The First Order – Chapter 509

Chapter 509 No, you must leave!

Stronghold 73’s Houguan Lake was a famous neighborhood. Ren Xiaosu had planned to take Zhou Yingxue straight there, but Zhou Yingxue insisted that she was hungry.

Zhou Yingxue explained patiently, “Well, think about it. After we rescue Luo Lan, we still have to plan a good escape route. After all, this is the Zhou Consortium’s territory. Even if we manage to escape from Houguan Lake, we’ll still be inside their stronghold. So let me eat something first, and I’ll come up with a detailed escape plan while eating….”

Ren Xiaosu thought for a moment. “Alrighty.”

It had to be said that sometimes, Zhou Yingxue played a really good supporting role. For example, tracking, gaining easy access into the stronghold, carrying around a recording pen, all of that was really great. If only she wouldn’t keep munching on melon seeds all the time! That would have been even better.

Furthermore, Zhou Yingxue loved money more than he did.

As Zhou Yingxue ate her piping hot noodles, she took out her cell phone and said, “The reward for killing Zhou Xilong has already been paid out. Wu Tong’s phone has also been unlocked, so you can check how much money he has in his account when you have the time. I wonder if the others also received their rewards on their phones.”

Earlier, Ren Xiaosu only wanted to ask some questions after entering Wu Tong’s safe house, but Zhou Yingxue was already a step ahead by getting his account first.

Ren Xiaosu asked, “Wu Tong was mainly active in the Zhou Consortium’s territory. Are we still gonna withdraw the money from his account at the Zhou Consortium’s bank?”

If they did that, it would increase their chances of being exposed.

“No need.” Zhou Yingxue shook her head. “We can go back to the black market to retrieve the funds. There’s the Zhou, Kong, and Wang Consortiums’ banks there, and they aren’t even monitored by any surveillance cameras.”

“Don’t listen to what they say about having no surveillance there.” Ren Xiaosu curled his lips. “The consortiums are dirty liars. There must be hidden cameras around somewhere. After opening a bank branch in the black market, how can they not want to know who’s retrieving funds from them? That can become very important information for them.”

Zhou Yingxue nodded. “That’s true. Wu Tong is also an experienced A-rank hitman, so I think his account must have a lot of money in it.”


“I’m going to the bathroom.” Zhou Yingxue looked at Ren Xiaosu like she was asking him for permission.

“Go ahead.”

In the end, Zhou Yingxue was gone for over 20 minutes. Ren Xiaosu sat quietly in the hotel and thought that Zhou Yingxue must have run away. The reward this time was very generous, and she had even gotten ahold of Wu Tong’s account, so if Zhou Yingxue wanted to run away, there would be enough reason for her to do so.

Ren Xiaosu sighed. It looked like he would have to search for another candidate to join the Anjing House on his behalf.

He did not chase after Zhou Yingxue. On the one hand, the woman had been very cooperative with him during this period. On the other hand, Zhou Yingxue’s mother was seriously ill and she badly needed the money. Considering these factors, Ren Xiaosu felt there was no need for him to leave Zhou Yingxue with no way out.

She was just a normal girl in this chaotic era.

But at this moment, a voice interrupted Ren Xiaosu’s thoughts. “Let’s go, Master.”

Ren Xiaosu looked up at Zhou Yingxue in surprise. “You didn’t run away?”

Zhou Yingxue thought for a moment and said, “And you didn’t plan to hunt me down?”

“Why would I hunt you down?” Ren Xiaosu did not know whether to laugh or cry as he stood up. “But I’m curious about why you didn’t run away. This amount of money should’ve been enough to make you consider that, right?”

Zhou Yingxue gave it some thought and said, “I did consider running away, but I wouldn’t be able to live well on my own in this world. So since I met someone this strong, I have to stick close to him.”

Actually, Zhou Yingxue was preparing to run away just now. She had waited in the bathroom for a while to see Ren Xiaosu’s reaction and if he would spare no effort in hunting her down.

In the end, Zhou Yingxue realized Ren Xiaosu had no intention whatsoever of doing so. Then, having thought of something, she decided to come back here.

Only now did she suddenly feel she truly wanted to follow Ren Xiaosu and sincerely work together on more missions.

When the two of them arrived at Houguan Lake, Zhou Yingxue saw the tight defense that had been set up there. It was just a housing block, but there was actually an entire company armed with loaded guns stationed out here?

“Master, how do you plan on saving Luo Lan?” Zhou Yingxue asked as she crouched in the greenway.[1]

But right as she finished speaking, she saw Ren Xiaosu stand up and walk towards the entrance of the gated neighborhood at Houguan Lake. Zhou Yingxue nearly went crazy! Was Ren Xiaosu just going to barge in?

Could this be how the mind of a legendary supernatural being worked?!

At this moment, Luo Lan was sitting in the yard of a villa smoking a cigar. Beside him, Zhou Qi said, “We’ve already prepared troops to rescue you from here. After we fight our way out of Houguan Lake, we’ll head west. There will, of course, be some people staying behind in the stronghold to fend off the pursuers. Once we get out of the stronghold, Qing Zhen’s people will come and pick you up.”

Luo Lan stayed quiet.

Zhou Qi smiled and said, “What’s wrong? Too scared to leave? Are you afraid you won’t be able to clear your name once you leave?”

Luo Lan thought for a moment and said, “That’s only one of my concerns. Even an idiot knows I didn’t do it. Zhou Shiji is a smart person, so he won’t be so stupid to assume that. But have you ever thought about it? If we really fight our way out of here, the hundred or so people we have lurking in Stronghold 73 will be sacrificed. Besides, even if we can leave the stronghold, the Zhou Consortium will definitely keep pursuing us. If they don’t, their reputations will be tarnished. This is a bloody path we’re taking, and I’m not gonna treat the lives of my subordinates as a joke.”

Zhou Qi frowned. “What’s with the soft-heartedness? You’re the elder brother of the Qing Consortium’s head and should never have put yourself in such a dangerous situation in the first place. Your subordinates risking their lives for you is all for the sake of a greater cause!”

“No matter how great the cause is, is it more worthwhile than human lives?” Luo Lan pressed his cigar into the ashtray. “If there’s someone who wants me dead, I won’t hesitate to leave. But since I know that the Zhou Consortium won’t kill me, why should I force my subordinates to take such a risk for me?”

Zhou Qi pursed his lips. “Whatever! There aren’t even any women in this crappy place! Boring!”

Luo Lan smiled and said, “Besides, as you’ve said, if I were to run away, the Zhou Consortium would definitely think that I have ulterior motives. Although everyone knows I didn’t do it, I simply won’t be able to explain myself once I leave.”

But at this moment, a figure suddenly jumped into their yard and carried Luo Lan away!

As the person ran off, he even said, “Don’t just stand there! I’ve already knocked out the guards outside. Let’s get out of here already.”

Luo Lan exclaimed, “Ren Xiaosu, put me down! I can’t leave yet!”

Zhou Qi had never seen Ren Xiaosu before, but when he heard Ren Xiaosu’s name, he trembled. Why had this ruthless person suddenly appeared in Stronghold 73?!

When Ren Xiaosu heard what Luo Lan said, he frowned and asked, “Why can’t you leave?”

“If I leave, isn’t that as good as admitting that I’m a criminal?” Luo Lan whisper-shouted.

Ren Xiaosu thought about it carefully. It did seem like that would be the case. But if he did not save Luo Lan, what would happen to his quest?!

Thinking of this, Ren Xiaosu said firmly, “No, you must leave!”

Luo Lan was surprised.

[1] A greenway is a trail or road along a strip of undeveloped land, often near an urban area, set aside for recreational use or environmental protection. |

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