The First Order – Chapter 539

The battlefield could no longer be described as just an encirclement. No one knew how many people were fighting in this chaotic battle. There were the Anjing House’s own members, the Anjing House A-rank hitmen, the Pyro Company members, and people from the various forces that came to seize the laboratory data.As everyone fought one another, hostile and friendly forces could hardly be differentiated.

Ren Xiaosu was very decisive in breaking through the encirclement. Initially, the Pyro Company members planned to come over to attack him when they saw him killing their teammates. However, they realized Ren Xiaosu and his group were too determined to get away.

The Pyro Company member commanding the battle said calmly on their frequency, “Let them leave.”

For the Pyro Company, tonight’s operation was to establish their dominance. They didn’t need to fight to the death with one or two superhumans. Besides, it was obvious these opponents were not to be trifled with. Since they wanted to leave, they should just let them go.

But just as he finished speaking, someone suddenly said on the radio, “He’s back again….”

The commander frowned. “How many of them?”

“Only two. One of them is a hooded young man whose face we can’t see clearly, and the other is wearing a white mask,” someone reported on the radio.

The commander said, “Send out another Dusk squad to surround them—”

Before he could finish speaking, the person speaking on the radio reported, “They’ve left again….”

The commander of the Pyro Company was at a loss for words. What were their opponents doing? They were coming and going as they pleased?!

However, this also inadvertently showed they were powerless to stop the other party now. The commander said coldly on the radio, “Ignore them. Just do your best to cause casualties. What we need to achieve is making the tragic news spread so these people won’t dare to come and cause us any more trouble in the future.”

The objective of the Pyro Company was to eventually make the outside world know they would have to pay the price for coming here. As for what happened in between, it would not affect the big picture. Since there were only a couple enemies, and there wasn’t any real laboratory site in the tunnel, they were really not afraid of them causing any trouble.

Just a moment ago, Ren Xiaosu, Zheng Hongning, and the others stopped in their tracks after breaking through the encirclement.

Ren Xiaosu had wanted to lure some of the Pyro Company members to pursue them by manipulating his shadow clone to kill efficiently. This way, he would only need to face a small portion of the Pyro Company members himself. Not only could he earn the rewards this way, but he could also capture one or two of them for Zhou Yingxue to complete her mission.

But he suddenly realized the Pyro Company members had stopped pursuing them!

Ren Xiaosu got anxious. He told Zheng Hongning, “If there’s nothing else for you, get out of Stronghold 73, quick. The Zhou Consortium’s troops will probably arrive soon. You can see the situation here for yourself, and it’s not something that you can handle, so just go back to the black market! Come on, Old Xu, let’s go!”

After saying that, Ren Xiaosu returned to the battlefield with his shadow clone. This was the first incident of Ren Xiaosu’s return to the battlefield that was reported on the Pyro Company’s radio frequency.

But midway through, Ren Xiaosu felt that he had forgotten something. As such, he turned back and stopped Zheng Hongning and the others. “Y’all haven’t thanked me yet.”

Zheng Hongning and the others looked at Ren Xiaosu with stunned expressions like they were looking at a monster. He was coming and going on the battlefield as he liked at this fucking time just so he could get them to thank him?!

“Thank you…”

“Thank you…”

Ren Xiaosu looked at the typewriter in the palace typing out several lines of words on leather parchment for the gratitude tokens he had earned before returning to the battlefield with much satisfaction.

Although he was still far from unlocking his new weapon, requiring 10,000 gratitude tokens for that, a penny saved was a penny earned.

Honestly, he was quite looking forward to the third weapon getting unlocked. Be it his black saber or black sniper rifle, they proved to be extremely useful to him, helping him a great deal in critical moments.

The reason why Ren Xiaosu chose to return to the battlefield was partly also because of money.

But more importantly, didn’t the Anjing House say that only A-rank hitmen who could kill a member of the Pyro Company for this mission would have a chance of participating in next year’s trials?

Ren Xiaosu suddenly thought of something. Almost all of the A-rank hitmen who could participate in the trials next year were already here. However, he definitely could not kill them. Otherwise, both the Anjing House and the Pyro Company would probably start hunting him down together.

Although he could not kill the A-rank hitmen, he could stop them from getting any Pyro Company kills. As long as these A-rank hitmen failed to complete their missions successfully, they would lose the qualification to participate in next year’s trials.

Someone in town once told a story about an evil dragon that only ate the girls in a village. The village selected the most skilled hero to kill the dragon, but the hero still believed he could not defeat it. So he simply made sure the girls became women, and that starved the dragon to death.

Everyone regarded this as a joke. However, this method was similar to what Ren Xiaosu was planning. It was also known as solving the root of the problem.

At this moment, the film crew was shivering in fright as the Pyro Company members walked towards them. In the end, it was the director who was bravest. He forced himself to calm down and said, “Hi, we’re the film crew from ‘Awesome Media.’ We’re just here to do some filming and have no intention of interfering in your dispute, so can you please let us go….”

The Dusk combatant facing them did not make a decision on his own. He looked at the film crew’s equipment and asked on the radio, “Commander, there’s a film crew shooting a video here. They said they’re from Awesome Media. Should we kill them?”

The commander gave it some thought and said coldly, “Confiscate their equipment and let them go. These people still have some influence across the various strongholds, and they’re often featured in newspapers. By letting them leave, they can also help us publicize what happened here.”

The Dusk combatant standing in front of the film crew looked at the director. “You’re the director, right? You guys can leave, but we definitely won’t allow you to take your equipment with you. Take a good look around at this purgatory and go tell the world that this isn’t all fun and games. In the modern day, you’ll get yourselves killed if you involve yourselves in other people’s business.”

As he was speaking, the Dusk combatant’s expression suddenly changed. He heard a gust of wind behind him and instinctively backflipped into the air. At the same time, he used the black ceramic saber in his hand and slashed at whatever was behind him.

Everything happened in a split second, so the film crew did not even manage to see his movements clearly. However, the attacker was even faster than him. Before the Dusk combatant could slash the attacker, the attacker’s black saber had already sliced down onto him!

When the two black sabers struck each other, the black ceramic saber the Dusk combatant was holding was cleanly severed like a candle being cut in two.

Ren Xiaosu slashed his black saber diagonally across his enemy’s chest, and he also forcefully cut through the bulletproof vest.

Ren Xiaosu looked at the corpse of the Dusk combatant and sneered, “Lame.”

Dumbfounded, the director gazed at the young man in front of him whose face was half-hidden by the shadow of his hood.

He suddenly got a little excited. This was probably the wild world he had been searching for.

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