The First Order – Chapter 516

The mercenaries kept a close eye on the students by the campfire while their leader said into the walkie-talkie, “What’s the situation over there? Have y’all established the identity of that man and woman?”“Not yet, they have no identification on them. We’re gonna do a body search to see if they’re armed.”

“Be careful and don’t screw up. Anyone who can venture into the wilderness alone is definitely unusual.”

“Then should we just get rid of them?”

The mercenary leader thought for a moment before saying, “Interrogate them first to find out why they’re here.” Then he added in a low voice, “If they’re nobodies, just kill them.”

Xu Zhi looked at the mercenary leader and said calmly, “If I get my father to pay you double, will you help me kill this spy over here and his uncle as well?”

The mercenary leader started to laugh. “And you won’t pursue us after that? That’s workable too!”

“Then let me call my father.” Xu Zhi said, “I’ll call him right away.”

One of the mercenaries handed a satellite phone to Xu Zhi, who then took a look at the service provider and sneered, “To think this satellite phone was sold by our Qinghe Group too.”

After that, Xu Zhi did not hesitate and dialed his father’s number.

But to everyone’s surprise, Xu Zhi said something quite different from what he had just expressed to the mercenaries. Xu Zhi said, “Dad, I’ve been kidnapped. The masterminds are Wang Baijun and his uncle, Wang Bingjun. You don’t have to save me since they’re prepared to silence us. Dad, please take care of yourself.”

With that, Xu Zhi ended the call. The mercenary leader clapped and praised, “I’ve always heard that the people from the Qinghe Group are very tough. Today, I’ve finally seen it for myself and even witnessed an act of filial piety. But never mind that. As long as you’re alive, your father will be more than happy to pay the ransom. All parents worry about their children. As long as they have a 0.01% chance, they’ll surely give up everything to have you returned safely.”

Xu Zhi pursed his lips and did not say another word. But at this moment, a dull cry of pain came through the mercenaries’ radio. The mercenary leader immediately looked up in the direction of Ren Xiaosu and Zhou Yingxue. However, the campfire there was already extinguished.

Next to the embers, he saw that his fellow mercenaries had all dropped to the ground.

It seemed that while they were distracted by Xu Zhi’s phone call to his father just now, that man and woman had suddenly sprung into action. In just an instant, his squadmates were overpowered without a chance to even shout for help.

What kind of people were they?!

Some of the mercenaries raised their rifles and slowly moved toward the other camp. However, the mercenary leader shouted, “Don’t go over there! We can’t afford to split up now!”

The mercenary leader felt a chill fall over him. Only superhumans could have such strong individual combat prowess.

At this moment, there were only nine of them left. If the mercenaries were to split up even further, they would only present their enemy with better opportunities to attack!

“Bring Xu Zhi along and kill the rest. We’re pulling out of here,” the mercenary leader said in a low voice.

But just as his words trailed off, a gunshot suddenly rang out from the forest, and a bleeding wound appeared on the chest of the mercenary leader. The mercenaries shouted in a panic, “It’s a sniper! There’s a sniper in the forest!”

Immediately after, another three members of the mercenary group were killed. The strange bullets that came from nowhere were like the breath of the Grim Reaper.

At this moment, Ren Xiaosu discovered another advantage the black sniper rifle had. There was no muzzle flash produced even when it was fired in the darkness!

Usually, a sniper’s position would get exposed due to the conspicuous flash of gunpowder bursting out of the muzzle.

Therefore, a sniper rifle that did not need to be manually reloaded and could even be fired without producing any muzzle flash was truly a godly weapon.

A mercenary shouted, “Stop firing! If you fire at us again, I’ll kill these students.”

But a woman laughed and said, “Go ahead, we don’t know them anyway.”

When the five remaining mercenaries tried to leave, some vines sprouted out of the ground and entangled them tightly. Not only that, but those vines silently sprouted further, slowly binding the struggling mercenaries before it wrapped around their necks.

A mercenary unsheathed a dagger and tried to cut himself loose from the vines, but another vine sprouted to hold his hand back. It seemed these vines were much tougher than he expected.

Ren Xiaosu muttered to himself how he had underestimated Zhou Yingxue’s powers. The vines were not weak at all when it came to killing people. Although it would still be quite tough if they were used to deal with supernatural beings, they were very effective against normal people.

When those mercenaries were all bound up, Zhou Yingxue slowly emerged from the shadows of the forest. She giggled as she looked at the five mercenaries. “You wanted to kill me, huh?”

Xu Zhi looked at Zhou Yingxue in a daze. In the illumination of the campfire, Zhou Yingxue looked like a captivating fairy emerging from the forest.

Although she had just killed someone, the more violent her methods, the more her beautiful demeanor felt like a drug that men couldn’t pull themselves away from.

Zhou Yingxue suddenly turned her head to Xu Zhi and said with a smile, “Well, I saved your life there. Since they wanted a 10 million yuan ransom, I suppose it’s not too much that I ask for 2 million, right?”

The calm-looking Xu Zhi was suddenly flustered. “No, not at all.”

“Then call your father and transfer the money to my account,” Zhou Yingxue said with a smile.

Xu Zhi quickly picked up the satellite phone on the ground and made the call. “Dad, I was saved by someone. I don’t know the identity of my rescuers, but they killed all 15 of the kidnappers. They are requesting for 2 million yuan as a reward.”

His father said something on the other end, and Xu Zhi looked at Zhou Yingxue. “What’s your account number?”

“Send it to anonymous account 1377799 of the Wang Consortium Bank.” Zhou Yingxue was smiling even more happily now. “Although I can’t check whether the money’s been transferred, I believe the Qinghe Group won’t cheat me of this small sum.”

“No, we definitely won’t,” Xu Zhi said firmly. “May I know your—”

“If you’re asking for my identity, forget it. We won’t be meeting again anyway.” Zhou Yingxue chuckled. She glanced at the chubster next to her who was still alive and said with a smile, “Do you want me to kill him for you as well? I’ll charge 500,000 yuan for this kill…. Forget it, he’s not worth that much. 250,000 yuan will do.”

Xu Zhi said softly, “Thank you, but I have my own arrangements for this person.”

“Alright then.” Zhou Yingxue felt it was somewhat pitiful she had missed out on a deal. After confirming the five mercenaries had been strangled to death, she turned to the forest and shouted, “Master, let’s call it a day!”

With that, Zhou Yingxue headed straight into the forest with swaying hips and disappeared into the dark night.

Dumbfounded, Xu Zhi stared at Zhou Yingxue’s receding figure. He was thinking about something.

The other Qinghe University students were also in a daze. So many twists and turns happened tonight that their brains could not keep up with everything that had happened.

The recent scene of that female superhuman killing people had really terrified them. However, what was most puzzling was that she actually had a master.

In that case, could the master this female superhuman was referring to be that quiet young man from earlier?!

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