he instantly decided he would give that up this time.

Hitmen had to complete three C-rank missions within 90 days before they would get automatically promoted to B-rank. But Ren Xiaosu thought that since Stronghold 63 was already such a mess, he would not want to go back there to carry out that mission no matter what!

At this moment on Xianyang Street, the amber-colored dragon that was painted from the sugar syrup grabbed a member of Dusk and threw him into its mouth. Then it crushed the enemy’s bones to pieces.

Only one of the three remaining members of Midnight was left. He was still firing his weapon and trying to shatter the golden dragon. But even as the amber dragon was hit by the bullets, it only shed bits and pieces of sugar while still maintaining its ability to fly.

Meanwhile, the tiger the old man had just painstakingly painted stood guard next to him. The old man said palely, “I can’t hold on much longer. Quickly finish them off!”

Although the peacock, dragon, and tiger all looked extremely ferocious, the old man was already at his limits. To be honest, he did not expect another team of Dusk members to ambush them from nearby!

This old man was only an A-rank hitman. He was also only risking his life this time for the sake of joining the Anjing House.

Next to him, the young man who could manipulate metal said with a smile, “Please calm down, old man. They don’t have a way out anymore.”

The young man strolled towards Dusk along the empty boulevard. One of the members of Dusk tried to shoot him, but his gun flew out of his hand and floated in front of the young man.

Then the Dusk member tried to draw the saber from his belt, but even that was seized by the young man.

The leader of Dusk sneered, “Vanilla, it’s such a pity that we failed to finish you off the previous time.”

The young man named Vanilla said with a smile, “That just means that the Heavens haven’t failed me. You didn’t expect that I would appear here, right? Remember to bring a ceramic saber next time.”

The moment he finished saying that, all the sabers and metallic objects floating next to Vanilla flew towards Dusk.

But at this moment, the members of Dusk revealed their extremely powerful physiques. The metallic objects that were rapidly flying over could not even touch their bodies once they dodged.

Although Vanilla could manipulate metal, and even a large quantity of them at once, the speed at which he controlled the metal was still not fast enough!

However, the remaining three members of Dusk decisively turned around and started retreating after dodging Vanilla’s attack. Meanwhile, the young man who could manipulate metal did not chase after them.

The old man panted and said, “Why didn’t you finish them off?”

“There will naturally be supernatural beings from Stronghold 63 who will encircle them. If we go after them, how are we gonna get out of this place?” Vanilla smiled and said, “We need them to attract the attention of Stronghold 63 right now. Besides… haven’t you realized that I couldn’t land a hit on them at all…”

“Alright then, I’m going to retreat as well.” The old man said, “All the members of Midnight have already been killed, along with a member of Dusk as well….”

Vanilla said with a smile, “Don’t worry, the boss will definitely reward you accordingly.” At this moment, he heard a voice speaking in his earpiece. Vanilla was stunned for a moment before saying to the old man with a smile, “Congratulations, 1383792. The boss has said you can participate in the next round of trials to gain entry into the Anjing House. You may come with me to the safe house now.”

The old man was surprised. “Really?”

“The Anjing House has never made promises lightly, so please follow me. Once you’ve officially joined the Anjing House, you will get your own code name. To be honest, it’s really quite difficult to remember your current name and number.” Vanilla turned around and walked off.

The pursuit in Stronghold 63 would still continue for some time, and there would be two or three superhumans involved in the chase. In Vanilla’s opinion, the Pyro Company members would suffer terribly even if they did not die.

As the Anjing House had been dealing with the Pyro Company for a long time, they were not in a hurry to eliminate them. In fact, neither side was able to do this now, so they could only slowly scheme against each other.

After they left, a few sporadic paper cranes started flying around in the night sky. Some of them quietly tailed the Pyro Company members while the rest went to the places Ren Xiaosu had fought at.

The paper cranes first went to the rooftop where Ren Xiaosu had been attacked. Then it followed Ren Xiaosu’s escape route all the way to the place where he had killed three members of Dusk.

The small and delicate paper cranes circled around the rooftop, as though they were recording all the details of the location without missing any corners.

Soon after, the paper cranes fluttered their wings and flew higher into the sky. They cautiously flew up several hundred meters before continuing to fly towards Stronghold 61 where they would update the information they saw to their host.

A day later, someone in a house received a new text message. The more they read it, the more shocked they were. “The boss said the sniper who appeared that night wiped out the entire Dusk squad? I wonder where this superhuman popped out of?”

“Surely not, right? Didn’t they say that even Vanilla could do nothing about them since they were so determined to escape?”

“And the boss also said that this guy’s an incredibly skilled sniper. It seems that he can adjust his heart rate while moving about on the battlefield. A powerful sniper who also has an extremely strong superpower in close combat. Just where did such a monster pop out of? Why haven’t we heard of him before?” The person reading the text said, “By the way, the boss was asking if anyone went to do that C-rank mission in the vicinity when it was assigned later on?”

“It’s been completed, but not by 1583850.”

“Do you think that 1583850 could be this superhuman?”

“I don’t think so. Why would such a ruthless superhuman bother with our D-rank missions? Do you think they’ve got nothing better to do?”

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