The First Order – Chapter 547

Ren Xiaosu ordered his shadow clone to wait beside the pit that had been dug up by the Pyro Company. The Pyro Company had three of their people remain outside while six members entered the pit. On the inside, they started shifting the research data into silver boxes before moving it out of the underground laboratory.Ren Xiaosu wanted to have his shadow clone peek into the laboratory to check on the situation. However, he was stopped by the three people standing guard outside. “You’re only responsible for the transportation of the data. Don’t be poking your nose into other matters.”

His shadow clone nodded and stood quietly by the side. Ren Xiaosu thought to himself that he would just have to wait for these people to load the research data onto his steam locomotive.

The research data that so many people were after and was worth an astronomical price was actually going to be personally handed over to someone else by the Pyro Company’s own people. Just how much would they hate Wang Congyang once they realized this?

The members of the Pyro Company nearby did not suspect anything. In fact, they were already being very cautious about the operation. Upon meeting “Wang Congyang,” they first confirmed his identity by having him reveal his superpower. This was not something anyone could impersonate.

After all, everyone’s powers were unique. Even if there might be similar skills, it would be for superhumans who controlled elements such as water and fire.

But there couldn’t be two people with the same Steam Locomotive power, could there?

As they continued to excavate the ground, boxes were continuously sent up. A Pyro Company member looked at the shadow clone and said, “We’ll pay 50% of the reward to your account first. Once we’re outside the stronghold, the remaining 50% will be paid out. Are you still using the same account that you provided to us previously?”

Ren Xiaosu turned anxious. How could he allow the money to be transferred to Wang Congyang’s account? The job was obviously going to be done by him, so it should be transferred into his own account.

His shadow clone quickly used a tree branch to write out a string of numbers on the grass. There were even five words at the end of it: Blessed be the good man.

The Pyro Company member chuckled at the sight. “You want to use a new account, right? Sure!”

As he spoke, he gestured for the person next to him to transfer the money into the new account. Based on their agreement, the job was quoted at two million yuan. Therefore, one million yuan would be paid as the deposit first.

The Pyro Company member sized up the shadow clone. “I’ve long heard that you, Wang Congyang, are extremely cautious. I didn’t expect you to be so cautious that you’d wrap yourself up so tightly, though. You don’t even want to speak? Why? Are you afraid someone will identify your voice?”

The fact that the shadow clone could not speak had been misunderstood by the other party as Wang Congyang’s cautiousness.

All of a sudden, Ren Xiaosu thought Wang Congyang’s identity could prove quite useful in the Central Plains.

As for whether Wang Congyang would get into any trouble after that, it was none of Ren Xiaosu’s business!

All of the research data underground was finally transported out. The members of the Pyro Company loaded up 13 boxes of research data onto the steam locomotive.

However, before they could start pulling out of the stronghold, several bright flashlights approached from outside Liberation Park. The Pyro Company members immediately frowned and looked at “Wang Congyang.” “You betrayed us?”

The shadow clone shook its head.

One of the Pyro Company members carefully looked at the source of the light. “It’s a Zhou Consortium patrol. They might just be on a routine patrol. Should we kill them or just leave?”

“Kill them.” One of them drew a saber from his belt. “T4138, take five people with you to cut those troops off at the rear and eliminate them. The other three of us will leave on the steam locomotive first. Once you’ve taken care of them, the six of you can seek refuge in the safe house and wait there for any new Stronghold 73 missions.”

“Understood,” T4138 and the others said respectfully.

“You’ll need to give them the chance to fire at all of you. Only then can you draw their attention to Liberation Park, and we’ll be able to escape the stronghold with the research data, understand?”

“Understood!” T4138 and the others replied.

Ren Xiaosu was listening from nearby. He found it quite novel that these people were actually addressing each other by their code names.

Under the cover of darkness in Liberation Park, the six Pyro Company members quietly made their way over. Before the patrol troops could even get close to the steam locomotive, they were ambushed.

The platoon had been patrolling around Liberation Park in their usual patrol formation, 30 soldiers marching in two parallel rows. Due to security guidelines, the safeties on these soldiers’ guns were all on.

Furthermore, the first two bullets in their magazines were blanks that would only be fired as a warning.

It wasn’t that they were stupid, but that the security guidelines throughout the stronghold were all like that.

However, when they passed by the woods in the park, they heard some sudden movements behind them. The platoon commander turned around and saw that six of his comrades at the back of the platoon had already had their throats slit.

Furthermore, the culprits did not run away and even smiled at them!

“Contact! Open fire!” the platoon commander shouted.

As he shouted, everyone in the platoon disengaged the safety on their guns. However, the six people who had ambushed them were like apparitions. The soldiers couldn’t get a bead on the enemies due to how fast they were moving.

A gust of wind blew and the leaves rustled. The enemies’ footsteps sounded like they were just beside them, yet the patrol troops could not figure out where the enemy was.

Gunshots suddenly rang out inside Liberation Park. Ever since the tunnel cave-in at East Lake, the atmosphere across Stronghold 73 remained extremely tense. But what was unexpected was that even after imposing such strict security, there were actually still people committing murder. Furthermore, the victims were the Zhou Consortium’s patrol troops!

Upon hearing the gunshots, a member of the Pyro Company standing next to the shadow clone said to it, “Let’s go, Wang Congyang. We’ll charge out from the east gate and break through the walls before turning southeast. There’ll be someone picking us up once we get far away.”

The shadow clone took the lead and boarded the steam locomotive. The Pyro Company members kept an intent eye on “Wang Congyang” in the conductor’s seat in case he tried any tricks.

Meanwhile, Ren Xiaosu took advantage of the moment they were boarding the train to get to the side of it and grab ahold of the exterior.

The steam locomotive started moving. However, the Pyro Company members realized the steam locomotive was not heading out of Liberation Park. Instead, it was just circling the park.

When the Pyro Company members realized this, they frowned and said, “Why aren’t we leaving? What are you driving around the park? Do you think you’re operating an amusement park train ride?!”

In the end, they saw “Wang Congyang” pull a black saber out of thin air.

A Pyro Company member sneered and said, “So you’re planning to double-cross us, huh? But don’t you think you should ask yourself if you’re capable of doing so? There’s three of us but only one of you. You’re already using your Steam Locomotive, and we’re aboard the train as well, so don’t tell me you can still knock us down.”

Actually, this Pyro Company member’s logic was not wrong at all.

A superhuman could only have one power. Now that they were all aboard the steam locomotive, Wang Congyang’s physical fitness might not even match theirs as soldiers who had been genetically modified. So if Wang Congyang were trying to double-cross them in this situation, it would be as good as suicide.

The only thing they did not expect was that the person in front of them was not Wang Congyang. Or more accurately, this person in front of them was not even human.

Then the steam locomotive came to an abrupt halt. Due to the immense inertia, the three Pyro Company members staggered forward a couple steps before charging the shadow clone!

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