The First Order – Chapter 623

Yan Liuyuan underestimated Hassan and the others’ enthusiasm for harvesting salt. For the next three days, Hassan led the members of the tribe to the grazing area and dug up the ground the cows liked to lick.The more one lacked something, the more they would desire it. Although there was also salt content in the beef and mutton, anyone who had ever had boiled beef and mutton would know they were completely different types of food from meat that was seasoned with salt.

Moreover, Yan Liuyuan had told him the illness the women and elders in the tribe were suffering from was caused by a lack of salt. Therefore, Hassan was exceptionally motivated to harvest as much salt as he could.

Only with salt would one have strength.

In just three days, Hassan had forcefully harvested a bowl of salt from the frozen ground with the help of his tribe.

Under Yan Liuyuan’s instructions, he slaughtered another goat and added in some salt while cooking it. Just drinking the broth alone felt blissful.

Although his heart ached when he was killing the goat, when he saw the excited looks on the faces of his people, Hassan’s wrinkled face was also full of smiles.

However, on the afternoon he slaughtered the goat, another envoy arrived from a distant grassland.

Yan Liuyuan was already standing at the entrance of the tribe. He quietly watched as the other party arrived.

The wolves had discovered the enemy three hours ago, but they did not attack.

The envoy was riding a muscular horse and had a long saber tied at his waist. Next to Yan Liuyuan, Hassan said, “Master, this saber is only worn by the battle-hardened warriors of that large tribe. Be careful. don’t let him get too close to you.”

Yan Liuyuan smiled and nodded. “Don’t worry. Let’s see what he has to say first.”

The envoy came up to Yan Liuyuan and jumped off his horse about 20 meters away. He slowly walked over. “I’m the khan’s envoy, Bogdei. The khan has ordered me to invite you to the royal tent for a meeting. He’s willing to appoint you as Commander-in-Chief of the Right and let you take charge of a section of the steppe!”

This envoy did not sound as arrogant as the one who came previously. Instead, he was much politer.

Yan Liuyuan was surprised. He looked at Hassan. “I killed his subject, but he wants me to replace the other party?”

The previous Commander-in-Chief of the Right had just died by his hands. The khan did not even mention revenge and was actually trying to offer him amnesty and enlistment instead?

Hassan explained, “Such things happen sometimes. On the steppe, everyone only respects strength.”

A large tribe in the steppe was actually not particularly united. It could be made up of about 50 to 60 smaller tribes, so it did not seem like it would be a big deal to replace some appointments with another holder.

But Yan Liuyuan felt that something was not right. That khan was about to set off for the South for a raid soon, so it should be the time for him to establish his authority. If he did not kill Yan Liuyuan, how could he convince the masses?

So many of the smaller tribes were watching and waiting to see what would happen. If it were other times, the other party might really be serious about enlisting him into their ranks, but it was definitely not so right now.

Even a young man like Yan Liuyuan understood this principle, so how could the other party who was the commander of dozens of tribes not know this would be the wrong move?

Then the envoy said, “If you don’t believe me, I have the khan’s edict that you can look at.” The other party walked forward and took out a goatskin scroll.

But before he could get close, Hassan shouted, “Master, be careful!”

Then Hassan attempted to push Yan Liuyuan aside. However, Hassan did not manage to make Yan Liuyuan budge. Instead, it was Yan Liuyuan who pushed him away.

Hassan turned around in panic and saw a silvery glow coursing through Yan Liuyuan’s blood vessels. It was just like how Yan Liuyuan looked when he first arrived at their tribe in the blizzard. He was exuding an extremely mysterious aura.

When the envoy got right up to Yan Liuyuan, he unsheathed his saber. A blinding glow surged towards Yan Liuyuan like a wave crashing upon him. The envoy had come here with the mission to kill this young man in front of him. Once he accomplished that, he would become the new Commander-in-Chief of the Right!

Based on the description of that previously blinded envoy, Yan Liuyuan was likely a supernatural being. But the young man’s power could probably only control wild beasts, such as eagles and wolves.

However, there were no supernatural beings that did not have any weaknesses. Since his power was to control wild beasts, then it should mean his physical body was very weak.

As long as the battle-hardened warriors of the tribe could get close to him and prevent him from controlling beasts, they could get rid of this great threat.

The khan had indeed recognized Yan Liuyuan as a great threat. Someone who could control over a 1,000 wolves would probably and easily strike a huge blow to his troops if they were to clash.

Furthermore, the herdsmen in their tribes, being ignorant people, would surely get confused upon seeing such a strange sight. They might even break down before the clash began.

Therefore, he had to kill Yan Liuyuan. On one hand, he needed to establish his authority to stabilize his own rule. On the other hand, he had to nip the threat in the bud.

For this, he did not even hesitate to give away the appointment of Commander-in-Chief of the Right!

But when this warrior named Bogdei got to Yan Liuyuan’s side and saw the mysterious silvery strands on his face, he suddenly got an ominous feeling.

With the saber coming straight down at Yan Liuyuan, the nervous Bogdei was suddenly overjoyed. He did not expect the young man to not even dodge!

Even a god like the khan could probably not withstand a saber strike like this one, right?


When the steel saber came slashing down, the sound of metal colliding rang out. At some point, Yan Liuyuan, who was standing in front of Bogdei, got wrapped in armor of steel. When the steel saber struck the head of the armor, it could only leave behind a white mark!

Yan Liuyuan did have some shortcomings due to his power. He did not have a strong physique like the other supernatural beings, so if an enemy were to get close, he could easily die.

But Ren Xiaosu had already helped him mitigate that!

Ren Xiaosu had accumulated nanomachines from dozens of nanosoldiers and gave them all to Yan Liuyuan before they got separated. Ren Xiaosu had done so precisely because he was worried something would happen to Yan Liuyuan.

This amount of nanomachines was enough for Yan Liuyuan to complete his armor!

In the grasslands where heavy weapons were not available, not mentioning Yan Liuyuan’s own power, just having this armor alone was enough for him to walk around brazenly!

This was a gift from Ren Xiaosu. Yan Liuyuan used his hand gloved with the armor to grab Bogdei’s long saber before breaking it in two.

Bogdei was at a loss as he looked at the steel beast in front of him. How was he supposed to deal with a ferocious beast that could not even be damaged by a saber? Without his saber, was he going to use his teeth to bite it?

But before Bogdei could think about his next course of action, he saw the herdsmen behind the young Yan Liuyuan kneel down to him. These herdsmen from the tribe were genuflecting to Yan Liuyuan as though they were worshipping a god.

In their eyes, this was undoubtedly yet another miracle the gods had performed.

Yan Liuyuan smiled at Bogdei and said, “I understand the khan’s intention now. I’ll be happy to use your skulls to construct my throne.”

If he wanted to rule over the entire steppe, he would first have to let the plains know of his arrival.

In the future, he would have to kill a lot more people. He would keep killing until this steppe belonged to him.

However this era had treated him, he would do the same back to it.

Xiaoyu watched quietly from the sidelines. She suddenly felt a little fortunate she was still by Yan Liuyuan’s side.

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