The First Order – Chapter 567

Although Ren Xiaosu said that Li Ran could make the decision herself, she could tell that Ren Xiaosu did not want any further trouble. Therefore, she decided to just hide in her hotel room and let Fang Zhi deal with turning away the women who had come to seek refuge.And a well-known company in Stronghold 74 suddenly organized a food drive. The stronghold residents could swipe their ID cards in exchange for receiving some porridge, and everyone would get two servings per day.

There were a total of 41 porridge stands set up across the entire stronghold. In an instant, all of the stronghold residents took their pots, bowls, and pans to collect the porridge.

Ren Xiaosu went to take a look for himself. The porridge given out at the porridge stands was not too thin either. At the least, it would not be a problem for the stronghold residents to survive on.

Upon swiping one’s ID card on a black device at the porridge stands, if a green light were shown, porridge would be served to the resident. A red light indicated the resident had already collected their share of the porridge, so the organizers would not dispense any porridge to them.

Many of the stronghold residents tried to claim more than they were allotted, but none of them succeeded in getting extra.

Ren Xiaosu wondered if the Zhou Consortium was behind this company. After all, the entire stronghold’s food supplies were in the hands of the Zhou Consortium. But why didn’t the Zhou Consortium organize the food drive in their own name?

Instead, they had this company do it on their behalf?

Besides, when Ren Xiaosu saw the people who were giving out the porridge, they all looked really burly. Some of them even had tattoos on their necks and looked like gangsters.

Since the stronghold residents had food to eat now, the chaos did not last for too long. Moreover, Hope Media’s newspaper published a piece of news saying the Zhou Consortium troops from Stronghold 73 had already regrouped and were setting off to Stronghold 74 to exterminate the Experimentals. Their strength totaled 14,000 soldiers.

Many people felt the war was probably coming to an end, so they would be suicidal if they caused any further trouble.

These people only dared to make a scene while the Zhou Consortium was too busy to care about them. Now that the Zhou Consortium was free to deal with the disorder, it would be no more difficult than stepping on an ant.

Based on the normal speed of a march, the reinforcements should take around three days to reach the vicinity of Stronghold 74. However, due to the urgency of the situation, they were likelier to arrive in two days if they force marched.

Li Ran and the others were cheering in the main lobby. Even Ren Xiaosu had a smile on his face. It seemed that Stronghold 74 could get off the hook this time, and the Experimentals had to retreat back into the mountains.

But on the afternoon of the next day, Stronghold 73’s 2nd Division that was on its way to Stronghold 74 as reinforcements suddenly encountered a dense group of Experimentals that charged down from the forested mountains while they were walking on a mountain path.

As the path was narrow, and the Experimentals were charging at them from high ground, the 2nd Division’s tanks were unable to do much.

On the left was a mountain, and on the right was a cliff.

The Experimentals had been planning for a long time to use this position as an ambush spot.

However, 2nd Division was prepared for this. They had expected the Experimentals would attack the reinforcements along the way like the previous time, so the armored vehicles that were mounted with heavy machine guns were always on guard to prevent an Experimental ambush on the formation.

The soldiers in the armored vehicles immediately turned the heavy machine guns toward the Experimentals and placed them in their sights.

Moreover, the infantry troops’ automatic rifles were even equipped with grenade launchers this time, and much of their ammunition was replaced with white phosphorus munitions.

White phosphorus munitions included grenades, artillery shells, and other types of bombs. The body of the ammunition would be filled with phosphorus and would automatically ignite on contact with air and burn until it completely reacted.

Normal bullets could not penetrate the Experimentals’ bodies? Then use white phosphorus against them!

It seemed like this was also the first time the Experimentals had encountered an individual combat weapon that could cause enough effective damage to kill them. As a result, the first group of Experimentals that rushed at their enemy were all burned to death. The entire forested mountain started burning as the originally emerald green mountain range was engulfed in flames.

Just as 2nd Division thought victory was in their grasp, hundreds of Experimentals suddenly climbed up the mountain and launched another attack from the other side.

When they used the white phosphorus munitions again, the Zhou Consortium troops realized they had used it in the wrong situation. After the Experimentals that had already rushed near them were hit by the white phosphorus, they wouldn’t instantly burn to ashes. However, the burning flames that were brought into the crowd of soldiers caused even more casualties to the Zhou Consortium troops!

Once it came down to close combat, the white phosphorus became a double-edged sword. Although it was capable of killing enemies, it also hurt their own troops.

The Experimentals were also much hardier than normal soldiers. As such, before the Experimentals could die from the fiery attacks, the Zhou Consortium’s own soldiers had already fallen to the burning flames!

Furthermore, some of the soldiers were shocked to discover there were another dozen or so Experimentals that were completely different from the others.

The other Experimentals moved around by crawling, but these dozen or so Experimentals were actually walking upright all the time!

In a split second, these dozen or so Experimentals charged into the 2nd Division’s formation. Some of the soldiers had used the white phosphorus to hit one of them, but it seemed totally unaffected by the flames burning on its body. They watched the Experimental charge to the front of an armored vehicle and grab the wheels with its bare hands. Then it threw the armored vehicle down to the bottom of the cliff to the right.

The heavily armored vehicle tumbled down the mountainside, and even the sturdy frame of the vehicle was shattered!

When the soldiers saw this sight, they were all shocked. They had not expected such a ferocious existence among the Experimentals!

How powerful was it to be able to flip an armored vehicle with its bare hands?!

These dozen-odd Experimentals zipped through the Zhou Consortium troops with no intention of prolonging the fight. When they encountered the standard infantry, they would charge into them with their bodies and break the soldiers’ bones. When they encountered an armored vehicle, they would throw it right off the cliff.

These Experimentals were the strongest warriors in their entire race and were completely focused on crippling the heavy firepower of the Zhou Consortium troops. They did not seem to know what fear was and were extremely powerful.

They were like a sharp knife that stabbed right at the hearts of the Zhou Consortium troops, and it was even twisted in for good measure.

While the Experimentals advanced, the Zhou Consortium soldiers tried to fire at them with their guns. However, the Experimentals were moving too quickly.

They were able to move freely within the Zhou Consortium troops, taking out the normal soldiers in the process like they were up against children.

This was the result of overwhelming strength and speed.

Although there weren’t many of these Experimentals that walked upright, their destructive power on the battlefield was simply too great!

A minute later, just as one of the Experimentals was about to crash into a soldier like they had been doing, that soldier suddenly took the initiative to charge it. The moment the two parties collided, the explosives in the soldier’s arms immediately went off. Both the soldier and that Experimental were blown into pieces.

The huge blast sent the surrounding soldiers flying up. Even the armored vehicles nearby were rattling from the explosion, the shockwave killing some of the soldiers who were standing close to the impact zone.

In this ambush battle, this seemed to be the only way the Zhou Consortium troops could effectively stop the Experimentals.

More and more soldiers started using this method as they sought to die together with the Experimentals. During this wave of attacks, the Experimentals also learned to be smart. They would charge in while steering clear of the humans and only destroy the armored vehicles and tanks. They avoided going headfirst into the soldiers.

As a result, some of the soldiers died in vain. Although the explosives were detonated, the Experimentals managed to avoid getting caught in the blasts.

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