The First Order – Chapter 503

Indeed, Wu Tong had already formed a clique with the other three members. They had excluded Zhou Yingxue from the mission planning and had her provide suppressive fire for them instead. On one hand, it did not matter even if Zhou Yingxue was of no help to them. Wu Tong and the others had actually planned to kill Zhao Haocheng before they conducted the mission here. This meant the four of them were confident of completing the mission by themselves.Of course, Wu Tong and the others were now looking forward to what Zhou Yingxue could do after she had killed Zhao Haocheng with a single shot a few days ago while they were moving at high speed. That shot was simply ruthless. It would be good if she could contribute by providing suppressive fire for them.

On the other hand, Wu Tong’s preparation for this mission seemed to have involved the upper echelons of the stronghold. Therefore, Wu Tong was not keen on letting Zhou Yingxue know about his connections.

Zhou Yingxue could also guess that this was the case. Wu Tong’s informant had already found out about Zhou Xilong’s schedule before they got here. So it was obvious the informant was not a normal person.

Moreover, Wu Tong and the others had decided to make their move on the very same day they entered the stronghold because they had received very reliable news that two bodyguards were going to pick up their target’s daughter from school today. After that, the bodyguards would send the target’s daughter to his ex-wife’s place for the weekend before returning on Monday.

This was a godsend.

Now that their clique had excluded her, Zhou Yingxue was happy to get some peace and quiet. Of course, it would also be better if she could complete the mission with their help. After all, she would still get rewarded when Wu Tong and the rest finished the mission successfully.

But the problem was that even if she were going to remain a bystander in this battle, it would be better to do so with a sniper rifle in her hands. What was she supposed to do with a case of bricks?

But right now, it was not how the mission would turn out that made her angry! It was because Ren Xiaosu was really too undependable!

Ren Xiaosu had already located the target of the D-rank mission outside of Stronghold 73. All he needed to do now was to kneel in wait for more cell phones to be delivered to him.

Other people would subconsciously think of the 20,000 yuan reward when they saw a D-rank mission get issued. But it was different for Ren Xiaosu. His thoughts turned straight to getting his hands on several more cell phones instead!

Didn’t Zhou Yingxue say a cell phone could fetch up to several hundred thousand yuan on the black market? Therefore, this was much more valuable than completing a mission!

Earlier in the tunnel when Zhou Yingxue saw a light behind her, she thought Ren Xiaosu was trying to sneak a peek at her. But actually, Ren Xiaosu had received a notification for a mission at Stronghold 73. Moreover, a C and D-rank mission had been issued at the same time.

Ren Xiaosu planned on completing the D-rank mission first, then move on to finishing the C-rank mission. However, he did not know if he could make it in time.

In his opinion, Zhou Yingxue and the others would definitely need a few days of preparation to complete their A-rank mission. After all, it was only wise to be cautious when it came to an A-rank mission.

Truthfully, Ren Xiaosu could not have expected them to pick tonight to execute the mission.

But so what? What could be more important than him stealing more cell phones?

This time, Ren Xiaosu did not use his previous cell phones to conduct the missions. Instead, he switched to a cell phone he had just gotten today to accept the missions. In any case, the mission rewards were always paid out each time a mission was completed, and it was always credited to an anonymous account too, so it did not really affect him.

In the dead of night, Ren Xiaosu thought about his situation carefully. He would also admit that he had gone overboard. His actions did not help him in keeping a low profile.

Ren Xiaosu changed into a hoodie and covered his head with the hood. Although there were no surveillance cameras in Stronghold 73, he still had to be careful, right?

After completing the D-rank mission, Ren Xiaosu rushed over to conduct the C-rank mission. After confirming the mission had not been done by anyone yet, Ren Xiaosu felt quite happy. Was it because there were no C-rank hitmen in Stronghold 73? Why was there no one competing for the mission?

In the end, something a little unexpected happened. When Ren Xiaosu saw the mission details, he realized his target this time was a mob boss in Stronghold 73. There was no point in reasoning with such a person, and all that he needed to do was to go up to him and finish the job.

However, he did not expect that when he pushed open the door of the gang’s headquarters in a spa care center, the entire gang would be in the middle of a meeting.

Ren Xiaosu saw a group of men with tattoos standing in the lobby and being lectured by the target. When the group of men saw someone push open the door and enter the spa, they all turned around in unison and looked at the uninvited guest with an imposing manner.

In Ren Xiaosu’s mind, wasn’t this just a gang? Why would criminals be holding a meeting?!

Time waited for no man, and Ren Xiaosu’s time was very precious!

Oh well, better to just attack first and think about it later! Ren Xiaosu even closed the door behind him after going in!

There were already a few C-rank hitmen lying in wait outside the spa. It was not that they did not want to perform this mission, but that they were too scared to do it. No matter what, they would have to wait for the meeting to end first, right? There were dozens of people inside, after all.

In the end, they saw Ren Xiaosu, who was wearing a black hoodie, walk right into the lobby. As Ren Xiaosu covered himself very well, they did not manage to see his face clearly.

No one thought that Ren Xiaosu would be a hitman. After all, none of the C-rank hitmen would be so bold and aggressive as him to go straight into the lobby to accomplish the mission.

However, immediately after Ren Xiaosu went inside, they heard some loud gunshots…

The C-rank hitmen outside all pissed their pants. “That person who just went in is a hitman just like us?”

“There’s dozens of people inside, and he went inside just like that?”

“He’s definitely gonna rest in pieces!”

“So are we still gonna conduct the mission or not? I didn’t expect to meet such a formidable counterpart here.”

“Why don’t we just give up? Police sirens are already wailing in the neighboring street. I don’t want to get arrested with them.”

But before they could come to a decision, these hitmen saw Ren Xiaosu push open the door of the spa from inside. Then he headed north as if nothing had happened and disappeared amid the pedestrians. There wasn’t even a drop of blood on him.

In the duration that the spa’s door was open just now, the C-rank hitmen vaguely heard some screams and saw traces of blood on the inside.

Actually, these C-rank hitmen should be glad they had not made a move earlier. Because of that, they were not exposed to Ren Xiaosu as C-rank hitmen. Otherwise, he would have taken them all down as well.

When the few C-rank hitmen saw the terrible situation in the spa and heard the police sirens getting closer, they turned around and left. They had encountered a fearsome outsider today, so they realized they could not stay here any longer.

“Is this something a C-rank hitman does?”

“Is this something a human does?!”

“No one does something like that!” Zhou Yingxue uttered indignantly as she sat on the roof with a brick in hand.

It was about to turn dark, yet Ren Xiaosu’s figure was still nowhere to be seen. If he had gone to the meeting place and saw that the team was not there, he should have rushed over to Red Pine Lane. After all, the target’s address was specified on the attached map in the mission briefing.

But even after waiting for a long time, she still did not see Ren Xiaosu anywhere.

At this moment, instead of Ren Xiaosu turning up, Zhou Yingxue heard the sound of gunshots in the distance.

The gunshots were so sharp that Zhou Yingxue suddenly looked up. She stood on the roof and looked in the direction of the gunshots while wondering if something had happened to Ren Xiaosu.

Zhou Yingxue subconsciously thought of Ren Xiaosu not because she was hoping that something would happen to him, but because she was truly very worried. Would it affect them if something unexpected were to happen in Stronghold 73 just as they were about to carry out their mission?

And right now, in Stronghold 73, Ren Xiaosu was the biggest question mark of all

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