The First Order – Chapter 545

“Then I’ll join you to fight tonight, Master,” Zhou Yingxue said confidently. “I’ll catch up on some sleep first so I don’t embarrass you later.”When Ren Xiaosu heard the word “fight,” he suddenly felt that he was like some hooligan on the streets picking a fight with someone else.

But at this moment, there was a knock on the door of Zhou Yingxue’s room next door. Zhou Yingxue stood up curiously and went out to check. “Who would be knocking on my door at this time? We just checked in, and it shouldn’t be time for housekeeping yet, right?”

With that, Zhou Yingxue opened the door and saw a group of people outside who immediately rushed into Ren Xiaosu’s room under the lead of a middle-aged man when they saw her.

Li Ran, who was standing behind these people, had a dark expression on her face. She had just gone to see the director of the film crew in the morning, but as the director had found out in the papers that she had a superhuman as her bodyguard, he immediately had her bring them to the hotel. He wanted to interview Zhou Yingxue so he could add more content to the documentary regarding superhumans he was making.

Li Ran did not know how to turn him down, so she had no choice but to take the crew and director to the hotel before her audition even started.

When the director saw Zhou Yingxue, he smiled happily and shook her hand. “You must be Ms. Zhou Yingxue, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

However, when Zhou Yingxue saw the other party’s outstretched hand, she took a step back and said warily, “Speak properly, and don’t get touchy with me.”

How could she, Zhou Yingxue, casually hold the hand of another person? Her master was still in the room, and it would be bad if he saw that!

When Zhou Yingxue did not accept his handshake, the middle-aged man did not get angry. Instead, he introduced himself, “Hello, my name is Mu Wan’ge, and I’m a director…”

Then he incidentally saw Ren Xiaosu, who was sitting by the window, looking back at him calmly.

Ren Xiaosu thought that since he had worn a large hood last time, and it was also nighttime, the other party should have only seen his face below his nose in that chaos. Under such circumstances, the other party would probably not recognize him.

However, he realized he was wrong. He saw the way Mu Wan’ge was looking at him was not that of a normal person.

“Savior!” Mu Wan’ge exclaimed.

This exclamation frightened Zhou Yingxue, Li Ran, and the others. Everyone watched in a daze as Mu Wan’ge walked towards Ren Xiaosu. Li Ran was absolutely dumbfounded by this. How did Ren Xiaosu suddenly end up as his savior?

What kind of fucking twist was this?

However, what made her a little unhappy was that the director who was acting all snobby with her just now was getting poilter and politer with Zhou Yingxue and Ren Xiaosu with each passing moment.

Li Ran knew Mu Wan’ge was obsessed with supernatural beings and even wanted to direct a movie featuring a full cast of such people. But there was no need for such a big-time director to act so politely to supernatural beings, right?

Moreover, what did Mu Wan’ge call Ren Xiaosu just now? Savior?

Hang on a minute! Ren Xiaosu was Mu Wan’ge’s savior?!

Li Ran asked, “Director Mu, why are you—”

However, Mu Wange cut her off and said to everyone behind him, “Can all of you please go outside for now? I have something to say to this young man.”

With that, he chased everyone out of the room. Li Ran was confused. Wasn’t she supposed to be the one in the limelight today?

Mu Wan’ge turned around and said to Ren Xiaosu warmly, “Savior!”

Ren Xiaosu shook his head. “You’ve got the wrong person.”

“How can people like us who are involved in the visual arts possibly recognize the wrong person? Even if you had only revealed your chin that night, I would still recognize you.” Mu Wan’ge rubbed his hands together gleefully and said, “Can I have your autograph?”

“No,” Ren Xiaosu tactfully declined. In fact, he was even considering whether he should resort to silencing this person. Although, that was just a fleeting thought. It was a good thing that Mu Wan’ge did not know about “Old Xu.” Otherwise, he would really have to seriously consider doing so.

Mu Wan’ge said seriously, “Don’t worry, I’ll keep your involvement a secret, I swear to God! However, I would really like to ask if you would consider participating in my movie…”

But Ren Xiaosu was really uninterested in such matters. He got up and said, “It’s best that you keep it a secret or else. You know exactly what I’m capable of. If my identity gets out, you won’t have anywhere to run.”

After that, Ren Xiaosu pushed open the door and walked out. He passed through the crowd at the door and gestured for Zhou Yingxue to follow him.

After the two of them left, the people outside still did not know what was going on.

Mu Wan’ge walked out of the room and asked Li Ran warmly, “Do you want to be the female lead?”

Li Ran answered blankly, “Of course.”

“How about this? If you have a way to get them on set, or even take a role or two, I’ll make you the female lead.” With that, Mu Wan’ge left as well.

Li Ran was extremely confused. Why did it feel like she was suddenly thrown into the deal as an extra? It was like buying jade and getting a free lucky bracelet as a gift.

Mu Wan’ge said to the film crew as he walked, “Did you guys capture any footage of their backs on camera just now?”

“Yes, but somehow, I have a feeling that their relationship isn’t exactly that of a bodyguard and her assistant.” The staff mumbled, “I feel like the female superhuman is subconsciously taking orders from the young man. With just a glance, she followed him and left.”

Mu Wan’ge took a deep breath. Of course, that was exactly how it was! The young man was pretending to be an assistant precisely because he was trying to keep his identity hidden. He recalled the scene from that night and wondered how such a superhuman could possibly be an assistant to someone.

As he watched Ren Xiaosu leave with Zhou Yingxue, Mu Wan’ge imagined the mysterious youth leading the way while his beautiful attendant followed. This should be exactly how the mysterious wild world in a movie should look like.

Mu Wan’ge thought for a moment and said, “Destroy all the captured footage. Secretly filming a person like that without their permission could get you into fatal trouble if you’re discovered!”

Zhou Yingxue was following Ren Xiaosu and asking nonstop, “Master, did you really save that director? Then can you get him to arrange for me to be the female lead in his movie? And let that Li Ran act as a maid to me or something?

“Master, when did you save him?


Ren Xiaosu could not help but turn around and glare at her. “If you don’t shut up and concentrate on tracking down the target, I’ll cut your share from 20% to 10%!”

Zhou Yingxue immediately shut up and began searching for the scent of the four-leaf clover to locate Wang Congyang’s whereabouts.

The two of them walked for nearly 30 kilometers in the stronghold before they finally started closing in on Wang Congyang.

Zhou Yingxue observed the source of where the smell was coming from and wondered, “I think Liberation Park’s right up ahead. That’s where Zhou Xilong and Luo Lan had their meeting. Wang Congyang is right there!”

Ren Xiaosu took Zhou Yingxue up to the rooftop of a building where he set up his sniper rifle and observed the situation in the park. Meanwhile, Zhou Yingxue was munching on melon seeds next to him.

Ren Xiaosu felt an uncanny sensation. “Why am I getting a feeling of déjà vu?”

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